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Revia VS. Suboxone

I'd like to know the pros and cons of each, and how sick will I get if I take opiates?
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What are your goals?
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I want to wake up NOT zeroed in on where/how I'm gonna get hooked up every day.
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Hey Shea  you cant fix what your tring to fix with a pill ...the only thing I know that works is aftercare both N/A and A/A offer 12 step programs that work if you work them
it is the very way an addict thinks that needs to change to get well and not want to go out and score everyday....if it where only as simple as a pill I wouldn't be working with hundreds of people a month it takes work to stay clean and only a very few can do it alone the sutictic
shows that less then 10% of the people will make it one yr clean without aftercare
I know being an addict sound like a raw deal...it is but you can live in recovery and life can be a beautiful place again...stick around the forum for a wile you'll learn a lot here I know I have and always will........Gnarly  
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Thanks for your encouragement, feeling pretty helpless/hopeless  
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HEY we all came here helpless and hopeless if your strung out on something let us know we can help we help hundreds of people a month we can help you....you dont have to live with this burden I did for 16 1/2 yrs dont do what I did and run from it   we can detox you in a few days if your hooked on opiates the aftercare is up to you but you can google N/A meeting in your area it worked for me just dont give up one your self your woth fighting for and I will help you if you let me.....Gnarly
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Hi shea,

Both medications you are looking into work quite differently from the other.  While they both have their Pro's and Cons, neither one will permanantly take away that desire to use. That can only be achieved by working on YOU!

I have been on both medications. Revia, early in my addiction, and only for about 30 days. My experience with suboxone was a bit more, as I was on that for a little over two years.

This post may turn out to be quite long, but try to bear with me.

SUBOXONE-  Suboxone can be a great lifesaving tool, when used and prescribed appropriately.  This usually means: Developing a close relationship with your sub provider, staying on the lowest dose that minmizes cravings, but high enough to keep withdrawals at bay, and using suboxone combined with some sort of behavioral/psychological therapy.

Suboxone will halt your withdrawals in their tracks and keep them there.  With daily use, it will also decrease your cravings to almost minimal levels.  This effect is two fold.  It gives you a break from the constant searching and deceiving that we as addicts do so well...  When we get this "Break" its our chance to focus on getting better.  When we use this time to learn about ourselves, our actions, hold ourselves accountable, make ammends, and all that good stuff, the medication in effect "Works" better for lack of better words.  It all has to do with neuro plasticity, and how the human brain adapts.  Suboxone will also have a blockade effect on an opiates not natural to your body. This serves as a second line of defense in your attempt to get clean.  Trying to use opiates while on Sub just wont work.

With suboxone, you have two options: Use it as a tool in your recovery for an undertermined amount of time as you fix the things in your life that need fixing.  Or, you maintain on suboxone for an indefinite amount of time.  Only you can be the one that answers what is right for you in that regard.

The downfalls of suboxone:  Its hard to find a doc that can prescribe sub that has immediate openings. Most clinics have a waiting list that can be as far out as 6 months.  If you dont happen to have insurance, suboxone can be very expensive. Between the cost of the meds, and the doc appts themselves, suboxone treatment can run in the upwards of $800 a month.  Another thing about sub, is you will still have a detox and withdrawal period.  For suboxone, this usually lasts for about 2 weeks, with lingering symptoms for another 2.  I knew this going into sub treatment, and for me personally, the time I got to work on myself was well worth the 30 days of discomfort I felt while detoxing.

REVIA: Revia simply works by blocking opiate mu receptors in the brain, which means one thing.... you wont get high if you use opiates. Much like the blockade effect of suboxone.  Revia can be prescribed by any doctor, and is relatively inexpensive.  Its a daily tablet that like suboxone requires compliance. Another similarity to suboxone is that in order to take revia, you must first go through a detox of whatever opiate you are on to avoid inducing precipitated wd's.

The downfalls to Revia are:  It will do NOTHING to reduce your cravings.. if you arent ready for that mental battle, revia isnt going to help you much.  Revia requires a lot of support to be effective, as it requires daily compliance. With suboxone, if you stop taking your dose, you feel mild withdrawal and remember to take your sub.  If you dont take revia, you feel nothing. Go a day or two without taking it, and its effect on your receptors wears off, and you are capable of getting high again.  This is a tricky place for an addict to be in early on in recovery.  Also, revia has an effect on your liver... as most of us addicts have had high liver enzymes due to pill use, most prescribers will require monthly or bi-monthly liver enzyme blood tests to ensure no further damage is being done.

Both of these options can be good ones, but like I said earlier... they are just tools to help you along.  This battle isnt won until you take a good hard look at yourself, and get the right help to learn how and why you do the things that you do, and how to overcome the challenges that life throws at you while sober.

Hope this helps.
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