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Positive drug test for Benzo's

Hi everyone I have not around for a few weeks I have not been feeling to well. I am here for some ideas and advice. I went to the suboxone doctor on Monday and I tested positive for benzo's. I was stunned when the test came back positive. I have not taken anything that is any form of a benzo and the doctor says that not any of the medicines I am on could cause a positive test.

I am listing meds I have been on in the past month: Hyzaar (BP med) lasix, trazadone, ambien, phernagan, cipro, pyridium, naproxan, tylenol, bactrim, potassium choride,lunesta, suboxone.

Does anyone know if one or a combination of them could cause a positive drug test for Benzo's. I swear I have taken nothing that should contain a benzo. I have been crying and upset wondering what I am to do if I get kicked out of the suboxone program.

I had another drug test the next day at my  therapist office and it also was positive. My doctor and the therapist office sent the test out for analysis. They say this will show the exact drug. I hope I have someone here who believes in me for my husband and son don't. I am so upset with them and I am really angry right now at everyone and everything. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT.
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HI First off calm down it not unusual to get back a positive on those tests I tested positive for cocaine twice wile in the methadone program thew part that su cks is I had to pay 20 bucks
for them to find out there test was in error  they would also pull your takehomes until they cleared it up....did you start on anything new since your last drug test?? im not sure on lenista or abien but the rest shouldent make any difference let us know how this plays out
good luck and God bless......Gnarly  
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Same but the Exact Opposite here - - I was Abusing Methadone, taking Twice as much as I should have, but when in for a Urinalysis and turned up NEGATIVE for Methadone....WOW.
Thanks Lab !
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Well, if your certain you haven't mistakenly taken a benzo-containing substance, it's possible that the Ambien is the culprit. Those "Z" drugs (Imovane = zopiclone; Ambien = zolpidem) are so closely related to benzos, it's possible they're detected as the same thing.

I'm winging it on that one, but molecularly speaking, they're very similar and equally addictive or dependence, depending on your definitions.

On the other hand, false positives on bloodwork aren't that uncommon.

So if you're tellin' true, you've nothing to worry about.
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Hi there. I think it is possible that the ambien and the lunesta may be the cause of your false positive for benzos. Although fairly controversial, i have read of people who have failed pre employment drug screens even though they consumed no narcotics. Ambien or lunesta was the common denominator in many of these stories. Whilst both are not true benzos but  a 'z 'class hypnotic,sedative,anxiolytic,they have similar properties to benzos and tickle the same receptor sites. If you are absolutely certain you did not consume any benzos it might pay to eliminate both at least 2 whole days prior to the next drug screen. It s worth a try.

All the best. Jeremy.

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Well I am sure I have taken nothing except what the doctors have gave me. I am just upset that what if something comes back that cannot be explained that they will kick me off the suboxone program and the thought of going cold turkey from it scares the **** out of me.

They gave me 10 days worth of suboxone to last the 10 days until the ameritox lab sends back the results. I also did another test at my therapist office which turned up positive for benzo's also. So they are going to send it out to there lab to see if the results are the same as my sub doctors.

I know I should not worry but my luck ***** always has. I will let you know how it turns out in 10 days.
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Its the Ambien 100% your fine.Tell your Family when the results come back false,that they should have your back.Its hard enough getting clean,but doing it with Family not 100% behind you hinders not helps.You are ok.
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Its the Ambien 100% your fine.Tell your Family when the results come back false,that they should have your back.Its hard enough getting clean,but doing it with Family not 100% behind you hinders not helps.You are ok.
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Any news?
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Doctors know full well that Ambien can cause false positives on a dip tester and should wait for lab results before scaring the crap outta someone
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