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RLS and Drug Abuse

Help, this is my first post, I am a 49 year old male, I have had RLS since I was a child, after my marriage it starting getting really bad, after bouncing around from doctor to doctor, (this was years ago) I finally found a doctor that explained RLS.  He first put me on Requip which was like a life saver, it worked great for several years.  But of course like most drugs it slowly stopped working.  He then added neuronton. Again, another life saver, but I lost all my energy during the day, but I continued to take it because it was better than not sleeping at all.  During this time I was also having chronic kidney stones, about 4-5 a year, and with those I found the wonderful drug hydrocodone. It was like magic.  It relieved my RLS, didn't make me tired and I felt great.  I finally convinced my doctor to prescribe hydrocodone for my RLS, but he only wanted to have me take them at night.  2 each 7.5/325.  The only problem was my RLS during the day, which was bad enough for me to take extra every day.  It got to the point that I had my wife dispense the drugs to me because I was using a month's worth in about two weeks. But I would find where she hides them and steal them.  I did so many dumb things, I lied to my family, told them someone stole them from our house, scared my children etc.  I was taking about 6 - 8 a day.  My wife has told me no more, she wants me to quit all my drugs.  We had a big blow up last night, For the first time in a long time I haven't taken any pain meds.  It's now about 1:00 PM in the afternoon and my RLS is so bad I can't hardly sit here and type, I have to keep getting up and walking around etc.  Does anybody know of any other drug or therapy that might work for RLS.  I have tried so many drugs and most make my RLS worse.  Valium, Xanax etc are terrible, any kind of sleep aid or muscle relaxant make my RLS worse also.  Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for listening,

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oh, sorry , your rls problem seems to be really hard , so sorry , jwgolfnut, i wished i could help you but i can only suggest what i read in the amino acid protocol and the thomas recipe about RLS....and they helped me but your rls seem much worse.

i understand your rls are also while abusing ?  most of here have them while on wds..

anyway, i wish you find some help and relieve cause i really dreaded this thingg from the legs.  
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I also have RLS I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with it, at that time they did not have requip or mirapex, so they put me on Klonopin 2mg to start. I am now up to 3,  2mg pills per night. The Klonopin works great for my RLS, even if I take it during the day it does not make me drowsy. However it is very addicting, but at the time it was either take the RX for that or never sleep. I would research it on the net and talk to your doc about it. One good thing is if your doc puts you on it if at some time you need or want to come off it he will help you. Hope this helps.
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You are welcome to look in my last journal for some credible information on what RLS is ways to cope and mange it.. Wishing you a solution to your pain... Lesa
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Wal Mart has a commercial product that was reccomended to me by a nurse that swears by it.............
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The klonopin may sound good but I would like to add  that one of the ladies in my bible study has been trying for several months to ween off klonopin. She is having horrible sweats and anxiety with the withdrawal. Please try some other method before you try a addicting substance.
Have you tried the bar of soap under the sheets?  I will ask about the wal-mart commercial product for my friend who started on the klonopin for RLS also. (the soap didn't work for her but does for her mother)
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I also have RLS and when I was pregnant I found a practitioner who suggested calcium supplement. I now am a faithful user of TUMS at bedtime. I was amazed especially due to the severity of my disorder. I do take Mirapex now that I'm not pregnant and is effective also but at the time calcium is what cured me. Good luck!
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