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Please help im in love with Xanax addict and I need to understand his disease...

First of all I would like to say thank God for forums of this nature.  I have been up all night looking up Xanax and pot addiction, poetry of addicts etc and stumbled across this.  Call me crazy and I will say your right.  But I am in love with a wonderful man whos life has been through hell and back due to his 15mg a day use of xanax(for the past 2 years) and 7-8 joint a day addiction for the past 11.  He doesn't have his teaching career due to his disease. He is having withdrawals when he wakes up from sleep because of the xanax.  Stomach pains (excruciating in his own words), diarrhea, dry mouth, paranoia, moodiness, vomitting, everything.  I have researched xanax at my work because I administer medications daily to my clients and was so surprised that Xanax can cause coma, death and even seizures.  I am scared for his life.  I have tried to understand when he says "baby, i cant quit, it hurts too much, I just have to live with it.All the pain goes away when i pop that lil pill, you just don't understand."  But I want to understand, I just don't know how to.  
Lately he has come out of his denial admitting he has a problem and admitting he needs and wants help, he is just scared toand has no insurance.  I guess I have many questions on how i can help him without being so preachy, so pushy but also not losing myself to his addiction as well.  WE are in a long distant relationship which makes it even more difficult.  
Are there any free rehab programs in Miami or near Miami? How do I deal with all my feelings without hurting him in the process?  Please help.......ty  Ren
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I wish I could help you, but I don't know much about Xanax addiction. I'm addicted to vicodin. My husband was on xanax about a year ago for a year. I don't think he was ever addicted to it though. He took it for anxiety. He took the 2 mg. kind 3 times a day. 15 mg a day sounds like alot. We recently moved to Michigan and when we moved up here the doctor would'nt prescribe it anymore and he didnt seem to mind much.
I'm not sure if they offer free rehab in Florida. I know they don't here, but they do offer free detox here in Michigan.  It's a 5 day stay.  You are right in assuming that xanax is very dangerous to get off. It's a Benzo as I'm sure you know so people have been known to go into a coma ect. if they try to stop cold turkey. He really should get help from a professional to get off of this. The doctor on this forum will be able to help you more with this. I hope he can get the help he needs. But please make sure he gets professional help because again this is a very dangerous drug to stop taking cold turkey once a person is addicted.
Please keep us informed we are all addicts or recovering addicts so no one makes judgements on people. We are here for you and your husband.
Lots of love and god bless
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You will get some great info and insights here.  Xanax withdrawal can be life threatening, I don't mean to scare you.  I was taking 1mg a day for about 9 months.  When i stopped cold turkey, I thoght I was going to lose my mind and I wasn't even addicted to it.  I am not so sure what kind of programs there are with no insurance, but I am sure someone can point you in teh right direction. He must not stop cold turkey at that high dose!!  under ANY circumstance.
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The first thing that I would do at this site is SEARCH XANAX.
There are lots of "case histories" to read through, to help you understand what people really go through.
A friend of mine successfully got off Xanax, WITH A DOCTORS' SUPERVISION; and although I don't know all the specifics, I do know she was switched to a long acting benzo(Valium), and then did an extremely gradual taper(months).
Good Luck, and know there are a lot of us here for you.
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I'm on ativan which I think is simalar to Xanax.  I've only been taking it for a few weeks because I am tapering off vicodin.  My doctor has me taking 1 mg. two times a day except for at bedtime and I take 2 one mg tabs.  I am now down to only taking 5 vicodin a day for 5 days.  This is horrible. Today has been the worst. I have so much anxiety and the ativan is doing nothing for me. Has anyone ever taken 3 one mg. ativan in a dose. I don't want to od, but I can't deal with this anxiety.  I'm not a large person either. I'm normal weight for my height so should'nt the ativan be helping??  I also know that ativan is addicting so I don't want that to be an issue if I take me.
I can't see my doc until Monday which I'll get another script for vicodin when I go. I really want to take more vicodin, but I can't or I'll run out befor Monday.  I am going to talk to my doc on monday and see if we can slow down on the vicodin taper, but she's not going to be in until then..  Plz any suggestions..
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I had to kick a 15mg a day Klonopin habit 6-1/2 months ago. Klonopin is a benzo drug like Ativan, and I believe it is very comparable on a mg by mg basis.

