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Restlessness Day 7

Ok so today is day 7, actually day 7 and 1/2, why do I feel so restless again?  I woke up feeling shaky and I really hate this feeling.  I also feel really weak.  Am I eventually going to have 1 day of relief so that I can feel like I can actually survive this roller coaster??
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I'm on day 8 and feel the same way. Yet each day I do feel better and have a litle more energy. I have started to excercise again so with hope I will gain more energy. Are you taking any sups to help?
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everyday will get better.  what you are feeling is very normal. i think we get anxious before we get our energy back.  i couldn t wait for that day and it does come but everyone is different...just hang in there and stay strong...maria
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Are you taking any vitamins or aminos?  They are very helpful!!  Exercising is too.  I am on Day 20 today, and it took about 12 days before my heart stopped feeling like it was going to beat out of my chest, just from standing up, and I had enough enrgy to do anything besides lay onthe couch when I got home from work.  But, here is the good news.  IT DOES GET BETTER!!!  And you are halfway there!!  I feel GREAT today and I am so glad that I toguhed out the hard parts early on.  You are doing SO awesome, already having come 7 and 8 days.  Stick with it and you will be so glad you did.

Keep posting and keep staying strong...you can beat this!!
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Keep the faith, your body will return to normal.  The pills cause you to feel jacked up, your system has to go back to normal.  Don't drink a lot of coffee while trying to get well from this.  I know from experience.  Something for calmness wouldn't be amiss such as Trazadone.
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