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Pregnancy and pills

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and I have been taking pain pills for over a year. I am prescibed them but also buy them off the street to keep from withdrawing. I have a serious back injury and am in alot of pain most days with or without pain pills. I dont want my baby to be harmed at all and my doctor said to only take them as needed. I want to completly stop taking them all together while I am pregnant. But I am worried if I stop cold turkey I will have a misscarriage. My pain doctor said to slowly take myself off of them about 7 months, but I'm affraid I wont be and I'll have an addicted. Baby. What should I do?
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Welcome, congrats on your baby. Talk to your Dr. about it and see what he/she suggests doing to get off the pills safely for you and baby. Stopping a addiction is not easy but you can do it. What are you taking and how many?
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Talk with your doctor and see if he/she can help you with a taper plan.  Do you have someone that could hold the pills for you while you do this??  You can do this.  Keep posting and we will help you.  

Congrats on the baby!!!!

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Withdrawal is much more harmful to your baby than the pain pills. Make sure you only take pure opioid: the combo pills with acetaminophen are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for the baby.

Stay on the pills until after you deliver, or go on methadone maintenance, which has a record of proven efficacy and safety for pregnant mothers. Only then, talk to your doctor about devising a tapering schedule for you to discontinue the pills.

In summation: as long as you aren't taking percocets or vicodins, they aren't dangerous to the baby (the opiate is non-toxic, the tylenol is EXTREMELY toxic). Withdrawal is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS to the foetus than addiction.
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My sister is 35 weeks pregnant. She is severely addicted to pain pills she takes upwards of 8 Percocet 10mgs a day. She has tried to stop but experiences sever withdrawal. What's going to happen to my niece? Will she be ok? What do we do I'm desperate for help!
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