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Rigs and AiDs?

What are the chances of me being exposed to AIDs or HIV from using heroin IV? I'm going to a Free Health Clinic soon? I hope... I want to get tested to be safe. Ive done Heroin a handful of times since December of 09. Ive never shared a needle, and have always taken the necessary pre cautions.
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here is the link for the HIV forum  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV-Prevention/show/79
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There is an HIV forum here on MH. They have knowledgeable ppl there who maybe able to help you. I agree with vikki STOP before you can't stop.
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Your chances will be zero if you don't use IV heroin at all and practice other safety measures.     You are 17 yrs old. Please stop this now!  You will have a lot less to worry about!    
Get yourself tested and move ahead to a drug free life.
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