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Hi everyone!  Im in PA and I'm desperate to find a Rehab where I'm not treated like I've done something wrong by being an addict.  This wasn't my choice.  This was the only option given to me to treat chronic pain after an accident in 2006. But as every addict knows, sooner or later it can't be controlled.  Last Rehab I was in I finished the 6 day subutext detox but I then had such baaaad anxiety (the fight or flight type)  AND NO ONE WAS LISTENING!!  My family could only come see me if they took a 6 hr class on addiction and I only had 1- 10 minute phone call a week & had a therapist listen in too boot!  LOL!  Sorry folks, my pusher is my Doc and I wasn't calling her!!!!  No cell phone, no computer privileges, shuffled around from room to room, and after finally calling it quits and telling my husband  to come pick me up THATS when all the sudden they offered to let me see the Doctor for my excruciating chronic pain  and a psychiatrist for meds for the bipolar (though I was begging all week).  I came home and had to see a therapist to work my way through it all because I truly felt it was a very traumatic experience. And this was suppose to be one of the nicer ones!!  I need to go back to detox and possibly stay for their program. But I'm scared!  Am I just being a baby? Is this how those with the disease normally get treated in the medical field?  Anyone from PA who can recommend a dual/detox Rehab.  I've been reading and researching and it's not feeling very promising.
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There has to be structure in Rehab and usually in the beginning the focus needs to be on you so phone calls and such are limited.  What are you taking now?
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Well.....there are a few things that need to be pointed out...1...this was detox, not treatment. There goal is to get you clean of dope. They deal with addicts, all day, every day. And addicts, like me, are some lying, thieving, manipulating suckers! I garauntee you all of them are on their guard for typical addict behavior. One in a 100 may come through there that are not like that, however, odds are too low, so everyone gets treated the same. No, you are not allowed privacy in detox, why, so that the people there can do their job in helping u.
I also want to point out no one I know, wants to be an addict. They just are and it doesn't matter at what point we figure this out. How about going to treatment (30 days or more) and just following the directions given. The course us set up for u to have the best chance at success. What's the worst that can happen....u decide its not for you???
I think most centers are set up to protect us.....from ourselves.
Did you start using once you left?
Maybe start by looking at what your expectations are with a treatment center? What is it your looking for?
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Thats the process.  Has nothing to do with being a criminal.  They are addin structure to your life to prepare you for after rehab. Its the down time that gets people in trouble.  If I were you I'd take any place that would take you.  Start getting help and stop worring about perception
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I wouldn't last 10 minutes with people treating me that way! If you're just on opiates and have no medical issues, then you don't have to do to a rehab or detox center. Detox at home for free and no one will invade your privacy or tell you what to do. Or is there something you're looking for from a rehab?
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