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Quick Question Please!! Oxycodone vs. Tylenol w/Codeine?? Please help?

Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew the differences between Oxycodone and Tylenol w/Codeine??  I know they both have acetomenophen.  But, the Tylenol with Codeine has Codeine obviously.  I was taking the one with 30mg. of codeine.  Now I have Oxycodone 7.5-325.  What is the opiad in this drug?  Is it also codeine, or a different drug?  I know my body's reaction to the T3, so I am a little nervous to try this new one....oxycodone.  Is it stronger, not as strong, the same???  I would really appreciate any help!  Thanks!!
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Hi Bell,
I think Tylenol 3 is a level 3 narcotic while Oxydodone is a level 2 narcotic. Meaning the Oxycodone is much stronger. Could be wrong, but someone here will know for sure.
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hi and welcome to the forum......the only thing i know about this is that oxcycodone is alot stronger than tylenol 3's.........if u have read any of the posts on herre then u knwo what im gonna say next  lol......stop b4 u start......but i dont know ur situation u may actually need them.......why r u taking meds if u dont mind my asking?
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Oxycodone is by far stronger and stays in your body longer. It is also harder to withdrawal from!
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Thanks for the responses!!  I have been taking T3 recreationally for about a year.  I take it for a few days, than off a few days, than back on.  I know I have a problem, but I cant do something about it right now.  I have too much other things to deal with.  I was recently hospitalized for a kidney infection which was the most painful experience of my life!  They first have me Morphine which gave me migraines.  Then I was on Dilaudid for a few days.  That helped greatly.  I went back to my doctor today cause the pain in my Kidney is coming back.  I haven't had to take meds for it till the past few days.  He gave me Oxycodone.  I have taken it a few times before, and I think i reacted well to it.  I unfortunately do need it for pain relief right now.  My infection may be back, or I may have a blockage in my kidney....all could cause the pain again.  Unfortunately it is the weekend, so I cannot get a CT scan till Monday to find out what is going on.  I am terrified of winding up in the hospital again.  But, because I use the T3, i know my tolerance is probably high.  I think I will start with 2 pills, and see how helpful it is.  Anyone have any ideas??  Any help is appreciated!  
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take exactly as prescribed.....i just wanna say this and i dont mean to sound mean and i know right now u need them for pain but    take them till u get better then stop please its for ur own good honey and it only gets worse.....this is something i wish i had done yrs ago.....trust me its a road u dont wanna travel......god bless u sweetie and i hope u feel better soon...kidney infections r the worst.....
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thanks so much for the comments....not mean at all.  kidney infections are the worst!!!!  ugh, the pain was unbelievable!!  And now that the pain is coming back....well to be honest I am terrified.  I have depression and anxiety issues as well....so that doesn't help!  and not to mention the stomach issues i am having from the antibiotics i was on in and after the hospital.  I have dropped 15 pounds in the past month.  not that i didnt want to loose some weight....but not this way!  i am just a mess right now!  thanks for your well wishes sweetie!!
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Going on an off the pain pills can cause anxiety and depression. Please keep reading on this forum. Get all the information you can on these pills and addiction.  Many of us here started our addictions with legit pain. It can sneak up on you. Be careful and I hope everything goes well with the kidney infection.  
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thanks for the comments.  i am in such a painful and scared place right now, so i took two pills.  i know that the drugs effect my depression and anxiety a lot.  i am pretty knowledgeable on my whole situation.  i too started out with the T3 for legit pain.  i get migraines and normal headaches a lot.  i have been to every specialist in new york city, and tried all the drugs possible.  i tried alternative medicine, acupuncture, etc...  nothing helped me!  i have been suffering migraines since puberty.  the T3 was the only thing that helped...thats how I started using it.  
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i also suffer from depression and anxiety ...my dr put me on a med called celexa and it is helping trmedously.....r u on any antidpressants? they sem to help....i just dont want to c u have a really bad addcition.......to be totally dependant on a pill is the worst thing eever.......
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thats so funny.  i am on celexa too.  i have been on it for years.  i have had anxiety and depression issues for about 15 years.  im only 30!!  i tried a lot of different drugs for my problems through the years.  some were awful...bad side affects, and some helped.  i am on celexa, and clonipin daily now.  it helps me a lot!  i have a shrink that i see regularly for these problems.  its a never ending battle for me.  my body is definitely addicted to these two drugs, but i may just wind up having to take them for the rest of my life.  then again, i cant take them if i ever want to have a child.  but i am nowhere near there yet.  

