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Recovery & Pain Medications

Some people IN RECOVERY ACUSE me of relapse but I am taking my medications as prescribed by my VA Doctor who is aware that i have been in Recovery for over 2 years i started going to AA because they said that if I'm was on Methadone for pain that I could not serve on committees that I was on so I left NA I had not done any street drugs for 20 years so I really belong in AA i thought and When they found out that I had a Brain Tumor Surgery they would not sponsor me or hang out with me I still had my best friend living here then she moved in with her roommate a month ago I am alone now she was my only and best friend we were close until this guy she Isa living with started to control her he is really big and I have stayed out of their arguments she is in recovery and came to live here with less than a month sober and clean and she stayed sober here for over 8 moths she wanted to move back but their sponsor told her that she need ed to stay and work on her relationship with him i cant do anything its her life and she made her choice ti stay, It just is difficult when you have a good friend and then she is not there she says she is still my friend but she never comes over here just to get the rest of her stuff this week I am doing better but I still need a new female roommate and picking one is going to be difficult I want someone that wants to be friends not just a paying tenant that's all I got I forgot to tell you what I am On for  Pain I have Arthritis Osteoarthritis in my back and my hip they just finished 3 treatments for my hip injections and I have been up all night in pain. I go back on the 17th of April; to the VA Pain Clinic I am on Methadone 50Mg a day and perocat as needed 2 every 6 hours.

Frank Duffy
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Sounds like you've traveled a hard road. Hang in there. Lots of great people on this forum.
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hello and welcome...

i'm just a wee bit curious.  are you wanting to come off the pain pills?  i do not fully understand your post.

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The people are so supportive and compassionate on here...hopefully you would not feel like you were 'accused' of anything..  Perhaps that was just the phrase you used.  
I am often surprised at the doctors who prescribe an opiate to be taken with methadone, an opiate blocker.  
Sorry to hear about your room mate, that is a huge amount of support to lose.  This forum is a huge amount to gain.  The benefit from everyone here along with a change in life and a good vitamin regime and you can beat this.
Tomorrow is my last day at the methadone clinic...we have been anticipating this day for quiet some day.  Thus far we have been able to combat all wd.  The worst lies ahead, but so does the best.  That holds true for all of us.  Hang in there and post often!
Please look at my journal...it could help you.
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Does the doctor who perscribed you percocet know that your taking Methadone?

Are you taking Methadone to get off the narcotic pain pills?

Taking narcotics for  you is very dangerous my friend your an addict. Addicts don't
take there meds like perscribed they binge them.
Your post is a little scary but as Liz Lou can't figure out because she is not an addict
is that your simply acting as one.

Be careful mixing Methadone with narcotics many people overdose or go into Respiratory failure and quit breathing most of the time in their sleep.
In the office I work in where Methadone is given and one thing we worry about is when people mix with Xanax. Across the state where I live so many over doses it is a very sad state of affairs.
I only hope that our government will soon realize that we need federal funds for more drug education and also Detox and inpatient rehabs for desperate drug addicts with no insurance and no funds to get into treatment.
I went in front of Congress in my state last Thursday to put a face on recovery along with a gentleman who was asking for more money. I only hope that my testimony that it is possible to get to recovery for drug addicts and once again become postive citizens again and that they can contribute in society again if just given the chance!
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my comment above has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that i am not an addict.  my question comes from "reading" his post...his journal...and his post on the addiction social community forum.
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