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Really scared!! What do I do?!?!

I got a cold yesterday and took 8 DayQuil/NyQuil in 24 hours. Then today I did the same thing but I also took 6 midol tablets. Altogether today I've taken 5600 mg of acetaminophen. I'm 17. I weigh 119. My mom called poison control and they said I'd be okay but I'm still scared! It was a completely accidental overdose and it's the only time something like this has happened. Will there be severe liver damage?!
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Hi and welcome!!

You should be okay as your mom called the poison control center and talked with them.  I am glad you confided in her about this.  Just be very careful with these type of meds.  I hope you get to feeling better~
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Calm down hun.  As Sarah said, your mom called the poison center.  If they thought there was any chance you had done damage to yourself they would have told her to take you to the emergency room.

I hope you take this as a warning sign.  The next time you "experiment" with drugs to self-medicate and heal yourself you might not be so lucky.
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