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Rapid Detox

I was on 180mg Morphine ER per day, but have been weaned down to 75mg. per day. I'm in the process of weaning down 15 more mgs. to 60mg Morphine ER per day. I am already taking Norco 10/325 two tabs three times a day and Soma 325mg one tab three times a day. I have both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and have been a type one (Juvenile) diabetic for 56 years. Because withdrawal really messes up my diabetes control majorly and almost kills me, I was wondering about the rapid two hour detox. My drs. want to find out what my baseline pain level is and treat for only that. I would end up in the acute hospital if I did cold Turkey, and most hospitals don't deal with Insulin pumps, nor listen to me about it (I've been on a pump over 35years.) Has anyone done the two hour detox and how has it worked for you? I would like as much info as I can get to present to my primary physician, because this weaning off is going to take forever and it's pretty uncomfortable.
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Hi Kitty, Just wanna throw a line out to you and let you know your not alone. I have zero experience with the meds your taking, but hopefully other med help peeps will chime in.So glad your reaching out for answers. You've come to a great place.
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Sorry I don't have any experience with the rapid detox....

However, I do have experience with hydrocodone and soma....I quit both of them at the same time just a little over 2 yrs ago.  I also have a lot of chronic pain issues and I can tell you that in order for your doctors to analyze your base line pain levels....you will need to be completely opiate and soma free for at least 30 days if not a little longer.

Read up on "opiate induced hyperalgesia"......and also about the initial rebound pain we go thru when we are initially free of all opiate pain meds.
It takes awhile for our natural pain receptors to level out and heal....and if you are wanting to treat base line pain levels...it seems important to be aware of rebound pain as well as the time it takes to heal enough to evaluate true pain levels.  Opiates are truly not a viable long term way to treat the conditions you are dealing with....and in time, I hope you will experience the improvement in pain levels that the opiates actually induce over a long period of time.
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Thank you selfinduced for your kind words
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Dear clean_in_ks,
I was unaware of rebound pain, but am now suspecting it.  My spine, hips, and knees hurt quite a bit. I figured it's because I'm weaning down. I haven't experienced this with the other times of weaning. This is the first time, so your comment is helping me very much. I have an appt. with a pain doc on July 25th. I don't think he really wants to see me. I've seen him before and refused to take an hour ride to pool therapy in the middle of a wet winter for only four visits.  I have a heated pool where I live now and a Jacuzzi, and have joined a water aerobics class, so maybe that will satisfy him. Thanks again for the tip
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The rapid detox is very dangerous and expensive. It would be healthiest for you to continue a slow taper with the help of your doctor.

The heated pool and water exercise is very beneficial.
Take magnesium/zinc supplements.
Congrats on your success thus far.
Keep moving forward.

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Hi there and welcome-
I wholeheartedly agree with the posts above.  The rapid detox is a dangerous and expensive option.
Opiates are a terrible treatment for the diseases you have (I share RA with you and also have Crohn's and Stage 4 endometriosis) the only one of these illnesses that opiates really help is the endo- and I only am taking it now pre-surgery and again post surgery.
The rebound pain is horrific- I was in 150 times MORE pain while tapering than I was one month off ALL opiates.  I understand your fear about your levels with your diabetes and so would recommend setting up a solid taper plan with your doc.  It will be long and slow.  You will have to be patient and take time at each drop to allow your body and brain to catch up.  The most important thing while you are doing this is to invest in some really good supplements and vitamins and increase your nutrition as much as possible.  I'm going to give you my list of what I feel are the absolute necessities and I'm sure others will add their input.
1. B 12- Injections are best.
2. Calcium/magnesium
3. Omega 3 fish oil (gel caps)
4. Vitamin C ascorbate
5. Melatonin for sleep- keep in mind because it is natural it takes awhile to build in your system.
6. Curcumin (natural anti-inflammatory)

As for prescribed meds- the absolute best is Clonidine which is a BP med commonly prescribed for opiate detox.  It really does cut w/d symptoms in half.  I used it while I was tapering and then upped my dose when I finally went cold turkey.  I monitored my BP every 4 hours to make sure I was within safe range.

If you have access to a juicer USE it or invest in one.  I also bought an infrared sauna which helps my RA immensely.  Gentle restorative yoga to keep movement, blood flow to organs, and flexibility in your joints.  Look up practitioners that are experienced with dealing with clients with chronic pain and illness.

Honey I know the road seems long but you will get there. I know how it is to be in pain and so lost- we take whatever the doctors give us and they give us pain meds because they deal with the IMMEDIATE.  They do not deal with long term and cause more pain in the long run.
Don't give up.
Look at your health holistically and treat yourself gently- mind, body, spirit.
Keep posting and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.  I'm always up late these days (:


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