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Possible drug interactions for Methadone

I was severely injured at work over 2 years ago.  I have been taking Paxil for depression and was also recently switched from morphine to Methadone for pain treatment.  I read on the Internet that Paxil (or any SSRI drug) can cause a spike in blood pressure and possibly a stroke when mixed with Methadone.  My doctor is now recommending Effexor in place of Paxil.  Isn't Effexor also an SSRI? and to your knowledge, does it pose significant risk(s) when taken with Methadone?  If so, is there an anti-depressant that can be safely used with Methadone?
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I'm afraid I have no medical info to help you with (doc dan, if you're out there, please help this guy!). But I can observe, if I were getting enough methadone to control pain, I can't imagine being depressed. I just can't quite see it. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try going off the anti-depressants entirely for a week or so and seeing how you feel. Effexor is an SSRI, like Paxil. You can compare the two by going to:
You will get access to all the manufacturer's info, the same stuff they send to the doctors. That may shed some light on the subject for you.
It's just that I can't imagine feeling anything but happy on a pain-killing dosage of methadone! Perhaps if you can get in any aerobic type exercise, like stair climbing, fast walking, swimming, bicycling, jogging -- these will all improve your mood, and that's not just a seat of the pants guess -- any doctor will tell you aerobic exercise is a highly effective mood elevator. Perhaps your answer is to find an alternative to SSRIs period.

P.S I mentioned "doc dan." He's a college-trained councelor at a methadone clinic. His e-mail address is "***@****." He's quite knowledgeable about methadone and all related material. You can trust him to give you solid, professional-quality answers that will be better than the doctor, if you can even get him to reply. Write Doc Dan. He'll help you, maximus. He's a good man who's dedicated his life to doing some good for society in this arena. You can rust what he tells you. Good luck.
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I appreciate the enclosed e-mail address and your taking the time to respond to my question--I will try "Doc Dan"; however, I was completely disgusted with other parts of your response. I am not sure exactly who you are or what your qualifications are, but your response, "if you're getting enough methadone to control pain, I can't imagine being depressed" is quite uneducated, insensitive and way off the mark.  I can assure you it is quite possible to be both clinically depressed and on methadone and yes, I have recently gone off all anti-depressants for a 2 week period with no success.  I would give anything gladly to to be involved in an exercise program (yes, I know the incredible benefits of exercise for depression!) but, DUH, I also mentioned that I was seriously injured at work.  I have four different levels of injury now in my back and am not able to exercise.  Over the past two years I have undergone pain management, physical therapy, facet blocks, epidurals, and even an implanted morphine pump with no help.  I am now facing an extensive surgery with a fusion that will cover the entire lumbar region of my back.  Methadone is the first thing I have been given that has actually given me any pain relief.  I am a hard worker, (formerly  80 hours a week), formerly very active person and have never suffered from depression in my life.  Last fall, I began suffering from severe depression, suicidal thoughts and paranoia. I would gladly ditch the SSRI's but am finding them quite necessary at the time.  I don't believe sanity OR pain relief should have to be a choice, I just would like to make sure I am being as safe as possible with my meds.  Whoever the hell you are, you might pay attention more closely to the details of a question and also not discount what a person tells you by saying, I can't imagine being depressed and on methadone.  Get a grip, *******.
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No need to be so defensive, friend. People are just trying to help with your problem. I realise depression accompanies pain.
In most cases if you remove the depression pain relief will follow.                                                           Methadone is being used as an antidepressant in some indiviuals that do not respond to traditional treatments. There is some research that indicates NARIs help depression that accompanies chronic pain.                                                              Methadone has a tendency to lower blood pressure in certain individuals. So it is essential to monitor blood pressure youself while on methadone.  Good Luck!
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We don't appreciate remarks and name-calling such as your's here. You are the *******, Maximus.  ******* Maximus shall be the name that most suits you and your condition.  J.B.
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Ditto to J.B.'s response. Why don't YOU get a GRIP!!!!!!!!!!
Mean spiteful attitudes will get you no sympathy here..
I will pray for you,
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Not fair to maximus...especially in light of the fact that Thomas has absolutely no experience with Methadone. For him to speak about it and say that he can't imagine being depressed and on methadone is unwarranted and uneducated. I am now on methadone and never uttered a word (except questions) about methadone before I was on it myself. I don't think it's fair or accurate for anyone, including myself, to make blanket statements about drugs that we've never tried. I think this is a case of people valliantly trying to help, even though they know little or nothing of the circumstances. As nice as this may be, it is useless to the individual who was asking for help. He just needed to know the interaction of methadone with SSRI's. If I or anyone else doesn't know about that, maybe silence is golden. I know Thomas will take this personally, and I really hope he doesn't because the stuff he DOES know about is really helpful, it's just that some people are truly only looking for the exact answers to their questions here. Yeah, he was a little harsh to Thomas - but hey - we've all been there too. A little sympathy isn't only proper, but warranted.
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You are truly right in the fact that we all have been there.But if you really read what Thomas said, you will see that he STARTED his post with " I'm afraid I have no medical info to help you" then he proceeds to refer to Doc Dan. That's pretty clear to me. He only then proceeded to state his opinion which did NOT warrant the sarcasm that was delivered to him. WE ALL have a story to tell here. We ALL pull from each others experience. I still say, "BAD ATTITUDE=NO SYMPATHY" I DO have COMPASSION and PITY for anyone in his situation. I DO still love him as a fellow human being suffering. I will STILL pray for his peace. And above all, I DON'T think Thomas will take it personally. He's got too much Class, Integrity and Life experience to waste time on negative force. I think Maximus should re-read Thomas' post again with a little love in his heart. For in his post, there were some leads to GOOD information! I applaud YOU Jimenez, for coming to Maximus' defense. You see, We all are family including you and Maximus, and protect our own. You are All in my prayers,
Power & Magick 2 U all,
Peace & Light on us all,
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I'll tell you what, gentleman, since I don't seem to have pleased anyone on the forum today, I've been thinking of retiring from participating on the forum anyway and maximus has given me all the motivation I need to bid you all farewell. Goodbye and good luck.
In the future, consider me gone.

