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Remembering where we all came from

Something I have noticed on the forum lately.Many posts and not so supportive comments about aftercare. I'm not being non supportive of aftercare. I am trying everything to stay clean. Some get clean the first time and find the right aftercare and by golly it works. That is great for that person. Reality is it is not so easy for the still searching recovering addict. Some of us need to search harder, try harder. People who go to NA 10x a day relapse constantly. Addicts have been to detox 3-4 times and relapse. This is the majority of addicts. Don't let anyone try to stick you in a treatment that isn't working. There are square pegs and round ones many places will try to fit you like as a square peg in their program that only has round holes. Everyones addictions have different roots and although we basicly go through the same process our treatment should be adapted to us....not us to them. Some members are acting like reformed smokers on here and are no longer supportive, compassionate but more critical and judgemental. Remember your roots and encourage and support. They got aftercare that worked for them and therefore don't remember or never went through the same trials we have. The most important thing you can do is use every avenue you have, If you relapse keep trying, try something different until you find what helps you. You most likely won't succeed if you try to go it alone. As addicts we should never be critical of other addicts. No addict in recovery is less an addict than those of us still in the battlefield. Be kind and show compassion:o)) Best of luch to all on the road to recovery.
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Well put corey.. ( wabbawabba :) after over 4 decades of addiction I will never forget where I came from.. I have lost my health a child and much more behind my addictions. I was forced into drug rehabilitation when I was young forced to go to meetings.. I now have a aversion to this process but congratulate any and all that find a nitch that they feel comfortable in and can grow.. a psychiatrist was my biggest help and this sight.. We are all so different with so many different experiences... not a one size fits all problem.. I'm very glad you are searching as when we stop is when we are in deep trouble.. I send my love.. lesa
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Corey yup not every recovery works for everyone its finding out what  fits you the best for me in was one on one I am not bad mouthing anything else it just gives me what I need .....:)
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I think that post should be brought up everyonce and a while. Everything you  said is so true. Keep posting, you have great advice for anyone on here. Good Luck!
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I understand completely about some people being critical and non supportive.  If it helps at all it is not just the addiction forum that it happens on.  I have had people be rude, basically calling me a liar and show no compassion.  I have not posted in the addiction forum but in other ones.  You may also find some cliques where certain forums have groups of people that answer all their posts but will ignore others.  I currently am involved in the Christian forums which are more supportive then most.  I hope you will find the support you need and are able to let go of the criticism and rude remarks.  I will keep you in my prayers and remember 1 day at a time.
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Great post!
I know that some might feel my problem with the muscle relaxers is/was minor because I was only on the meds 2 1/2 months but a problem is a problem. I don't have physical cravings now but I do have the mental ones on occasion and I must say people were very supportive when I started posting. :) This is a great forum and I'm finding it to be a great source of support.
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Very well said.  I sure hope Im not being too critical of people here.  I try not to be.  I know I am no better or worse than anyone else.  We are all God's children and alike in his eyes.  That's the way I've always tried to treat people.  And it's true, the best thing we can do for people is give them our support and encouragement, and tell them what we have been through and what we did about it.  I try to help.  That's all I can do.  I also am trying to do anything and everything to stay clean.  Right now, that means being away from everyone I know :( and love.  Besides the man I live with.  He is clean alongside me, but everyone I love is an addict, but I cannot be around them right now.  I feel strong in my mind and convictions, but as an addict, it's what I need to do right now this minute.
So, good post Corey.  Stay strong, I am trying :)
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Nice post corey, I sincerely commend you on your comments. I know an area of addiction that I do like to share and will never let go is the pain, anguish and the agony. Empathy will never leave, and you are right. I do not even have the fingers on both hands to tell you the times that I have fallen down. Our disease reminds us daily or hourly as to how terrible it is, but all we can do is try and reach out. Give a little bit of what  we went through and how we to abstain from it. Well said corey, god bless, mike in nc
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Great sharing! I agree Corey. The most important information we share here is what worked. In helping others, the best we can do is share our personal story; what we were like when we used, exactly what we personally did about it, and finally, if what we did actually worked for us.
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well said corey....everyone is different.....i guess i m lucky....i haven t relapsed but temptation is still there and probably will be forever....all we can do is offer compassion and give it our best to help others.  i try to treat others as i have been treated....as for aftercare...i have nothing but med help and it works for me....i ve been blessed with the best friends possible who have helped me through-out my struggle...they have seen me hit rock bottom and with their help i m back on top again...but everyone isn t this lucky..so what ever works for a person...that s for them...just my thought...i wish the best for everyone and wish i could save the world from this epidemic but i know i can t....only tell what i went through and how i got out....thanks for sharing....maria
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Nicely said,Corey.  Geez...I hope I'm compassionate...I know I FEEL that way. So,if you ever catch me being otherwise...just slap me!!

I have noticed some snippy comments but I attribute that to whatever that particular
member is going through that we don't know about...

My best to you on your journey...you'll do it!!

Love~~ Vicki
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Great post Corey!
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