I kicked cold turkey and lived. That's the good news. The bad news is that it was indescribably horrifying. I was kicking Oxycontin at the same time, but most of the really bad symptoms I had seemed specific to the klonopin. I didn't sleep for 23 days straight, and ended up in the er because I was truly losing my mind. There were all kinds of hideous symptoms that I won't go into: suffice to say that I felt like about as bad as you can, and every moment of every day I felt like didn't want to be on this earth for another second.

I don't want to scare you, but it sounds like you need to know what kind of demon your man is trying to face down.

The best, and really the only sane way to come of benzos is a slow taper. How is he getting these drugs? If it's legitemate, the prescribing MD should have no problem hammering out a taper schedule. Whether he can stick to it is the question. Most can't, but it can be done.

If he is procuring benzos illegally, he can try to taper himself, dropping perhaps 1mg every two weeks. How long has he been on them? That can be as determining a factor as dosage in withdrwawal severity. If he has insurance with a detox clause, or kaiser, he can perhaps get on an outpatient taper, picking up doled out amounts daily. They will almost certainly want to get him on a longer acting benzo like klonopin for the taper: the problem with xanax is that it's a very short acting benzo, and needs to be taken frequently to stave off withdrawals.

This is a great website for information. Check it out...


As far as the pain of withdrawals, he will likely have to go through some of that, no matter what. If he wants a pain free ride out he may never get clean. The mindset that there was some real pain coming my way and that I would handle it no matter what was instrumental in my overcoming that first horrible month. Looking back, it was a worthy tradeoff for a way out. Those things take your mind body and soul in ways you never ever realize until you are of them.
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Help Me! My addiction to Norco is out of control. I am taking 800MGs a day (80 pills + 26,000!! tylenol). I know, I know... I am killing myself.  I have tried to taper a few times but it is so hard. I have backed it down temporarily to about 200-300mgs of hydro a day and I can feel the affects. I have talked to a Dr. I can sort of trust. She is willing to helop me but I think she is still wary of my overall goals (I would be too if I were her! She is dealing with an addict). With this level of addition am I facing dangerous results from going cold turkey? I have requested either bup. clonadine patch or both from my doc to help. I only have about 30 norco's left in my possession and that will not change for a week or so. I am in for some pain. I need to know the best solution! How do Meth. clinics work? Inpatient only? Can I get meth. on the street and do the detox myself? Hard to tell from where I am right now but I have an incredible sense of discipline usually.

Please please help, I am starting to feel it bad!

I'm done (again!)
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you might want to go to the web site for xanax called

benzo busters.
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if you don't have ins, all you have to do
is go to the detox and tell them he wants to kill himself
and then they have to take him , that is the law ,
and they will bill him later.
in essence it is true because addicts are killing them selves.
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Am I reading this straight? you are taking 80 pills a day? Please tell me I am reading this wrong. For one where in the hell do you get them? Two 26,000 mg of tylenol? Your liver is dying. you need help fast! Norco is just another trade name for vicodin and I assume its the same mgs like 5/7.5/10 mg. Please tell me more I take like only between 7-9 7.5 vikes a day and thats not bad. w/b Baddgirl
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ronsin , i read your post below, and trid to get in touch
but it did not go through, i left my email below.
try geetin touch with me.
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Well, I have read about high dose cases like this, and this is a very high dose.

There may be good news, and that is that you may be able to substantially cut your dose, and still be on a dose high enough to cover your pain.

At 14 Norco a day, my highest dose ever, I felt like absolute ****, and had anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. I also had some breathing problems.

