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Please help

I really really need help with tapering off Suboxone and people to talk to b/c nobody in my life understands what I am about to have to go through.  I have been opiate free for 4 years and I don't want to go back!!
I am a 31 year old female with a great job, great boyfriend (but my employers and him do not understand withdrawing and I think they think I'm over reacting and am miss drama queen and we all know it is hell coming off) Ok so to tell you how I got to this point......6 years ago I was addicted to oxy's..went from snorting to IV and used for 1 year.  I reached rock bottom and I finally told my mother I had a problem.  With that said my mother sent me across country to rehab.  My program lasted 6 months and I stayed and worked there for 1 year.  The program I went to was a success and I was living a normal life.  Then I moved back to my hometown (the same place I used oxy's).  Although I had moved home I didn't have or want contact with any of my old friends or dealers.  Which I am proud to say I don't to this day talk to them.  But something about being home was making me doubt my sobriety.  
I found a doctor which prescribed me Suboxone.  I have been taking Suboxone for 3 years now.  My doctor prescribed me 16mg a day which I knew was way too much so I didn't take it as prescribed I took much less.  I would make one script of 60 8mg strips last me about 6 months, which I honestly was proud of myself.  Those 2 and half years were a breeze.  I would go to the doctor every three months, take and pass the occasional drug screen b/c I was serious about staying clean, and all I would pay was 60.00 a month using my insurance.  WELL 2014 HAS CHANGED!!!  My next to last appointment with my doctor was December 2013 which he gave me a script for 60 8mg strips and as usual I would make that last and they made my appointment for March 2014.  So in March 2014 I go to the doctor and he informs me he has stopped the Suboxone program but will write me one last script and I would have to find another doctor.  Number 1.  He only gave me 30 instead of 60 as usual, 2) I asked him the best way to taper off since he had dropped the program and his exact response was: "oh that's too complicated you will just have to look on the internet for that". 3) Dropped off the script at the pharmacy 4) BLUE CROSS DENIED B/C OF THE NEW RULES OF 2014......the doctor called and said blue cross isn't accepting our prior authorization b/c you haven't been drug tested every month....well nobody told me I had to be I was doing the same thing I had been doing for 2 and a half years.   I really could go on and on about that day but today August 18,2014 am down to 1/2 a strip left and I am scared out of my mind about withdrawing.  I called a friend and has the new generic suboxone but it is not a strip is a pill (not subutex) that is not scored so I can't break it to taper.  The pharmacy said there wasn't a way to taper on the generic.  Does anyone know if this is true?  I haven't found another doctor but believe me I have searched and everyone of them is full and isn't taking new patients.  I have made it down to 1/4 of an 8mg strip every other day. WHAT DO I DO NOW AND HOW BAD IS IT GOING TO BE?  Please help me!!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  There is lots of advice and support here.  I do not have any personal experience with Suboxone, but there are people here who do.  From what I've read, it seems like you are on a pretty low dose, so I would not think withdrawals would be too severe.  There are things you can do to help ease the symptoms. Check out the Thomas recipe! the link is at the bottom of the page for some really good info. Hang in there, others with experience with Suboxone will weigh in.  Take care, you can get through this. I wish you the best.
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Hey....i just read your story and want to start out by saying your dr is an *******! That has to be the most unprofessional thing i've ever heard and unsafe! Now that ive got that out..whew!
So, on average 2.66 mg a day, every day! Really smart job not taking the full dose and that should make it easier. Yes, i think u will still b feeling w/d but it will NOT be as bad as most. I went from 24 mg per day (7yrs) to 0mg in about 1 1/2 weeks. I know we r not supposed to give taper advice ( that was TOTALLY your drs responsibilty )...but u need to break what u have left into crumbs and make them last as long as u can. The smallest dose u can get to, for as long as you can, to be able to ward off w/d. Sub taper is supposed to be a long, slow, taper! Most people jump from taking .025% of 1 mg, taken every other day, for weeks, its that slow! Do u have to go to work right now? Can your mom help you for a couple of weeks? Trying not to be too personal, just trying to figure what your ability to be "down" is and what help you will have. I did it, u can do it as well! You just need to make a plan and stick to it....don't be scared, hit it head on and u will do this! Does it suck, yes, but its so worth it on the other end! I am 7 1/2 months clean from subs and i dont regret one day it took me to get clean!
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With Suboxones half life it will take 21 days for it all to get out of your system.
Just to recap your calculations.
From march to August = 150 day.
30 strips x 8 mgs = 240mgs
240 mgs divided by 150 = 1.66 mgs
If you took it every other day that would be .8 mgs over 2 days.
Does that sound about right?
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Ok...so i suck at math!!! :)
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Typo. .8 mgs everyday.

No motye you are correct 2.66 is what she took every 2 days for 6 months.
But now she should be even less than 1/4 of an 8mg strip at .8

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i know your won't pay, but will you doctor write a script for a little more and you pay cash so you can taper longer?  even if you had 1 or 2  more strips it would be better
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aughghghg  should have said 'i know your INSURANCE won't pay'
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I tapered off suboxone, and had a bad experience with a sub Dr as well.  After my last visit to him, I determined I wasn't going back.  So I started tapering but above info is correct, sub, IMO, should b a slow taper.  That is what worked for me.
I would go from say 2.25 mill to 2 mill n stay at 2 mill for 10-20 days.  Then....from 2 mill to 1.75 mill n stay there for 10-20 days.  Took me about 6-8 months but I got down to well under 1 mill.  Around .30-.35 p/day.  After about 3 weeks on that small crumb, I started getting a euphoric buzz from that tiny amount.  So I felt confident it was getting out of my system.  That was when I stopped dosing.
I still had wd's, but the energy drain was the most challenging part for me.  But here I am on day 32 since my last dose so it can b done.  And I feel lots better on day 32 than I did on my first 2-3 weeks.
Hope u check back in.  Would like to know of ur progress.  Blessings.
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I tapered off of suboxone after being on it for 6 years! You can do it!!! I had no withdrawals and I am now 152 days clean, feeling wonderful. Get down to the smallest peice possible. You will be ok. You will feel so much better when you are finally free. Good luck to you!!!
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