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Totally uncalled for!!!!  As I said once before, don't wear your feelings on your sleeve......I don't recall Thomas calling you any derogatory names.  You are "way to sensative!" Man, who needs to get a grip???????

Thomas: Don't you go and abandon me too.  This is getting to be, to much for me to handle.  You've seen people come and go, from this board, and you've been one of the mainstayers...here.  You have helped so many people, and you were the very first one to respond to me on this doggone board!!!! This is the last straw...people just drop by here, and say anything they dam well please (like someone else I know). This needs to stop.
....We are not doctors, nor do we claim to be......we are here to discuss our life experiences, concerning addiction...and everything that goes w/it, and  You've gone beyond the call of duty. Sometimes, I think people are looking for a fight.....they drop in here just to release some steam, and then POOF!...they're off.
Jiminez:  Where have you been lately??? Nice to see you resurface, still holding grudges??? (:
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Nicely said....You Go Girl!....As I said above we ALL take care of our own. You keep your chin up, there will always be some of us here for you. As for the **** disturbers, **** THEM! oh geeze....I got carried away for a moment....I formally apologize to all of you for my lapse of good manners. I DO have to eat with this mouth...I'm sorry for saying F**K YOU..oops I did it again. The Wizard is going to wash his mouth out with soap. This is not following the way  of the Wiz......Forgive me. I think I'll go back over the rainbow and do some serious praying for us all.
Power & Magick 2 U,
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I'm not going to get involved in the above squabble, however, I do have some information to relay in regard to stopping SSRI treatment.  

I can seriously sympathize with your circumstances and I do understand that depression often lives comorbidly with chronic pain.  In the past when you have stopped your SSRI treatment you state that you have gone off it for 2 weeks with no success.

If you think back to when you began treatment with your particular antidepressant it took up to 6 weeks to become fully effective.  Anyone discontinuing use of one of these medications has to be weaned off, that is, dropping the dose as per your doctor until you are able to stop totally.  

It takes the same 4 to 6 weeks to know if you can stay off the medication without relapse of depression.  It's not an easy thing stopping SSRI meds!  Sudden cessation can lead to many, many symptoms not limited to but including; anxiety, restlessness, neurological disturbances (twitching, head or eye "whooshing" etc.), difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness, among others.

Please, anyone considering stopping SSRI (or any other prescribed antidepressive) treatment contact your doctor for the dosage ramp-down! Don't do this suddenly or without medical supervision.

I wish you luck, success and strength.

