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Question about Hydros after being off 3 days

Hey all

I was on Lortab 10/500 for about 3 months, got up to 4-5/day, tapered down to 2/day and finally 1 per day and have been off for 3 days....mild/moderate withdrawal but feeling better now after 3 days.  My back was kicking up again (arthritis) and I took a few Lortab today.  My question is will I have to start my detox all over again?  If I stay off after this one day relapse will I be going back to ground zero withdrawing?  If anyone has experience with this let me know.
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Dude - Your screen handle profile indicates that you joined MedHelp in Dec 2006?  The arthritis probably wont get better as you get older........you should probably look into alternate therapies for that one..... alternating heat and cold works pretty well......inversion therapy also works.....facet injections.....tens units.....Eastern things like tai chi and cho gong also work ........ lots of things to explore.   So how many were "a few" Lortabs?  That has something to do with it....... and you were actually on a therapeutic dose at 4-5 a day - - If you do not have symptoms this time you should count yourself lucky......and the more times that you have withdrawal symptoms it doesnt get any easier.
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i spose eagle is pointing out thru ur date on medhelp as a poster...that this was not ur first 3 mth bout with narcotic use....and no..u wont have to start all over physically to get off the pills...mentally u have done a bad thing tho/and this u know...if u have been battling this disease since 2006, then u probably know more than many here posting...and if u r trying to stay clean/why do u have pills in the house?  most addicts know this is a no no....we cave when it is so easy to get one..it is like an alcoholic keeping a bottle of vodka on their counter....it is virtually dooming urself to failure

What have u done in the past to get and more importantly "stay" clean"?  It seems as if u r still in the "fear of wd" mode which is usually not a real fear once someone has done this a few times as they know how to get thru that..it is the mental crud that will burn u in the bu11

have u tried any type of aftercare?  fill us in on ur history..perhaps ur m-help join date is a typo and this is ur first go around with addiction...fill us in..let us know...keep posting..and flush those evil puppies....now if u can
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