You came here because you need help and you know it. Congratulations on taking the first step! I think I agree with BadGirl, this is such a high dose, that if I were you, I would get in to see a Specialist - an addictionologist or perhaps a Pain Management doc ASAP. Put everyhting else on hold, as this dosage if continued could be lethal. My doc told me that Norco is not particularly bad on any organs, but with enough in your system can cause your heart to stop or a stroke.

Don;t wait - get in to see a specialist as soon as possible, even if you have to pay for the first appointment out of pocket. When you see this Doc, lay everything and I mean everything on the table - 100% accuracy on what you are taking. It will likely be uncomfortable for you for some time, but you have taken the right first step down the right road, OK?

We will all be praying here for you.

Good luck,

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You might want to try the tough approach if you really can't live with it (his addiction); "Its Xanex or me"!!!!.......Otherweise, He's got to make the effort. Good Luck
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Your boy friend will need to be highly motivated if he is going to have any chance to get and remain clean.  The cold fact is that you can do nothing except keep yourself out of harms way.  Your boy friend found his way into this and like every addict will need to find his own way out. If it is your intention to marry this person, as an addict myself, I suggest you reconsider any permanant bond with this person.
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Hey guys, can we get your advice here for ImDone?

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Welcome! You are not alone. I was taking 800mgs oxycodone a day (percoset, but I was taking it as Oxycontin). It's kind of nice to know someone else took this amount, though I know it sucks being where you are.

This is the way I got out...

-I was able to taper down, sporadically, to where I could handle 500 or so mgs a day

-I did a 21 day methadone detox, starting at 60 mgs, down to 0 in 21 days

-I RESISTED all desire to get on methadone maintenance, and all advice to do so. 21 days was all I was willing to do on methadone, and I strongly suggest the same

-I got clonodine pathes and some trazadone from the clinic on my last day

-I kicked cold after that, and made sure I had no responsibilities for a month. I had my girlfriend get me food, and I watched the history channel on the futon for 3 weeks straight.

-I had the mindset that I would take any and all pain that came my way, and that things would get better if I waited it out. I kept telling myself a quote I had heard, "A man is as strong as he let's himself be"

-I got heavily involved in a 12 step program for recovering alkies and addicts

And... 6-1/2 mos. later things are really good. I was addicted to benzos too and withdrew from them when I withdrew from opaites, so my detox was probably much much worse than what you will have to go through.

I wasn't able to get into a medically supervised detox, but that is what I wanted to do, and is probably the best option. However, it CAN BE DONE, in a variety of ways.
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I have read the posts. To clarify I am taking Norco which is 10/325 so 325ml Tylenol per pill. 325ml + 60-80 pills per day = 19,500 to 26,000ml Tylenol per day. I have only been at this level for a month or two. Today I spoke with a doc I can trust and shared my  situation. She called in Bupropion (same as the other Bup I've been reading about?) 1 pill a day and then 2 pills a day after 3 days), she also prescribed a Clonidine patch (2.5mg and you wear for one week). She said to apply at bedtime because it would make me drowsy. Should i go cold turkey while on these 2 meds?

Today so far I have only dowened 10 Norcos total because I have been crawling out of my skin. I feel guilty posting as I read people saying they have had an 8 pill addiction for 5 years. Wow! I iwish I were not such an extremist. Another person asked how I kept up with that quantity of pills...wel, talk about hard!!! I am counting the days before the next bottle or 90 pills or so.

Am I on the right track with the Clonodine patch and Bup?  Please, please any advice would be great. And hopefully my experience will help enlighten others to "severe" abuse!!!

Post soon!!

I'm Done
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I picked up 2 methodone pills today on the street in case it seemed that meth. would be a viable solution for me. With my addiction level being so high (60-80 10/325 pills a day) I just need to do ANYTHING to drop that into 1/2. 1/3 or 1/4 of what it is!!! I am willing to risk Meth and it's side affects at this point. I mean what is the down side? The Tylenol I am consuming is gonna kill me soon anyway, right??

