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Prescription Fraud Advice

I write this with hope of much needed advice. I thank in advance anyone that reads this and takes the time to lend some help. This is a summary of my situation:

I struggle with dependancy of the prescription medication Adderall, In recent months i let my addiction get the best of me and began making and writing my own scripts. Some we're filled, others we're recognized as bogus and turned down. Enevitably, it caught up with me. The doctor was informed and was sent the phony scripts via fax and the Attorney General was informed. A couple weeks back i began getting phone calls and even a card left on my front door from an agent needing to talk to me, being stupid i igored the messages. Today i was followed by this agent and was confronted in the lot of a local grocery store. He told me that he has a file of evidence linking me to the passing of phony scripts in the area, he went on to say that all the pharmacies and my insurance has ID'ed me in this illegal act. I denied any knowledge of this at the time despite the overwhelming evidence. He asked me if i had a moment to go to the station and i informed him i was on my way to work, he accepted that and made it very clear that on the next business ri am meeting with him Tuesday) he gave me his card and sent me on my way.

At this point im horribly scared and confused on what to do. I contemplated denying the charges all the way but the amount of evidence against me is substantial, but im lost as to why i wasnt arrested on the spot? I'm lost as to what to do or what approach to take. PLEASE help, i am beyond scared =-/
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Thanks to everyone for the response. I am located in Penn. and the biggest issue with the advice you gave is that i am a young kid that doesnt have ANY money to invest in a defense attorney. I am so scared because i know how bad this could be. I just don't understand why in the love of Pete they would just let me go free for an extended weekend and say to come back Tuesday if they definitively had me nailed. Wouldnt one think that perhaps they dont have quite enough to arrest me if thats the case? I dont know what approach to take because either could backfire so very easily. Also, when i go Tuesday, in everyones opinion, will they arrest me then or will i be on my way again and be left awaiting a court date? It's so tough to read this situation because at this point nothing seems to be for sure. Thank you again for the response guys, i really do appreciate it, the only thing im lost on is how they let me go free when they had me right there. Most of the articles/research i did, the person trying to pass the script was arrested immediatly after trying to or filling the prescription so in a way my mind wants to think that maybe if i just stop now this will be ok, but that may just be the anxiety taking over. I dont have any offenses related to anything like this so i suppose that will work to my advantage. If anyone has any more insite on what the authorities current position is and why this was left go temporarily, it would be again, much appreciated. Take Care until next time guys.
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How young of "a kid" are you?  If you are underage, I'd say you need to come clean to your parents and see if they'll help you with this mess.

If you do get arrested, ask for a lawyer right away before saying anything at all.  The lawyer will know how to plea bargain as mslkpage suggested.  

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A person commits what is commonly called prescription fraud if they obtain possession of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception, or theft.

It also is a crime to attempt to obtain a controlled substance by fraud or deceit, etc. The crime of attempt is considered complete when you knowingly present an altered prescription to the pharmacist. It is not necessary that the pharmacy actually provide the medication in order for you to be convicted of attempt. These laws do very from state to state. You should do a google. It may also depend on the drug.
The state must prove that you acted knowingly or intentionally when you tendered the prescription. This can be established by circumstantial evidence, meaning by considering the circumstances surrounding your conduct.
The penalties for attempted prescription fraud are somewhat less than for the completed crime, but both are felonies that can result in prison sentences. Your best bet is to seek out an experienced drug defense lawyer in your area who can advise you as to the likelihood that the state will be able to prove you had the intent to commit the crime.
I personally feel you should cooperate, they are alreadt being easy on you and may tire of it quickly. U may want to post to another poster on here named attorney, he/she may be able to better assist you.
Good Luck,

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There is cardinal rule in the mafia: never admit anything to the police without speaking to an attorney first. NEVER! Hey if these people who deal with the police daily follow this, then you who have zero dealing with the police should talk to an attorney before admitting anything. I am preplexed as to why you are not in JAIL already. In my state they would have come busting in and BOOM. If you search the news, about 6 months ago a guy in a wheelchair in Fl. did  the same thing you did and received 25 years in jail. I would think about that: 25 years in jail.
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I just spoke with someone who knows the law (in this State. She said it could be the Doc. you have been seeing did not keep very good records therefore the police do not have a hard enough case unless you confess. She also said: do not deny or admit. If they prove a case aganst you they can also charge you with lying to a police officer. Stand silent and bring an attorney with you to speak for you. Or demand an attorny before you agree to speak. I am telling  you once you are in the police station you will want to confess because they will seem trusting. You go that road at your own harm.
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Oh hell, what the hell state are you in?
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