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Relapse Day Two Again

Ok well I ended up home from work yesterday and really slept most of the day. I was in and out all evening and then of course I've been waking up every hour since midnight drenched in sweat. Is it acceptable to not do much during this time period? I'm not thinking I can make it to work. Probably another day of rest. On day two is that bad? This time I'm completely in acute withdrawals which I haven't really been in years. Runny nose. Sweats, cold. Is it going to make it worse to just rest for today again?
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Just so u know...i took a leave of abscence from work and missed roughly 35 days! I think its very hard to pull off a full and complete detox while going to work. Not to say it cant be done, b/c some people on this site have done it...and those people get my utmost respect. Me personally, there was no way i was going to work like that! Its friday, stay home, u have now 3 full days to rest and get yourself together, take advantage of it and do it!
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Ugh I'm so ready to get this over with. I feel like I can't handle anything. I need a bath at some point today but I'm so sweaty and cold it will take a miracle to get in there. Taking my kiddos to school soon and even that is stressing me out. Trying to get back in the one moment at a time and deal with things as they come frame of mind but it's not easy at all. I think yesterday evening was a full 24 hours for me....I took that oxy 80 early Wed and my metabolism is very high so I was feeling like crud by Wed night. I'm hoping this is the peak of things and I just need a lot of prayers to make it through the day you guys. I have to get my kids after school and look somewhat normal for my mom to come get them this evening. Luckily? I have some huge tests coming up so mom is taking them on the weekends right now but I do have to get some studying in.
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I drive alternating days carpool and did while i was detoxing and i hear ya! I didnt want to, but had no choice! Lol, i can remember pulling up in my driveway afterwards and getting stuck in my car cause i just didnt have it in me to get out. My husband would have to come and get me, lol, which if u knew me...thats not me! Bring the kids, go home and immediatly get in to an epsom salt bath. Soak as long as u want!!!! U probably dont want to but see if u can get some food down and plant your butt on the sofa! The house wont die, errands wont die and once u get back on your feet, this part will be done. Dont expect to be able to do all the things u were doing before, b/c what we were pulling off was not real! Its not normal to be able to work, raise kids, keep spotless house, be wonder wives, PTA board members, blah, blah, blah! Something always suffers, and its usually US!
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Thanks for saying that. I'm laying here saying out loud; "somebody please remind I'm not going to feel this way forever". Right now it feels like it. Some mornings it takes me 2 hours to get ready & to a meeting. I'm blessed I don't have to do anything. However my husband keeps looking like; are you going to cook, do laundry, make a bed. NO I'm not, I can barely move BUT soon I'm going to be whole again.
Just for today keep you eye on the prize. Life, choose life...
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Moyte that is funny....that's me right now exactly. I needed that laugh and to know I'm not alone. The kids are at school...all in one piece and I made it home without ending up in a nice "hug yourself" jacket so that's the best that can be expected for now. I'm all on my own with my kids but luckily if u can fake it til I make it through this afternoon they will be safe at their grandparents. Then I will be on day four plus when they get home which with how this time of detox seems to be going...I think I will be over the physical part and into the mind games. Wooohooooo. Lol. Can't help but hear those commercials on the car radio about insurance and laser hair removal and WISH I had "normal people problems"!!
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Ejm I feel your pain on the housework! Luckily with two middle schoolers they can trash a room in give minutes so even though the normal me is a clean freak and plan everything ten times kind of person....at this moment when someone comes over I just shrug my shoulders and say "It was clean. Kids!" Lol. Not true but it works for now.
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