are you addicted to oxycodone?  i hope you dont mind my asking.  
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wow thats funny...well not funny but u know what i mean lol......the celexa seems to work for me so far no side effects......i was so grouchy i couldnt stand myself half the time......im just 32 and ive been on alot of meds for yrs...i am almost 3 months clean from an oxycontin habit......oxycontin is a very powerful drug......i started with percosets from injuries from a car accident and i just kept getting worse and worse really till they put me on oxy's........but im clean.....was hell but i did it....now staying clean is the hard part ive learned......i just dont want to c u do the same  thing i did and it can happen so quickly u dont even realize it ill u run out of pills and then u r sick and the u just use them to not get sick anymore....im sorry i fel like im preaching to ya.....
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Good for you girl!!!  You should be so proud of yourself for getting off the drugs!  really....you should always remember that!  how bad of an addiction did you have?  how many pills were you taking daily?  i dont know much about how much people take, or what they take, or street drugs.

i know that the times that i am not taking anything i feel down and the days seem to crawl by so slowly.  so, i know you must be struggling with staying off the pills.  how did you get off?  

the celexa is really helpful.  but it is also an addictive drug.  you cant just stop taking it without having serious withdrawal and possible seizures.  you have to wean yourself off it with the help of a doctor.  of course it is not as harmful as being addicted to narcotics though.  
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I understand Migraines, I have been getting them for the past 30 years or so. I've tried everything and it was the Migraines that got me addicted to pain meds. I am now on Suboxone to assist me in my Detox. YOu sounds knowledgeable and reasonable; but you also sound like you are justifying the Tylenol 3 popping. Not trying to get inyour grill, but reread what you wrote...ok. I just got off the phone with my wife and I read her your entry...she said exactly what I thought she would...she said, "that sounds like you sounded"...I said the exact same thing when taking the T3. I was taking it for years socially. Well, T3 got kind of boring after a while, and I moved up to Vicodin. Prior to my getting help (which by the way was just this past Monday, and I"ll tell you how I"m doing in a moment) I was up to taking 15 - 20 Norco a day, which is the equivelant of 30 to 40 regular vicotins. This rotten addiction just sneaks up on you and you never, ever see it coming until its too late. However, you do sense it coming, but guess what you do....you make excuses for taking it (just like you are doing now) and will continue to make excused because Migraines are hard on you...you will increase your dosage and you will soon think about something stronger...trust me, you will. I am so very sorry to hear about your kidney probs. I have no idea what that is like. I am saying this hopingyou will save this and print it off, and then revisit after you fix our Kidney problem. Mainly because you sound exactly like I did
How am I doing now? I am doing great. The LORD has lead me down the path I needed and life is starting to become brighter and more cheery. Each day is actually beginning to have a scent to it; we forget to breath and smell as we go thorugh life; at least, thats what the pills do, make you forget.
Regarding your MIgraines, I had the same probs, I went years going to different places trying to find a drug, method, program that would eradicate them for me. Nothing worked, until I tried the Imitrix Shot. Swear to you Bell, it works. Its not scary, not a big deal at all and its works. Please give it a try. The other med that I had luck with was Maxalt. My wife takes Maxalt and she does well with them.
I wish you teh very best Bell, I really do. I just really made me feel "bummed out" when I read your post and could relate to every single thing you said about the Migraines. GoodLuck Bell,
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thanks and i am very proud of myself...i forgot to tell u my husband was also an addict of the same drug which was oxycontin 80mg's anywhwere from 3 -5 sometimes 6 or more depending on the amount we had left.......was awful.....i quit cold turkey...was the only way i could do it.....to much of a tempttation to taper ...but i did it.....i feel so much better starting to fel human again......i'll probably always be on the celexa so i can say im not worried abot it being addictive but thatnks for the advice......i came off of lexapro once and i was fine but now i know i need the medicine for the rest of my life probably....i also take valium sometimes due to epilepsy to stop seizures or t help me sleep ....thats also another med i will be on for eternity lol......plus numerous others...im on like 4 or 5 different antiseizure drugs ......cant beleive my liver is ok...but it is...love u and god bless
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OMG....seems like you have been through so much.  the important thing is that you are still standing.  sometimes i feel like i will never get my life back...regarding my depression....sometimes manageable, and other times it just takes over.  but i am still standing too!  i wish you and your husband the best of luck...health and happiness!!  

PS...if you ever want to chat again....feel free to contact me on here!!
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Hi Mike, and thanks for your response.  I absolutely know that i have a problem.  no question!  and, i am not making any excuses or justifying taking the T3.  the only time it is justified is when i am in extreme pain.  but, i do take it other times...and that is beyond wrong!!

