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Hello everyone,
For the past 4 years I have been taking Oxycodone 10mg  that  is prescribed by my doctor. I have tried to come off of them in the past but was never strong enough to stick with it. It was easier for me to take a pill and feel better. UNTIL RECENTLY!
I realized I was letting not only myself down but my family and soon to be baby. This baby did not ask to come into this world and as a mother I am here to ALWAYS DO WHATS BEST FOR MY KIDS AND KEEP THEM OUT OF HARMS WAY.  
IT HAS BEEN 6 DAYS SINCE I HAVE TAKEN ANYTHING! I QUIT COLD TURKEY AND HAVE BEEN TRYING MY BEST TO STAY STRONG EVERYDAY! I have been miserable this week especially the first few days but I have a 5 year old son who needs me as well and can not lay around feeling sorry for myself.
I am wondering if by me quitting the way I did is causing more harm to the baby. I thought this  was the best way for both of us b/c I did not want to go on a different substance and then possibly be addicted to that or have my baby born that way.
I AM REACHING OUT ON HERE B/C I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN THROUGH THIS. PEOPLE WHO HAVE FELT WHAT I AM FEELING, AND PEOPLE WHO WERE ALSO ONCE SCARED AND NEEDED THE HELP OF OTHERS!  In my heart I know I am doing the right thing in the long run but is it the right way for right now! I am not going back now, not after this week. I just hope my baby is ok.
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Hi. Exhale. Many many people have posted the exact same issue. Others w/ that experience will chime in soon. For now, please tell your doctor asap (call him/her.) Forget being ashamed or whatever, this is your baby. The doctor has heard this before you and will hear it after you. Ok?:)
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Thank you for your post. I know I am not the first to go through this, but I thought by reaching out on here I could hear from people who have. Although I will still be worried b/c every situation is different, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS what this is like unless you physically go through it. I cant explain it to people and hate that some even ask me to. Taking a deep breathe now ! thank you again
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if they were prescribed there should be no issue telling your doctor.   you have already gone 6 days, it is unlikely they will prescribe you another opiate, but if that is what would be best for the baby, then let the doctor do their job.  you sound like a great mom and i am sure you will do what is best for your baby.  congrats on the baby and the decision to quit
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