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Some people may remember me, its Liscamdave. Had to change my name cause I can't remember any of my old info. Hope all are well. I have been a member here for like 6 yrs and haven't been on in a while. I relapsed recently, with methadone. My life has literally fallen apart. I was in rehab for the first time in March. Was only there for 2 weeks because I found out I was pregnant about a week into treatment. They tested me when I got there but the results didn't come back until 7 days into treatment. I was already out of detox. So I chose to stay clean and not get back on anything. They wanted to put me back on methadone which is what they used to wean me off the oxy contin. Long story short, I slipped in the shower and had to go to the hospital on my 14th day of treatment. I was bleeding and cramping and the hospital believed I could be miscarrying. They suggested bedrest for a week. The rehab medically discharged me at that point. I was in no way ready to leave. I needed to be there and needed the help, badly.

I had lost almost everything when I entered that rehab and to leave early was the wrong choice. I eventually relapsed again about a month ago. This time to methadone. I am scared, have been thrown out of my home and am losing both my girls. Pregant, no home and need to get back into treatment asap. My question is, does anyone know what the process would be being as I am pregnant? I have state insurance and it paid for my last treatment, but the places aren't that great. I am assuming I am going to be there for a while. Are there rehabs that you can go to if you have no insurance? Does anyone know of any really good ones? I am preferably looking to go somewhere far, like florida. I need to get away from here and get my life back.

Also, does anyone know if they are going to make me stay on some sort of substance till the baby is born? Will they take her from me too?

Scared and need help....

Thanks guys.

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hey there hun,
first i contacted med help so hopefully they can get you back into your account .I am sorry about how things have gone .I would try looking into everything available .Have you tried going into the emergency room ?I would see if there is a state program .Is there a Untied way in your area or a salvation army also mental health centers in your town .Are you still using and how much . I know you know not to try to taper off on your own .You can PM me anytime ....You can get help and get your life back. I know this is not what you want out of life ...
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Thank you so much, they got me back into my old accnt. thank god. I know not to detox now. I am so mad at myself. I seriously have lost everything. I mean it when i say that, I have lost everything. I have nothing. I have no home, my kids are being taken from me. Its sick. I can't believe I got myself back here. I just can't. It came back guns blazing, I swear. I am living at my little brothers house right now. I am trying to get in somewhere. the last place was really bad and it was one of the only ones my insurance paid for and had an open bed. I just dont know if I can go through that again, pregnant. I think they are going to make me stay on methadone and I don't want to.
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I am gald they got your account and they were speedy .I think you are right most places are going to want to keep you on it threw pregancy,I would stress to them that you are addicted to it so that would be like keeping you on your DOC.How much are you taking ?Do you want to go off all together or do you want to try sub again .Do you think you could handle an out peanit program or do you feel you must do inpatient ?
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Well, when I went to the rehab a few months ago, I was what I felt to be my rock bottom. I was thrown out of my house and had no where to go. I wanted the treatment and help. I had no clue I was prego when I got there. Once I found out, I was happy and more motivated to quit. So being as I was done my detox when they found out about the baby, I wanted to stay clean but being forced to leave treatment only 14days in I was bound to fail. I wasn't ready to come home. I left a poop storm when I left. Once I recently relapsed this time, I sank to new lows. Now no one trusts me or wants to help me. I have no where to live now. i am crashing at my lil brothers who said I can stay here but I can't when the baby is born. I am so scared. I want to be off these pills and not put the baby through this. I don't know what to do to be honest. I want help, that's all Iknow. And it has to be professional help. If they can put me on subutex if that is better or safer, I'd rather do that to. I just don't know how to go about this. I just got in touch with another treatment center. I just feel like going into treatment to be kept on my current DOC is crazy?? How will I get better?? I don't want to wait until the baby is born to w.d? How will I take care of her and w.d at the same time??
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Hi Lisa,

I was here back in 2007 before you even had your second daughter, I just go by a different name now.  I had actually been thinking about you recently because I am pregnant, almost 12 weeks now and it was not planned and I've been on Suboxone for over 450 days now due to a horrible addiction.  My doctor took me of the Sub when we found out and said either Subutex or Methadone was my choice but he advised me to go with the Subutex as he said it's safer, and were gonna wean down quickly now.  But my point is with this, is I would find a doctor or treatment center that is going to agree to put you on Subutex, as Methadone is your DOC, and wean you off.  I can't understand how a program or State can make you stay on something all throughout your pregnancy, and choose not to wean you.  I just googled Drug Treatment Centers for Pregnant Women and it came up with a lot of different centers, I guess I'd start at the top, or Florida, and start calling them, one after the other.  I know this isn't probably very helpful to you but I just wanted to show some support and wish you the best :)
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Hi there.  I am sorry to hear about all that has happened to you.  Addiction robs of us everything and you know this first hand.  You are in a tough spot right now but there is help out there.  I would do like NewLife said, start calling every number you can find.  Dont give up hope Lisa, you can get your life back.     sara
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never give up hope Lisa, God is with you and your children! what does your OB think about all of this? i would also google *christian rehabs*, they won't turn you away and some are actually for pregnant women. i think that's your best bet right now.

i'm soo sorry for all that you've been through because i remember you from yrs. before and i know you've lost so much from addiction! i know God wants better for you and your babies so Pray...Pray for the help you need...Pray that He will deliver you from this awful disease of addiction...and Pray for the strength you'll need to get through this! He will deliver lisa, just have Faith. God Bless you.

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