As far as the migraines go....i have tried imitrex oral, shots, maxalt, etc...  trust me when i say that i have tried everything!!  i have been to the best neurologists in Manhattan.., long Island, and one in London....costed me thousands to get to see the "best" migraine doctors.   There is nothing wrong with my brain...no tumors or anything.  basically my doctors are baffled.  thats when i started on the T3.  i was in a pain management program.  i stopped that cause i didnt want to take it so much even though i liked it.  i was scared of liking it.  so now i get a script every few weeks from my doc for it.  like i said above....i take it for a few days, then off, then on, etc...  i am not saying all this as an excuse at all....just explaining to you exactly what i am doing and taking right now.  it is wrong, it is unhealthy, and it could kill me.  i know all this.

my new issues...the kidney problem...well imagine the worst pain of your life....double it, and you will understand the kidney infection, and possible stone pain.  jeez, morphine didn't help the pain in the hospital.  so, the pain meds i am taking right now....right this moment are necessary unless i wanted to go back to the ER and have them give me Dilaudid again....which i hear is the most addictive of all these drugs.  i dont want to take that drug ever again.  im not saying one is better than the other, just that the doctors told me that the addiction to dilaudid is beyond anything i can imagine...and after taking it...i see why.  i dont have an option right now.  i must take something.      

thank you for your concern.  i am aware of how the addiction takes hold of you and can consume you.  i have felt those feelings at times.  not that i don't appreciate your writing me, and kind words.  i wish you the best of luck as well!!
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Hi, my name is Jaci.  I have been on oxycodone 5mg/350mg  for over 3 years now for herniated disc problems.  I dont feel addicted but I do feel I depend on them.  I take 3 or 4, sometimes on 2 a day.  I would never go over the amount the doctor gives me, but I am worried and want to get to a point that i dont need them.  Can anyone tell me if switching to Tylenol 3 would be a starting point in order to help myself stop?  Dont get me wrong sometimes I really have pain but sometimes i dont.  I feel so ashamed admitting that.

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

thanks, Jaci
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My first advice would be to copy your post onto a new one. (Post a Question button) Then you will have your own post others can answer. It is slow on here now. Tomorrow will have more activity.
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You should post a new question like advised above.  I just want to tell you not to be ashamed of admitting anything.  We are all flawed.  Some more than others, but no one is perfect.  I too started taking these meds for serious pain, and now have a problem with them.  I am and never have been a drug user...maybe a little experimentation in high school, but thats it.  I was always afraid of these kind of drugs.  You hear all about the overdoses and such!  What I am trying to say is that your body becomes physically addicted, and so does your mind...all without your control.  You are not a bad person because you are using this drug.  Don't ever think that!  Stay strong!!  
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Hi, need some advice please.  
I am addicted to OTC pain tablets and take upto 15/12mg codeine per day.
They are making me ill and I know I have to deal with this somehow.  Need some support as I live alone and am isolated.  
Can I slowly reduce my dose?  and how?
Thank you
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I became addicted to Lortab (hydrocodone) 7.5, and was taking about 4 a day after a brutal assault where the man strangled me, beat my head against a wall, then the floor (knocking me out cold both times) raping me, and cutting me. The headaches were UNBEARABLE, and they did every test imaginable to find out what was causing them. Nothing showed up, and they called it "post-concussive syndrome" that can last for up to a year after the head trauma. I was basically bedridden for a year (I am only 47 now), and am just now over the headaches thanks to good friends, lots of prayer, and prayer groups. I got off of them with the help of my family physician who monitored me, and told me how to SLOWLY decrease the amount I was taking each day, and also prescribed Clonopin to ease the withdrawals. After a month, I was totally off of the Lortab, and Clonopin. I still feel tired and weak, but that is mostly due to the inactivity from a year in bed. She is giving me B-12 shots, and I am taking multi-vitamins, and that is helping quite a bit. Get bloodwork done to make sure you are not low on anything else (anemia, B-12, or other things), and take vitamins, but be sure to be under your doctor's care to de-tox. It isn't easy, but it isn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I feel so much better now. I pray allot, and thank God for what I have, and also ask him for strength. He will give you what you need- I will be praying for you, and wish you the best. Hang in there, you will make it too!
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I hated hydrocodone.  I don't know how anyone could become addicted, but I guess they can.  My doctor had me on them for over a year, and I could not wait to get off.  I am waiting to see a new doctor and can't wait because back pain is unbearable.  But the hydrocodone made me feel like I was walking around with an IV of caffein stuck in me all day and I could not sleep at night even with ambien.  Ruined my teeth from grinding all day.  Only wish it would have worked on me.  
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I've taken the oxys and #3s together. You feel almost no pain afterwards and very euphoric. I did take them recreationally I guess you can say, or in my mind for scientific purposes as I only do things like this once for future reference. As I said nothing bothers you much, physical or mental. There is a point though where you might want to vomit your brains out for a minute but the pain does fade. Definitely don't drive on these. If you must take them stay home cus you will get drowsy for a long time and the feeling of nausea will come hard once but soon leave. You don't wanna throw up on yourself then pass out while driving and wake up in jail for a DWI. I agree with anyone who says that using drugs as a main source of mental health improvement is bad. I don't care about the morality of it as much as I care about your reaction to yourself once you run out of the drug and you find yourself in a deep hole.
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ive recently had a fall,may have fracture my hip, my doctor prescribed me tylenol 3, i have no problem with acetaminaphen how ever the coedine is making me very sick, throwing up etc, pains my stomach, and i can still feel the pain in my hips, currently going for more exrays at a fracture clinic, booked by my doctor, would oxycodone with acetaminaphen help for the pain?
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