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Roll Call-Congrats everyone

It seems there are a lot of relapses lately and people struggling. I hope you keep fighting and know how much better life is without drugs. It's time to brag about our clean time. I am 72 days clean from my last coke relapse and the guilt is gone:) I have learned something from each relapse and all I can do is move forward. The longer you stay down, the harder it is to get back up.  Congrats to everyone, even if your a day clean that is a start. WE CAN DO THIS, one day at a time.

P.S. What is your biggest trigger? I have a few, but I think hanging around those that use and going out to bars is one of the biggest no no's for an addict. Some people still think they are strong enough to do that and I don't get it. Keep working it everyone, we have come a long way:)
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164 Days! Hell Yeah! I just checked my post from a few days ago and am happy to read that my words are encouraging.
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1 year 10 months :) Biggest trigger.. Boredom.. Have a good few days Giz and You be good ! I'm always good :) hugs lesa
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9 days biggest trigger is stress!!  
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134 days and counting.  But I still crave terribly.  Triggers for me are most anything.  I wanted to use when depressed and when happy.  When I cook, which I love to do and have to for my family I crave as well.  I do have aftercare now, which I didn't before and relapsed with over 600 days....She said I could crave for the rest of my life and I'd have to "learn" to get through it or not....my decision.  Today I choose to try to get through it.

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I made it a couple more hours and actually wasn't as bad as this morning. I keep busy or rather try to. When I find myself on my butt I acutally say out loud "get up get busy!!"
I want two 7.5 vicoden really bad right now. I would settle for one. omg I can't believe I said that. By tomorrow morning I should feel better by having none! This is the longest I ever went almost 3 1/2 days in 3 years. I am not a drinker so thats out..Thanks for the encouragement to everyone. I enjoy reading your words of wisdom and feel like I sort of know I am not alone anymore.
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I fell off the wagon at day 28, although I didn't take near what I used to.  I am working on a taper at this stage.  What triggered it: the oppressive fatigue from the withdrawal.  I don't crave the meds emotionally; it is the killer fatigue that is almost unbearable.  One hydro in the morning will generally get me to a point where I can at least get myself upright.  I want very much to get upright without anything chemical!   I hope I can make it happen - I have a child and spouse and need to find a job.

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4 days today and counting. I thank the LORD I am not craving right now. I think when I do I go back to the first day I got off these stupid pills and say no way I am not going through this again! This sux! My trigger is stress and I love to decorate and feel I need the energy to do this. I have been on Lora tabs for 3 years now and I can honestly say I am done! I can smell it coming out of my body! It is so disgusting and I can not wait until the day I wake up and know that it is all out of my system. Does anyone have an idea of how much longer I will have the sweats? I need to go back to work tomorrow and a little nervous about it. I just don't want to smell! No showers at work! lol...
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Congratulations on 72 days!!
138 days and feeling really good.
Certain people in my day to day life are the triggers I face......realizing that I will have to wait it out until they decide to help themselves....until then, I have to help me!

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Hey Gizzy congrats on your clean time and learning from your relapse...for me its 302 days clean from methadone and the pills 5yrs 4mo from alcohol and weed and the other recreational stuff...my bigest triggers are back pain and seeing a bottle of pills sitting there
or seeing liquer bottles...the brown colored liquid still makes my mouth water my fix is to avoid putting myself in those situations.......Gnarly  
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Hey Gizzy,because you were there when I needed support due to cravings I am 355 days clean of alcohol and codeine.

My biggest trigger,the longer I'm clean the harder it is to believe I had a problem,my reasoning tells me I can be a social drinker,Big NO-NO.

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Congrats Gizzy! Great post too:)

Well, I'm at 2 weeks tomorrow and it's been years since I could say that and it's due in large part to the support I found here. Next goal, one month. And I am really truly excited to be able to say that:)

Triggers are a many....bars/old using friends for sure, but I have found I have no issues avoiding those since my last few relapses...STRESS, huge. Also, the ultimate one, is my health and being lethargic and feeling like crap and thinking I need it to get daily stuff done that needs to get done. That's the big one for me these days...