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Dear forum friends,
Most of you I feel I
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Clorox might do it!......LOL
Be careful, there are ladies in the room, ****....man! OOPS Did I say that, how dare me?  A little holy anger, I guess.
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Man, this is a load of ****...Thomas, I am not one to beg...but please reconsider...we share need you, you are one of the first to be there to offer advice (which is credible) support and encouragement to us..you have helped me and my sidekicks on many occasions...and the funny part is that since i have been posting here you have never asked for anything...nothing in return,,,the forum needs to weed out the **** disturbers (as wiz so eloquently phrased it LOL)  Thomas  these are the type of people that jump on when they have a problem, never offer a shittin thing to the forum, kick up the dust and **** everyone else..oops,,  sorry wiz, it's contagious...and then they have their followers, who stop by once in awhile, put in their 2 cents and stir up a little more dust and then hit the road again....(Hi Jiminez  long time no see)  why should you be the one to leave?  just some more of my food for thought.....Love cin
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Cindy my dear! I knew you'd come along soon. I LOVE YOUR FOOD FOR THOUGHT! Cin, down a few strings is a post from a Callie I think wanted to know if any other nurses are here...check it out.
Power & Magic 2 U,
God Bless the Nurses 2,
Love Wiz
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Please, please don't go!!  Maximus is definatly drepressed and it shows in his angry response.. You just happend to be the be the one he unloaded on in his search for truth, doesn't make it right of course but again this is what we do when our bodies and minds aren't what they should be.. Don't let it get to you personally because you are wise and very needed...!! I am hoping you will change your mind!  If you don't (weep, weep, sniff) I will thank you now for your selfless advise you have given me and others...

^j^ ^j^

PS... Maximus if you are reading these posts I just want to say man oh man.. see what you went and did...!! Post an apology or something for the benefit of the rest of us!!!
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Man, I hate to think that you will no longer be around here! This is the Addiction Forum after all is said and done here. It's about getting high and finding a way out of this haze of  insanity. You have helped me become a better person during these many months of posting. I've always admired your willingness to help those of us who suffer from addiction. Geez, between you and me , we have 60 years of experience! I, for one, appreciate you very much! J.B.
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I guess that I'm the one who keeps harping on AA and the Big Book of AA.  Get a copy and start reading today.  All of the answers to life's problems are addressed in those 575 pages. Now flame me for trying to help...I've got big shoulders!  J.B.
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No flames here, JB......Man, what a loyal friend you are!  I hope Tom realizes how much we/I appreciate him.  I actually think he has a following, here. LOL Just between you and I (yeah right?) the morale in this room sure has changed, hasn't it.  I don't visit nearly  as much as I once did.  I can recall posting under almost every thread....LOL And thats quite funny, thinking back, on how I just stared at the board for days......didn't even have the courage to post. I can even recall Vicojen.....and uh who else, vicky vortex???Rem. them JB??  Oh well, things surely have evolved.  We definately have some nice additions, on a positive note.....................................Hope your well, these days.....................Angelica
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JB, I love you like a brother but it's not just "maximus:"

Allow me to quote myself: "P.S I mentioned "doc dan." He's a college-trained councilor at a methadone clinic. His e-mail address is " [CENSORED]." He's quite knowledgeable about methadone and all related material. You can trust him to give you solid, professional-quality answers that will be better than the doctor, if you can even get him to reply. Write Doc Dan. He'll help you, maximus. He's a good man who's dedicated his life to doing some good for society in this arena. You can trust what he tells you. Good luck."

I guess I must be screwed up in the head or something, because I actually thought I was saying something nice thing about doc dan, his background and motivation and by including his e-mail addresss (a hotmail address, by the way) I was putting him in touch with someone who could use expertise about methadone (you remember, the stuff I don't know anything about?). WRONG AGAIN THOMAS! I received an e-mail over hotmail from doc dan curtly informing me that if he wanted me to give someone his e-mail address, he would have done it himself or directed me to do it. So I offended doc dan by accusing him of being well-informed and motivated to help people, which obviously can't be true, can it?

