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Quitting Percocets

So I'm having trouble getting off perks. It's been almost two years up to 10 per day of the 10.325 it's Unbarable and I need to fix my life I've never had a problem like this that doesn't allow me to even get out of bed. I tried Tuesday and was off for almost two days cold turkey dying but sure enough I fell off again. Please help me with any advice. I need to do this correctly I am a great parent and I need fix this under the raider.
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Hi JK Welcome to the forum. You had 2 days under your belt day 3 and 4 are the worst, sometimes day 5 also but after that the physical gets better Probably still not sleeping but not in so much pain our turmoil. It is like a Flu on steroids.. Hot baths Drag yourself to them our Showers many times a day this will help with the pain and rls. They sell a Product called Hylands restful leg It helped with the rls. as far as walking it makes it worse if you do not force yourself to move. Moving actually makes it bearable. Drink a lot of water. Dehydration makes it all worse. Get a sports drink to balance your electrolytes and a Protein drink to get the Vitamins and Minerals your body needs.. eat clean, use Imodium as needed. Have a Positive Attitude Your most Powerful Weapon is your Brain.. You have to look at this as if you are going to War against the Opiates Your Addiction. Take Back your life Take Back Control. I know you want to do this on the down low but I do have to say that Support is our best Defense from falling back into the trap. Once a Addict always a Addict. We have to manage our Addiction as we do any Disease.. Ours just takes constant vigilance and Support. AA NA Counseling a Preacher but you need support Honesty is also required for us to beat our Addictions.. I pray you make it our JK Take care. lesa
Get rid of any pills you have in the house You will take them if you have them. 1 is never enough 1000 is never enough. It is endless when active.
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Agreed.....start with getting rid of the pills!  Set yourself up for about a 6/7 day rest.  
Start by getting some really good multi-vitamins high in potassium, magnesium and amino acids.  Gatorade and protein shakes.  I used epsom salt baths for aches and pains and 200mg Motrin (took 600mg at a time) to help with aches.  I used Gaba (available at GNC) for the head trip that went with it.  Immodium for the stomach issues.  DO NOT try to take anything pharmaceutical for the no sleep issue as I found that you weren't going to sleep regardless so taking that stuff made me feel worse.  I listened to music in my earbuds and just went through it.  You have to make the decision that your done.  We don't die from w/d but we feel like we are.  I found it helpful to have another persons help in forcing me to eat and drink (my husband and kids are who helped me) and I thank God for that every day.  You have to be ok with NOT being ok for a little while.  It's going to hurt and your going to feel like ****....but you will come out on the other end and you will eventually start to feel better.  You will feel like you've had your *** kicked when it's over but you will recover!  

Don't make plans for during this time frame as I find that alot of people try to push it too much and they fail b/c they feel like they can't feel like **** when they have stuff to do.  

Let us know when you decide to start this process as posting on this website helped me tremendously during the process to keep me on point and remind me that everything I was feeling was normal with w/d!  

Good luck to you.
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Praying for you. You can beat this addiction. One day at a time. It will get better. Remember this pain is temporary and not permanent. God bless and YOU CAN DO IT!
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