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Questions about Suboxone!!

Hi! Well a bit about me would go like this...
I have been taking Norco (Vicodin) for about 2 years now...and at the worst have been up to 20 a day of the 10/325mg. I am doing a taper right now...and am down to 10 a day.

I am going to see a Dr on Monday and getting on Suboxone. The only thing is, I have insurance...but they wont cover that or Subutex. How are Suboxones usually prescribed to take??? I understand everyones different...but what would you think I would start off needing and for how long? Like would the Dr most likely give me 30 pills to start?? Do you take it once or twice a day??? Im a bit confused on it all. What kind of outcome have some of you had with it? Im SUPER SUPER scared to go c/t...or else I would.
His nurse said he would give me these meds (which my insurance covers all of them) too.

I am SO looking forward to getting OFF this medicine and start my life free of Vicodin!! =D
Any input would be great!! Thanks in advance....
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Firstly you need to go in there being in a bit of W/D in order for it to work. He will most likely titrate your doses based on your usage of Hydro. You will basically start out ( induction) taking the amount that will keep you comfortable and withdrawl free, for example, he may say take one 8 mg ( they come 8mg- big pill and 2 mg little pill) to start and maybe an hour later you still feel like **** so you will take a half tab more, possible 2x per day. You start out on a high dose to make the cravings and W/D dissapear. And count on seeing him once a week for a few weeks. As long as you are on Sub you will not need any of those other meds you mentioned. I question his knowledge of Sub because you will not need anything else.

Gradually you start seeing him less, maybe once a month, and he will gradually lower your doses. I have been on for 2 and half yrs. Started out at 32 mg and worked my way all the way down to the lowest dose 2mg. I would love to be on this med for the rest of my life but he does not do Maint. ( Dickhead) lol Next mos I will TRY to go to half a pill and after a few mos of that its jump off time. I am praying that he will get hit in the head with a big rock and decide some of his patients, drug addicta who have been doing them for than half their life, can be on a low dose for maint.

Anyway if you have any more Q's you can email me ***@****

Good luck and stop using sun morning for best results. You will be happy and live a normal life on Sub and most ins does cover. Mine( Aetna) I have a 50.00 co-pay
Oh and one more thing I am not sure with your doc but with most they are bound by DEA to make you do counseling and group support also. I do a Tuesday night group every week for 45 min.

Jan The VikeQueen
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I went on  Subs 3 months ago. I had a habbit of 2 to 8 vics a day, depending on availability and/or if I had the money. My doctor started me at 1-8mg pill a day. 1/2 in morning and 1/2 early evening. I was a little queazy and had a headache for the first 2 days but after that, I felt like a new person. No cravings at all. Just be careful and do your research on Subs. I truly do not think some doctors are educated enough and it seems that alot of them start you out on too high of a dose, which has discouraged people and then they want to quit the Subs. If you get them and you feel really bad on the dose he/she gave you, just cut back on the mgs to where you feel good. Hopefully you will get some counselling as well. My doctor does not counsel me, so I have to look for that elsewhere. If you have tried everything else and have failed, then Subs may be the route for you. But as I said, you need to know what dosage works for you and adjust it accordingly.  Welcome and keep us informed of how you are doing. Please go to www.naabt.org. It is a forum for Suboxone/Subutex users.  You will find a wealth of information there as well as experiences of Sub users.
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