I apologized to doc dan and immediately deleted his e-mail address from my directories and pledged never to mention his name to anyone in need again, since doc dan is no longer in the business of helping people addicted to narcotics. Dan made it clear that my efforts were not appreciated in any way shape or form. I hope by promising to ignore his existence indefinitely, I have somehow made up for this terrible misdeed. Imagine, I actually thought Dan would want to help this guy. How could I have been so na
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You and I have never had the pleasure of interacting on this forum. Over the past several months since I have come to this forum, I have read every one of your posts, relies and comments. I don't know you first hand, but I have seen your caring and concern for others. You said no one is here to help another, well I think maybe you are hurt right now. I have seen nothing but your wanting to help others, and you have. I believe that you are a genuine person who gives to others. And like Cindi said, I have also never seen you ask for anything in return. I for one do not want to see you go. I would like some time to get to know you better. It seems lately some have gotten out of sorts here. I never put in a comment about it, because I feel if ignored that person will lose the desire to cause an upset. Nothing grows if you don't feed it. Please reconsider for us who really do listen and absorb from you knowledge. Everyone can take what they want from each others responses and leave the rest. You have given me much valuable information which I am truly grateful for. You will be sorely missed.......Love Susan Lea
PS. I am very new to computers. If I can figure out, or someone will show me, I will send you an E-Mail      Thank You
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you're wasting your time asking maximus for an apology. Afterall, he accomplished what he set out to do -- drive a caring person away from those who need help. Watch his posts in the future: This is just the beginning. He will find a way to criticise, insult and drive away anyone with any good to offer. Ask youself, who is this maximus really? What motivates him to say the things he says? Personally, I see a black soul (and I don't mean African American). I see someone constituted by black thoughts and violent wishes to the people that cross his path. He will never apologise to me or anyone else. He's got what he wants: I've left in disgust -- something he can take full credit for and laugh to himself over and over. He's a weak man who needs to find a way to feel powerful. Hanstringing the forum by driving me away (and I'm just the beginning) is as good a way as any to feel powerful.
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my e-mail address is:


write me there and I'll give you an easier e-mail address to remember.

I'm not leaving the forum to desert my friends. I'm leaving to deny people like maximus the opportunity to turn my caring for people into something to be ridiculed for. I hate to say this but I hope karma, or cause and effect, whatever you wish to call it, plays a role in maximus' life very, very soon.  

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Gotta question guys! If my former boyfriend ran out of methadone, would he have withdrawals? He came by the other night, after 2 months. He was acting, and looking like he did when he was starting to run out of oxy's. He said he was doing them as prescribed, down to 10 to 15 mgs aday. He looked like ****! I saw somewhere here on the forum that methadone works like an antidepressent. He seemed so depressed. He told me the only thing he does is go to work, come home, sleep and do it all over again the next day. He doesn't go anywhere, or do anything. Just like it was with the oxy's. He has gained some weight, I know that's one of the side effects.  But he just looks so much older, and worn out. He has no desire to live. He said he's trying to get his act together. But he will not consider a program, sponser, rehab nothing. He says he can do it on his own. The saddest thing is, he has no higher power, no faith, no spiritualism, he's not an atheist.  I felt and still feel so helpless. I've lost a man, who I have loved almost 6 years. He lives with his mom and dad, but he has nothing, no friends, his kids didn't even call him on his birthday. I was the only thing he had left from all the drug abuse. He didn't want me either. I can't figure out why he came over, he left so angry in March. He told me when he left, he would come by again. I dont' understand? He doesn't want help or this relationship. What does he want with me? We havent had sex in almost 2 years, because of his lack of interest(no endorphines, dopamine levels gone) I told him I nolonger take pills, that I have a patch. So he can't be coming by for that. I'm really lost here guys, I know he's reaching, but I don't know what for, or what to do. I would help him , but he doesn't want help. I thought I was doing well one day at a time, help through a sponser, Al-anon, friends and mostly praying. But seeing him, He doesn't talk much, really threw me off. I thought I was strong, but I am so weak. I hate that he can affect me like this. It's been over since he chose his path. It's been 2 years of hell and I though I was getting my life back, just without him. Now I'm caving. Any advice, Please I deperately need some. I don't know what to look for? What are the signs of methadone abuse, withdrawals. Can he really be responsible with all those methadone pills? He would take 30 oxy's in 2 days. He said you can't get high from Methadone. I love all of you, you guys have been my lifeline these past several months, you guys have given  me a reason to go on, you've made me realize his addiction wasn't my fault, that I couldn't control it. Even when he said his addiction had nothing to do with our problems, you helped me realize it had alot to do with it, It made me someone else, a pathetic, whinning , raging *****. I just couldn't take the verbal, emotional abuse. His hiding for months in another room, withdrawn, distant, unavailable, sick........thanks guys....I need all of you right now.......Love Susan Lea
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