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ROLL CALL !!! we need it ;)

OK ! nobody has done it yet so I'm going to do it .
We all need something to be proud of today and I'm proud of all of you for quitting,staying clean,toughing out a rough detox or even trying or thinking about quitting. It is worth it !!  We have  some bad days here and there but bad days don't ruin our lives,doing dope does that !   So post Your clean time whether it's years or minutes. You guys are all such great people !   ;)
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Thanks for doing this Ric!

135 days from Vicodin
Over 2 1/2 years from the booze

Proud of everyone!! Keep on keepin' on!  :)
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OK Ricart I need a BIG Reminder today!!! lol

345  days from Opiates, Methadone, Adderral, Klons
3433 from the Alcohol
0000 from those Fing Cigs

It equals out to be 345 days.
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Denise here...39 days and going strong..Hugs
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I do need this right now! Day 25 and feeling down. Physical part is way better but feeling blue. I'm proud I didnt cave in when I thought I was gonna lose my mind from not sleeping for,a week straight. Thanks for the roll call and reminding me I do have something to be proud of!
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love you for doing this Ric!!  we sure need it today!!!  

291 days for meeeeee!!  so proud of all of us here!!  
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Awesome guys !!     VIC LMAO @ this   345  days from Opiates, Methadone, Adderral, Klons
3433 from the Alcohol
0000 from those Fing Cigs

It equals out to be 345 days. < too funny ;)
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29 days and counting!!
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312 days...I just realized I'm in the 300's!!  I have something to be super proud of today...I was chosen out of my entire department of over 50 people, to interview with the Chicago Tribune, the largest newspaper in Chicago, about the company I work for along with the company's founder and owner!! This is a huge deal for me and my career!!!! I bring this up because I would NEVER be where I am now without taking my addiction by the horns and taking control...I would still be loosing job after job because I couldn't work without drugs in my system. Now it's not even a thought in my head, complete mental peace, it's so refreshing. Great job everyone... Love these posts!!!
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Congrats Andie!!  way to go girl!!  :))
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Tomorrow will be day 50 no tramadol, long journey all I can say LOL!!!!!!
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I LOVE ROLL CALL!!! Oh it just makes my heart swell with immense proudness for myself and my team and everyone on MH trying to kick their habit!!!!
Day 36 from Suboxone
Day 2,136 days off Vicodin (I think. October 28th 2007!)
Day 33 from cigarettes
Getting better every single day! Great job everyone on busting your butts to stay clean! ❤ To All     -Jessica
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252 Days
Good Lookin' Out Ricart 70. Much appreciated.
(There's definitely a grim battle going on out there today/tonight.)
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Thanks for this. 20 months yesterday.
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159 days for me!!!!  
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Guess Im the rookie here...today was 8 days off of tramadol. I am feeling a little discouraged because I still have some hot/cold uncomfortable. Sneezong like crazy, very sluggish days. I figured I would have hit a turning point by now but NO...im. discouraged
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382 days...yowza!  Thanks for posting!
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Today is 3 years 7 months and a day.

Congrats to everyone for every single second that you've managed to stay clean!

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You will hit that turning point Nyeev !! just keep up the great job and it will come !!  It always took me more than a couple of weeks to get there
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Hey nyeeve...congrats on 8 days...that is quite an accomplishment. Whether its 8 days or 2000 days, you are clean and that's what's important!  Sounds cliche, but give it some time. Try to get some vitamins in you, stay hydrated, etc. promise it will get better!  I sneezed for 2 months straight and my sleep took awhile to return...but it all smoothed out eventually!  :)
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6 weeks off of Tramadol
3 weeks off of Percocet tomorrow!

Woot! Not perfect, but getting better. I hope that anyone who reads this thread and is thinking about quitting gets some inspiration out of this.

These forums have given me strength. Thank you all.
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Hang in there Nyeev12!! You got this. Also, Congrats Bobo, Rosy, Newmommy, Denise, Waterview & everyone else!! Keep Rockin' it.
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Toothfairie...thanks!!  I truly feel like I am finally ROCKIN IT and it feels awesome....newmommy...very jealous of your clean time from cigs....those still have me by my preverbal ba$$s......
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Hi Friend...good idea...

3 years 4 months 2 weeks 1 day  


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