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Quitting Methadone During Pregnancy

Hi, Im currently 35 weeks pregnant. Im on 2 mg of methadone at the moment. I have been tapering myself for the past couple months from 15 mg. I made it this far. My doctor advises that I quit before birth. I didn't notice any withdrawal symptoms until now. My chest feels heavy and I sweat and can't sleep. Who else has successfully quit methadone from a very low dose? How were the withdrawals? Please tell your full stories. I rarely came across any successful stories during pregnancy. I read alot of pregnant women were afraid to quit and were advised to raise their dose instead of quit. I personally feel better that I lowered.
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Your best not goin thro withdtawal whilst preg u can put the baby n too much disttess n not to scare u but i can cause pre term labour.i would stay on a stable dose n c ur gp asap.im preg n on subutex n ive bin told by my doc that i ave to stay at a stable dose or the baby will feel the withdrawals n cause the baby too much distress in the womb.see ur doc chick.sending u luck n best wishes.oh n congrats on ur pregnancy.xx
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