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Question about withdrawal

I have a friend that is addicted to ectsay and percocets but he suffers with MS. Lately he has been saying he has no energy and he gets exhausted. I questioned if he was infected from me because I am HIV and HSV2 positive and we had a risky encounter a few months ago but I have already talked about this in the proper forum. But my overall question is is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms and not know it or is it due to infection?
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I would think the w/d symptoms would be based on how many perc's he was taking and for how long.  Running out (or quitting) opiates will cause you to be extremely tired....to the point of not being able to get up.  I would say NO, it's not possible to have w/d and not know it........if you know you stopped taking the opiates.
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Can a person be in denial of withdrawal?
Yes they can.  I hope your friend will get some help with his addiction.  Adding that on to MS is a dangerous game he is playing.  There is help out here for him.
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