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Recovery without aftercare

Hello everyone. Today is day 17 for me and it  was kindof a rough day. Did not want to use but was a bit more down than the passed several days. I expect this and know that I will have many down days and even more days when I crave and want to use again.  I came home from work and read some of the posts and alot was being said about NA and addiction specialists Don't get me wrong, I think  that this is the best advise and best chance for recovery. Myself and many people I've talked with are really in the closet with our addictions..noone knows. The company I work for owns my medical insurance. I really feel that I will be able to make it with the knowledge that Ive gained through previous relapses and info on addiction and this forum. I might be wrong but I got to try. Addicts in rehab , NA and seeing addiction specialists relapse many times also. I just felt kinda discouraged reading that a person cannot recover without more aftercare than this forum...Has anyone else been successful with just the forum?
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I'm with you Corey and hoping like heck that we can make it w/o aftercare.

This is a SMALL town and no one knows that I'm an addict.
Even the neighboring towns would be too close for comfort.

No one in my family even knows.
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i attended N/A for a few weeks and i think it is wonderful, unfortunately, i relapsed and was ashamed to return. soon after i found this forum and it has worked for me more than any meeting or couselling could, but that is only me. i finally realized to stay clean aftercare is so important and this site is here 24 hours a day, filled with people i can related to, so to answer your question, yes i do think you can be successful with just this forum, but i do suggest going to N/A meetings, they will help a lot.  the worst thing you can do if you want to get and stay clean, is to stay in the closet about it, it's important to be open and HONEST. i used to be ashamed, and in a way i still am, but i don't hide it no more. good luck to you
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p.s congrats on day 17 :)
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I have to agree with you Cory.  I am 20 days clean now, and believe by reading posts everynight is my aftercare.  

Being open with my wife about my issue and certain family, friends and even a co-worker has also helped.  Trying to hide everything was the worst ever.  Know I have the support and knowledge.  

And congrats to you and keep up the good work...

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I'm actually having a rough day myself. My ex-fiance contacted me about an hour ago by a text message. Hadn't heard anything from her since October when she left. I haven't even responded to the message - just can't deal with it at all. It's taken me this long to get even a little better from that ordeal. Just so confusing and so many emotions. When the craving got real bad I got in the car and just started driving - blaring the music and singing (more like yelling for me lol) along with the music.

So I'm sitting here now alone, just reading the forums when I came upon your post. It gives me inspiration to just deal with everything like you are doing. All I can say to answer your question is this forum has been a Godsend. I can't let anyone know either - so aftercare is pretty much out for me too. But we've both made a decision to stop hiding behind a drug, both gotten through the hardest part, and I think we'll both be fine as long as we keep our resolve up.
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I felt the same way and was very surprised that i did not know anyone in the NA group...later i began AA and have run into people I have known but it wasnt a big deal for some reason...but i feel the forum is very important for my aftercare...more so than my AA group
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