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Pray for us

My best friend lost her 21 year old son he took his life he was trying to detox at home from heroin he battled with his addiction for 3 years and think he just couldn't take it anymore. I am a year and two weeks clean this young man was the one that actually directed me to the rehab that I went to I pray for all of us addicts and everyone that struggling with addiction it is such a horrible disease.
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I pray for your friend and her loss....and ALL addicts that are desperately trying to quit!  Jails, Institutions and Death...these are the options for people that continue to use...May God grant that family peace.
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My Condolences for the loss of a loved one. May the Creator shower him with love.. lesa
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Awful.  Sad because it's hard but can be done.
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I am so sorry to read this.  May his family find comfort and peace.  As for you corey, let yourself feel your grief.  Stay close to those that support you.  Gentle hugs~
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