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Problem with Methadone

Hello everyone, I’ve been on Methadone for about 4 years I take 40mg a day and sometimes 60 or 70 but I have had so many adverse reactions and it really isn’t helping with my pain. I have had problems with getting erect, sweating, hot and cold flashes, forgetfulness,being ill as hell, and now I’m starting to not care about anything!! What should I do?
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Hi and welcome!  I take it from your name you must of had an injury and prescribed methadone?  Have you been back to the doctor recently to discuss the issues with them?
Yes I go every 6 months and he just tried to give me more but I don’t want to take it and I’m thinking about trying something else. I have had 6 knee surgeries 2 back surgeries and now I am going to have another back and a neck because of deteriorated bones at 43!!
Are you going thru the VA for this?
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I recently detoxed from methadone and found that my pain was the same.  I didn’t need to be on methadone for pain.  I sweated so bad that my hair was always wet. Talk with your doctor to figure out a taper plan.
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