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I just found out I am pregnant and I am addicted to subutext and not prescribed them. I am scared to tell
My Obgyn because of what they might so or say what do I do. I have started to wean myself off but it's hard and I am with drawling and I am high risk pregnancy already. Please help
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Deep breaths sweetie! You need to tell your Dr. The health and well being of you and your baby needs to remain your primary source of strength through this! I'm only on day 6 of detox from oxycodone. 6 years of consistent using and I'm telling you that this will be one of the hardest things you will go through. But just keep telling yourself that you are doing this for your child. You CAN do this!! Your Dr will be able to help and if they're professional, they won't judge! Noone is above addiction. It can happen to the best of us! Praying for you and your baby!!
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There's someone on this forum that knows a lot about subs and pregnancy, I can't remember her name, but hang tight. I'm sure she will be here to support you soon!
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Hi & Welcome!

You MUST tell your DR. They do not want you to go through any w/d while PG. Lots of Drs are using the SUBS of women who our PG. They also use the Methadone but please do not go down that route. I came off that one with 2 other meds back in 2012 and it was harder then any other opiate I have ever came off of and it is so addicting. Just go and be honest. You & the Baby are wroth it. I will send a Pray out.
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Hi Jerbear and welcome.  I agree with the above.  Please find the courage and tell your doctor. They will know what to do to help your baby. Trust me doctors are used to dealing with situations like this.  You say you are a high risk pregnancy, and you are withdrawaling.  Your baby feels everything you do. You need to be under a doctors care who knows everything that is going on.  Please tell your doctor as soon as possible.  Please let us know how things are going.  You can do this!

Take care.
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It so dangerous to withdraw while pregnant so please don't do this to yourself. Just tell your doctor...he's not the police but there to help you.  Chances are your use will be discovered  and it's better if you bring it up first!
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Thank you everyone it helps to have some opinions on what I need to do. I went today and had blood work but did not speak with the dr at all today, the nurse told me that if my hcg level was over 5,000 that they would schudel me a ultra sound and if not continue the blood work to make sure it is going up. When you call my dr you have to speek with a nurse and she will send a note to the dr or else make a apt so I am going to wait for my results tomorrow and go from there, make a apt and tell them what is going on. I am scared for my unborn, my self and my 2 yr I have now. I used to be addicted to pain pills bad and I discoverd subutext and was told it was better than pain pills to be on and would help me get off the pills but now I'm addicted to the subs and pregnat. I was sober all my life got married and have a two year old
Son it's been the last half a year that I've been struggling with the pills and subs I have fibromyalgia and am in a lot of pain and work 7 days a week so pills just made life so much better and now I'm really in a bad situation and scared. Thank you all for your answers I am going to tell me dr. I'm just afraid what they will do because I have a 2 yr old are they going to send child services because I am a good mother and I've cut back bad but I am sick and I don't know witch is worse. Then my unborn what are they going to do can they keep the baby from me once born. There is so many what ifs that scare me
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Her ear. You have to take you subtext. Do not decrease unless under doctors care and supervision.

Many people have been on subtext when pregnant. In fact that is what you take if addicted to opiates. If you withdraw your baby will withdraw. Will feel everything you feel. It can cause miscarriage. I'm not trying to scare you. Usually the order is you stay on it through the pregnancy then taper after. The baby may or may not have affects of it. But the staff will be ready and will get the baby through it fine.

Don't hide this from your doctor. Be honest.  It will be fine.

Also talk to the doctor that is prescribing it. He can give you insight too and advice. Please stay calm and don't worry. Take your medicine.

And congratulations!!!
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I found out today threw a emergency ultra sound that I am 6 weeks and 2 days I saw the baby and I have a apt to talk to the dr tomorrow about being on sub and not being prescribed it to better my baby and myself I'm very nervous to find out what will happen but having everyone's opinions really help. Thank you everyone  for your support the baby's heart beat was good today and everything was normal I am going to continue to pray and take care of myself and I'm just weaning myself down with my sub so I'm not taking so much but yet not with drawling as we'll.
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Hi there im 38+4 days preg.im on 2.4mg of subutex.i was on 3.2mg but  my doc let me taper in my second trimester but i had to monitored very closely.in the begining when i found out i was preg i wanted to get of the subs too.i soon realised that this is not a
good idea at all! It will put the baby in too
Much distress n can cause miscariage n pre
term labour.your best bet is to stay on the
dose that your used to then see your doc
ASAP.he/she will not be judgemental i assure
you and by staying on them you are doin the
best for you and your baby.dont worry about
the baby withdrawing many many babies
dont but if your baby does then he/she will b
in the best possible hands.as i say get to the
docs as soon as n they can help n advise you
Thr best.plz dont try to taper yourself. There
is another wonderful mum on here who may
b able to help too.she has been thro this
before with a good outcome.pls dont worry the sooner your honest with the doc the better.oh n congrats n best wishes.b sure to come back n let u all know how your doing.x
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You will feel so much better once you tell your OB.  When we dont tell them is when trouble enters.  Take some deep breaths before your appt and let us know how it goes.  This will all work out.
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Oh if your honest with your doc n get a legitimate script u should have no worry with cps
Its if you try to hide it and not get a script from your doc. You will fine honestly try not to worry.x
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