But, the fear of having to start from day one all over again, knowing it's completely out of my system is helping as is the hole in my nose and the ever living fear of GOD Vicki put into my head about active holes and brain infections! LOL! Love this place man, I really do:)
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Congrats.........as per usual, I had to get another surgery...ended back on the opiates am now about 48 hours into a self imposed CT spell....I'm sure the neurosurgeon would SCREAM if he knew I went off the pile of pills he is giving me..........I feel like Heck.....Teh creepy crawlies are litterally more than I can handle............I'm SO ready to give up..........

your old pal
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Congrats on the 72 days Gizzy - Denise - 355 days!  Way to go, nearly one year!

I am 438 days free of opiates!
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You all are remarkable people! I hope to one day post my clean time on here. That is after i get off the subs. But congrats to you all!!!!!!!!
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Thanks to my higher power, AA/NA, and my supporting friends and family I have 470 days clean of all mind altering substances. It works if you work it!

I don't have triggers or cravings anymore if I stay in conscious contact with my higher power and stay spiritually fit. Thank God!
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Congrats to everyone! All we need to do is get to bed without using tonight.
Stay clean just for today: Tomorrow will never happen, because when we wake up, it will be today again  :-)

8 days without AMBIEN!
Getting past Ambien is HUGE for me.

183 days clean from Opiates

10,211 days without a drink, via AA.

Gizzy, the biggest trigger for me in my entire sober life has been Ambien withdrawal. I actually though of blowing my years of alcohol sobriety a few times during WDs. Before blowing out my back and getting on opiates 2 years ago, missing AA meetings and working too much would cause me to forget how horrible alcohol was for me. I'd start to remember only the good times I had when drinking, and start to think of a drink/drug. I know If left alone long enough, my "brain without meetings" would manufacture a drink and a drug chaser for sure.
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41 years off sniffing glue.
415 days off drugs and alcohol
9 months off tobacco  
Had close in counter last night being around old acquaintances being offered cocaine
The only defense was my spiritual condition,  Where did I hear that before? This recovery stuff really works. and I have to stay away from that first one  and I learned that I don't want to be tempted with that crowd any more. Trigger: free alcohol & drugs  
I don't want to pay the price even if its free
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28 Days off Methadone and pills.......out of all the posts so far, I found rue10's words to be the most critical to where I am right now.  Not craving necessarily, but wondering how things will be further down the road once I get my groove back.  This whole ordeal has shaken me up like nothing before.  I have overcome alcohol and cocaine addictions previously (not to belittle those, they were difficult also)
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840 days clean and a new granddaughter who is 1 day old!!!  Life is good~~~~sara
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It's been a super long day, and I am embarrassed to say I had to look at my tracker just now!

164 days, and Lord willing, I'll make 165! : )

Great job everybody!
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6 weeks from a rediculous 25-10's a day, quit cold turkey, my biggest trigger is boredom and my mind not wanting to do anything unless I took a pill, still trying to get through that part, I am around pills and other drugs all day, everyday, I am offered pills constantly from my co-workers, they are just messing with me but I just tell myself that they want me to fail cuz they cant "quit" like I did, I am really proud of that, great job everyone and I would also like to say that I wouldnt have been able to do it without this forum, thanks again
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Congratulations Gizzy and Everyone Else!!!!  Way to go my friends!!!!!

I'm on day 19 today.  Thinking of pills left and very very thankful for that.  All the best!!!!

Congratulations DominoSarah!!!!  She sounds beautiful!!

People, I seriously believe we can do this!
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385 from rock,meth,and booze ,grateful for everysingle minute, hurt ,pain,fear, if I wasnt clean I would be able to feel those only for breif moments, they were my all in all ,now on the other side of the coin, I feel peace ,gratitude ,joy......thank you god and na ,aa

Hugs to you Gizzy ,love how you just got right back up ,it takes alot of courage!!!!
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695 days today (hydrs)..

my biggest trigger is "having fun", the last big craving of my doc was on December ( i knock on wood) ...cravings for cigs since 1st of july, for a joint last month too that was when i smoked again after quitting smoking for some days, very few days, 4, i have to say. :(

Congrats to all of us, it doesn't matter if its 1 day or 1000.....today we are all here and clean..good luck to all of us !!! :)
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