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Reason for No More Period at 27

Hello, I have multifaceted issues I'm dealing with, but my question is very specific. I became pregnant at age 27, had just begun Methadone maintenance,  and they kept upping my dose for fear that the baby would spontaneously abort if I had withdrawal symptoms.  After she was born, they used tiny amounts of Morphine until she was ready to come home. She is a thriving 13 year old with straight a's, plays the trombone, and very well adjusted.  I am only on 40 mg of Methadone now, but I never got my period back except a few years ago when I was sexually active for a month. What gives?
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Meds can really mess with our periods.  I would make an appt with an OB/GYN and see what is going on.  They can check to see if you are in Menopause also.  Keep us posted!
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Hello & Welcome
We do have other community that you might want to ask this question in, like woman's health or other ones that maybe able to answer or help more then this community. This one is here to help ppl come of there meds and work a program is one is a addict..However, I know when I was young my periods would go wacky. I could go 45 days or more and have light ones to a few days of heavy ones. Never did they come around like every 28 days or 30. I ended up having some serious issues and was damaged enough in that area and had that endometriosis bad. In my early 50s I had a complete hysterectomy and the Dr was shocked that I could even walk for the past 20yrs at the time it was done.
SO..YOU really should go to a good Gyno and let him/her know about this. I was on the Methadone for over 12yrs with 2 other meds and I did not have messed up my periods any more then they were. NOW on the other hand, be careful with the Dones and try your best to get off them if you can. Between all other opiates I got for female pain, the methadone was the hardest and longest intense w/d I have ever experienced. It also had to do with the mixture of all 3 meds that I c/t back in 2012. SO if YOU are ready to taper down and be off of them, then this is a great community that will support you all the way. Did you go one the Dones because of another addiction you had or for pain? Mine was prescribed for pain for almost 12 yrs until I did have the hysterectomy. By then I was real hooked and alot was do to the other drug I would snort with my dones. The benzo I took at night to come down off that wired up buzz I got was not a good idea to c/t and it could of caused me to have some seizures. Thank God I did not, but I ended up having a silent heart attack that I was very unaware of.. SO when you are ready, stick around and we will hold your hand all the way. We do push aftercare on here if one has become a Addict. I wish you the best and I would sure go talk with the Gyno Dr asap. Good Luck!
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