I'm done
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I know this is totally off the subject but how does a OcyContin 80mg(the time-released version) compare in "power" to  Norco (10mg hydro). Is 80mg of Oxycontin equivilant to 80mg of Hydro? Any detailsed explanations from the experts out there?

I'd love to know how it all fits together.

I'm Done
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You probably have 80 mg of methadone if you have 2 wafers.  That is enough to do a detox or hold you till you get more pills. It stays in your system 48 hours.  I suggest you take them over a 5 day period when the worst will be over.  Do not abuse or stay too long on the methadone.  You will give yourself a much worse habit than you have now.
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Regarding the wafers, what is the inscription on them, if any? If it has one, go to rxlist.com and get it identified. Always get your street pills identified! There are plenty of legitimate resources online for pill id.

Regarding hydro VS. oxy, I could never find a real equivalency. Opinions vary wildly. Some say that oxy is twice as strong as hydro. I find them very comparable mg for mg, in the high and in the withdrawal.
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Has anyone heard of this method? It takes 3 hours and the person is completely straight. They use something called Naltrexone. The patient is under anesthesia during the process. Do a search for "Project Straight" .... it sounds so futuristic!
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All may not be lost with your liver if you have been only on that amt for a month but I am not a doc just work in medical field. The liver Thank God regenerates itself once the substance is removed but please please lower your dosage. The liver transplant list is long. You could have possibly have done damage already and have acute drug induced liver toxicity or hepatitis I am not trying to scare you but maybe you need to be We all care about you I have never in my life heard of such a high dailet dosage, my rx's of choice are vikes preferably 7.5 no doc ever rx'es me 10 mg I also love percs 5 and 10mg I had a total hip replacement in may and get them from time to time but Jan 1 is my date no more, I had 5 years clean before last Sept and knew someone who sells theres and used sept 11th as a means to start using again, anyway my story is long and boring but I think the consensus is we all want to help you LOve Baddgirl
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I know how you feel. I have  a boyfriend that was adopted,and his bio parents smoked crack and did lots of methodone while she was pregnant. So basically they were born addicted to drugs. My boyfriend is currently taking Xanax, smoking weed, crystal meth, sometimes methadone. We call Xanax "Barrs" so to speak with is a two mg barr of xanax. We both used to take them frequently, 4-5 barrs a day or every other day. I was fortunate enough to quit before I was addicted, he on the other hand is still doing it. I don't know how to help him, his brother is much worse off than him. He currently just kicked his bad habit of methadone addiction. It was not easy for him, he still takes barrs, but goes through withdrawals if he doesn't take some xanax at least once a day or his klonopins. He has had 3 seizures while driving and just currently had his license revoked because of that. You need to consult a doctor or have him take less and less mgs a day till he can completly kick the drug. I know how you feel with the whole process, my boyfriend has been on drugs for 7 years and it is very hard to watch what they have to go through and know there isn't much you can do to help. They have to want to help themselves before you can do anything to help them   otherwise it's all pointless.
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The Methedone pills say "54" and "142: on side A, side B says nothing but has a line slight indented line across the entire rounded pill. It is a completely white pill. I only have 2 and have not taken either nor have I EVER taken Methedone for anything. I am really not a junkie other than my adoration for hydro. I scored about 7 OC 80 Oxycontin just in case I was totally out say early next week and just needed something to help take the edge off. I really mean it this time, I wanna get clean! Do these Meth's sound legit? The dealer said "whatever you do, wait a good 24 houts to get the Pxy out of your system before trying any Meth. Is this true also?

Ok, I am reading the labels on what the doc called in for me and it doesn't sound right. The Clonadine patch sounds right but the other is Bupropion 75mg one pill a day, is that right??  When should I start on these 2 legit detox assistance meds? Now ? Or should I wait until the detox pain gets higher?

Thanks, this board is a life saver (literally!!!)

I'm Done
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