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Rapid Detox?

Does anyone know anything about these Rapid Detox Clinics that put you under general while they flush out your receptors?  Perferably one in California or where ever that takes Blue Cross insurence?
I'm scared I can't do this......
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it is very dangerous this is an article on it  

Here is an article on rapid detox for all who a considering it

The dangers of rapid-detox drug treatment
The Ontario Coroner's Office is investigating a second death connected to a chain of drug treatment clinics that offer a a highly controversial treatment that has divided addiction experts. So-called "rapid detox" treatment uses a cocktail of medications to speed through the withdrawl process while the patient remains under sedation. As part of the procedure, the patient is implanted with a pellet of the opate antagonist Naltrexone to prevent them from having intense cravings or obtaining any "high" from opiates once the treatment is complete.

At first glance this sounds like it could be a great procedure -- why suffer through weeks of withdrawl symptoms when you can get through the worst of it in a few hours while unconcious? However, some experts claim it is biologically impossible to fast-track withdrawal and that the dangers of the procedure are not worth the potential payoff.

The Toronto Star has a very detailed investigation in to the latest death, including a lot of background information on the procedure for those who may be curious about pursuing it. It looks to be somewhat of a last-resort option, but it seems to me it won't do you much good being clean if there's a good chance that you'll die in the process
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I called a clinic in Michigan   Whole procedure costs about 10,000..you have to bring someone with you as well...I am a nurse and it did sound kinda dangerous and you have to sign away any problems that happen...to relieve them of any lega responsibility...I think the mental craving may be the worse and it will not take that away...you will get no high if you take them with that implant....dont know about that idea..not gonna do it
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Thanks everyone....I guess it's the 5am FREAKOUT quick fix talking.  I'm going to play poker on line since I'm up.....I'm just about ready to try anything at this point ya know.
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Ahh..a gambling addiction. Yeah, that will help...LMAO

Still trying to get ya to laugh.......
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hahahahaha i play alot of texas hold em as well ,but for play money
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10,000??? BLAHHH
i rather buy drugs lolz
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rapid detox, like any other medical procedure, comes with risks. The goal of a rapid detox facility is to reduce the risk to patient by following strict safety measures. Unfortunately, to save money and cut corners, a lot of rapid detox treatment centers ignore such protocols. For example, they perform the procedure in an out-patient facility (not in a hospital), use anesthesia and/or put the patient under for more than 3 hours. All those put the patient under unnecessary risk, but at a cheaper price than say the Waismann Method, which is more costly than most....but then again, they are a safer treatment provider than any other rapid detox.

They perform in a full service JCAHO accredited hospital, use sedation (not anesthesia) and the patient is only under for 60-90 minutes. They have been around since 1999.

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I am doing fine... okay... I have no urge for pills EVER anymore.. 26 days without any. : O )   I would never attempt such a risky procedure... risk my life.... no way... I would much rather do as I am doing and wait it out.. I can smile and laugh again!!! : O )   I love this forum!!!  Good luck to you... YOu can do it on your own.. I did.. So many people here did.. You can too....
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