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Pregnant and Chronic Pain.

Well to begin, I'm currently 9wks 3days pregnant with my first child. Becoming pregnant was actually a shock to my husband and I both because of my medical problems and I was on the depo shot for 5 years and had only been off the shot for 7 months however we both had been talking about getting pregnant. I've been on prescription pain medication (Percocet 10/650) four times a day and muscle relaxer (Soma 350) three times a day for almost 3 years for multiple back problems (Severe Scoliosis T-Spine & L-Spine, Bulging Disc L4-L5, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, and Moderate Nerve damage). The Scoliosis was detected after my body had stopped growing so the doctors said there wasn't much they could do about it. Over the years the curvatures are only becoming worse. Last year I also started having problems with multiple kidney stones. After my first emergency surgery for stones in my left kidney everything went down-hill. I have urethral stenosis, stricture disease and large amounts of scar tissue in my left ureter. The doctor placed a stent that my body rejected and they had to removed it within 4 days. My stones are made up of uric acid however uric acid levels in my blood are normal but in my urine they are sky high. My doctor placed me on medications to decrease the acid and a strict diet however I continued to produce multiple stones in both kidneys. Three months later I had to have another emergency surgery for my right kidney because I had a stone that was obstructing my kidney. I'm only 23 years old and where I'm so young my doctor was worried about the significant damage to my kidneys he seen when doing the emergency surgeries and the fact that he cleaned out my kidney and within a week I would have 3-5 stones developing again,so he decided to send me to Duke University Hospital in NC and I live in KY. It's a long haul back and forth monthly but I have no choice but to go however my last test results showed a lesion on my left kidney and extreme high Oxalate levels in my urine which the doctors are saying is because the decreased function of my left kidney. BUT now that I'm pregnant I've had to STOP all my kidney stone preventive medications which means I've been dealing with a lot of stone movement which can be extremely painful at times. I also have Interstitial Cystitis on top of everything else and chronic high blood pressure.

When I advised my Neurologist I was pregnant he told me to stop all medication. Well once you've been on medications for so long you do get dependent upon them and that's not easily done so I gradually tapered myself off the medications down to 1/2-1 Percocet 10 at bedtime but I'm going to be running out of medications before long and I'm scared to even bring it up to my doctors but I've tried to go without them completely and the pain is unbearable. I had a scare at 7 weeks with vaginal bleeding, went to the ER and they did all the tests and my baby was healthy with a heartbeat of 156. Followed up with my OB two days later where he did more testing and another ultrasound and he confirmed the same thing, my baby is healthy and it's heartbeat was in the 150s that day also. I have a follow up appointment on Dec 19th. I know I'm still pregnant because of morning sickness, mood swings, cravings, etc... My BP is under control right now as long as I'm not in pain.

Of course I'm like all you other ladies, hearing one thing from one person, another thing from another person and researching different things also. My family and friends of course don't support taking pain medications while pregnant but if you're not in pain then you can't understand what it's like to live with severe pain on a daily basis.  I'm just looking for some advice, recommendations, support stories and pain medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. I know the they say your first trimester is the most important for a fetus so I'm avoiding medications as much as possible! Any help will greatly be appreciated.
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So,your OB knows about your medical situation right? And you're afraid to discuss pain management with him? Don't be. He needs to know. It's certainly possible to keep you comfortable AND keep the baby healthy. Please call your doctor tomorrow and talk about this. You need to be more comfortable for your own stress level and your B/P.

Hang in there...
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I had two of my daughters while on methadone. The standard for a baby born on opiates is, the baby will be kept in the NICU for 5 days to be monitered for withdrawals. There's a chart the nurses use and will score the baby every two on a variety of withdrawal symptoms if the baby scores above 8 3x's in a row or 15 or higher 1x the baby will be started on morphine. If the baby doesn't score high enough to be started on the morphine she will be released on Day 5, but if the baby is started on the morphine the docs will wean the baby dose of morphine daily based on the charting scores, this could take anywhere from 2wk-6wk.
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It's not recommended to stop opiates cold turkey in pregnancy. You really need to speak with your OB. You'll hear things that will scare you but the one person you need to really listen to is that doctor. He's the one in charge of keeping you and the baby well.

You have a painful, chronic condition. You may have to be on a small dose of meds for your whole pregnancy. Who knows? But not every infant is born addicted, believe me.  Just follow your doctor's advice and please don't be afrais to talk to him...
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Babies are not born "addicts" they are born chemically dependant. Vicki is right, you should not stop your meds cold turkey. Withdrawals could tear the placenta away from the uterus or you could go into preterm labor. It doesn't matter the dose of the meds your on if the baby withdrawals after she is born, it depends on the baby. My older daghter was born while I was on 80mg of methadone and had NO withdrawals, my younger daughter was born while I was on 40mg of methadone and started withdrawaling 4 days after she was born and had to spend 12 days on morphine detoxing.
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Oh and to be clear there is a huge difference in taking methadone than perks or hydro.Almost all babies whos mom take methadone During pregnancy have babies born dependant if u dont wean off.I havent met anyone who was taking percacet/lortab etc PROPERLY,did.as the ob said and had isssues of there baby born dependant(theres ALWAYS a small risk but even  then its much easier,faster2get the baby well+home n comparison to methadone.Its simply not the same.My son  9lb10oz induced2weeks early cause he was so big(Im5'4"+weighted125-130b4 pregnancy).He had NO ISSUES.No a very bright,happy(almost3yr old).He came home w/me n3days from the hospital HEALTHY AS COULD BE!!!
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