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It's that time again to brag about your clean time. I hope your all doing well and enjoying what life has to offer without drugs. I am 45 days clean, should be a year tho, uggggggg. Congrats to everyone here, we are all fighting for the same thing, one day at a time:)
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9-months, 14-days...
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Day 13, feel like hell (fatigue)
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i was  6 6 6  days  yesterday  ( huh ;)
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22 days, feeling good.
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32 days!
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251 days and feeling better all the time :)
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446 days clean of all mind altering substances. Congrats to all!
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362 days so far and let me tell you I wouldn't go
back for the world, not today at
least. Becca
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813 days clean!!!

Congrats to everyone whether you have 1 minute or 100 yrs!!!
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Congrats to everyone!  137 for me! : D
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9 days off m/done and all opiates.  kc
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two wks taper down now day 3 clean:-)

Congrats to all!!!
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16 days and feel ok ;)
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68 days clean!!!! feeling like me again!
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132 days . . . One day at a time.  Continued success to everyone!!!! Deb
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ten months...almost 1 year  and I love it.No more hiding pills and worrying if I had enough...Freedom from pills is great.
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6 Days, short but very sweet! :)
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965 days

You know gizzy, you were a huge part of my success. Thanks

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And this thread also... why was it moved to the Social side?

Not sure what crawled up the Mod's rears this morning for this to be moved, but this is life & death for a lot of us, and putting it on the Social Forum is almost 'making light' of the situation.


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24 days..... Congradulations to everyone!!!
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It will be 2 years Oct 3rd. for opiates and a lil over two months for booze. I relapsed with the booze for about 6 weeks our it would have been 3 years this July 4th. Always keep your Guard up !! and Congratulations to everyone one of us for our hard work and desire.. lesa
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112 days
(My brother comes home in 9 days!!!!........216 hours!!!!)
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66 Days!
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im on day 6 and feel like superman with a starched cape wo-hoo for me ya im finally gonna make it praise the lord and my dear dear friend gnarly ilove ya brother i couldnt have done it with out you im FREENCLEAN !!!!!!!  live is so cool !
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