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RLS and Restless arm Syndrome

Hey everyone.....
I am getting off norcs and am on day 3.....
I have RLS while getting off norcs but I am getting Restless arm syndrome too..... Driving me nuts....
I can't sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I was lucky and had minimal RLS through my w/d's, but from the advice I've seen here, eat lots of bananas, apply a heating pad to your legs,hot baths, and this sounds crazy, but many on here swear by it...place a bar or 2 of ivory soap in your bed sheets by your legs.

The forum is quiet right now, but I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice come morning.

Congrats on day 3! You've gone through the worst of the physical withdrawals! :)
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oh yes yes yes, I had the RLS in my arms too!!! and in my HEAD too! it drove me CRAZY!!!!! I cant offer you any natural remedies as I dont know any. I used xanax to get me through that part of WD (Im prescribed it and have been on it for years, but dont overuse or abuse it). I hope it passes soon for you!!!
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This is going to sound stupid but every time I detoxed in the past, my legs would hurt SO bad. I had no idea it was just a part of withdrawals. SO, I go to my Doc, and he tells me I have RLS, prescribes me Requip 0.5mg,and it was all for naught. I finally found out in NA last year that it was from wd's!

The only thing that helps me is a hot bath. And right after the bath, I put on some warm fleece pants, and get under the heating blanket. For some reason, the warmth really helps with the pain. Xanax helps a bit, but if you have Flexeril it will stop the leg spasm unintentional movements, feeling as if you need to constantly stretch them, etc..

Needless to say, I finally found a detox specialist whole informed me that this whole time, it was due to the detox. But, every once in while I will get that same feeling back.

I have never had restless arms, but if you find out anything about it, post it up.

Awesome job dude....you are almost through it. : )

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The restless body will settle down with time.  I think it was about the 2nd week when my body quit jumping. Great job on making it to day 3 it just gets better everyday. Keep up the good work.
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I'm on day 4 and have terrible RLS.  I got a massage yesterday and it was a turning point for me.  Got to get those toxins out of the muscle tissue.  I still had trouble sleeping last night but no more RLS.  
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hmmm.. a massage would be NICE right about now! LOL
I used the Tens Unit last night and it actually stopped the spasms.. (After a little while, at least)
I know, I hate that darn feeling of your arms and legs wanting to just take off outa' bed! Grrrrrrr!!
But they're right, my doc also told me it'll pass within a week or so.. :D
Love ya all!
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I can feel your pain...i have the same problem...Hot baths, heating pad, bananas and WORKING OUT...i can't beklieve how much the workout helps me......good luck!
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