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Roll Call and..........

I know it hasn't been that long since we had a roll call, but here is another one anyway. This time of year can be stressful with a lot of triggers, so lets all stay clean together, one day at a time. I am almost back to 2 months clean again. Brag away everyone and happy holidays.

P.S. What is one gift you want from Santa this year? If anyone says drugs, I will beat your ***, lol.

Congrats to all!
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Hey Gizzy Congrats on those 2 months !! :)
I now have 2 years 2 months and 18 days.. ( I can not count that high in numbers lol ) Now if Santa could give me a New Back I would be satisfied !! a bit of a grumpy lesa
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12 & 1/2 days here :)
I like these roll calls last time I could not post anything but I knew the next one you did I would
be on it. This time around is going very slow and my body is not recouping as fast as I would like but even so it's good to be almost at 13 :)
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Oh and I would like a new job and for my damn fever to finally go away. Since we are asking and all :)
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Hey Giz, Congrats on your time and you just plugging along. That's how we do it.

3 years here or my ticker says 1201 days, how ever much that is.

I need some teeth---OUCH!! So if anyone can spare some or put a word in with Santa, it would be much appreciated!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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Its been 43 hours and 8 min....determent but hating ever second!

What I would like for Christmas is for all of you to come to my house RIGHT NOW and talk me trough this :->
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147 days.  Gift?  Lifetime of sobriety.
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Remember being a kid and asking Santa for toys? Now we are asking for a new back, new teeth and a new job, LOL. Ya'll are getting old:)
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congrats to every1 on ur clean time...

congrats chris to ur 2 months...

im at 22 days ..

the only thing i wanted more then anything this year was to experience christmas sober..i havent done that in years..Oh and tickets to the super bowl when my steelers go, maybe a camero or a 4 door jeep wrangeler ( a white one with white rims )...and maybe a trip to hawaii to warm up..ne1 feel free to get me ne of those..ty.. : )..lol

merry christmas every1...and have a safe and sober new years.....Angie ♥
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lol @ gizzy....
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Hi Gizzy!

247 Days...( I had to check my tracker again! )

What do I want from Santa??   I honestly can't think of anything...Nothing can top being sober. Absolutely nothing. And I've got that...

Love and Happy Holidays to all !!!
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24 days today. cant think of anything i want. just glad to be clean and sober.
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YAY for everyone!!

21 days for me.....YAHOOOOOOO!  Life is going really well and I must say I am happier than I can ever remember!  

Santa please bring me a some diamond earrings!!!
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Congrats gizzy on your almost 2 months clean time. I am very happy to say I am 51 days clean today, and never could have done it, if not for this group.

I feel so much better been really busy living life drug free and I just take it one day at a time, and getting lot's of support........that's the key.

Also have lots of faith in God and I know he will see me through.

Encouraging all who are going through WD's and I  know you feel like you are going to die, but believe me there is a new day without drugs and it's FANTASTIC!!

Hang in there everyone and keep up the good work.
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Congrats on two months Chris!!!

I'm at 139 days and it's my first sober holiday and that is all I want from Santa:)

Feeling pretty blessed....
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Chris congrats on  2 months.  I am 61 days clean and just looking around me and realizing what a great job I did to stay clean through so many personal issues.

so glad to have found everyone here and being able to understand alot more about addiction and actually until August this year I never thought I was an addict.  Lying to myself for so many years that I did not have a problem and that I got the flu so often and as soon as I was high I felt better.
Understanding one day or minute at a time.  there being no other options and attitude.  this journey has helped me cope with life.

All I want from santa is a job and also for the NE patriots to win another super bowl.

Happy Holidays to all
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Congrats on 2 months Gizzy!!

113 days for me, living the good life.

Since we are asking Santa, I wouldn't mind a new BMW M5. Hey you said ask. Lol.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, safe and sober. Andrew
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I'm over a year!!   Congrats to everyone!  One day, 8 days, 147 days...doesn't matter.  If you're here and you're clean today then THAT is what matters.  Make everyday a "i'm clean today" milestone.

Merry Christmas everyone!!
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Congrats everyone on their clean time.  4yrs 2months 20 yesterdays and today.  Do I have to choose between a new back and an ice auger?  Leaning towards the auger.  LOL!!
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Merry Christmas everyone and Congrats on the clean time.  
43 days for me and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.   Wooooohooooo!
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71 days
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it is really nice to see all this clean time. you know, you have to really want it to achieve it.
i have a family member that is in a halfway house and has been clean 90 days but i really dont think he gets it. i think he will get out and start all over again. You have to really get it and realize what your life has become because of drugs.
this time i do get it and want this more than anything.

once again i am happy to be clean 24 days. i am sick as heck but i am getting up and going to a meeting tonight.
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313 days!!  So excited, this will be my first Christmas sober.  Best present a girl could ask for!  =)
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Christmas day will make 700 days off opiates.  That is the best gift I could imagine.  However, if anyone gets an extra back for Christmas in an Extra Large, I'll take it off their hands.  It will also make 590 days off of cigarettes.  My lungs say thank you.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
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21 days today!!! And 22 for my husband!!

What I wish for Christmas is for my husband to get a supervising position in the construction industry so that he can give his back a rest and that will help him stay clean!! He's been out of work for a few weeks now and his back has been doing great. I dont mind being poor if I know he is comfortable and able to walk without a limp!! He's to young only 32!! And I also want for my children to never ever have to deal with all this stuff in their life, may they never touch a cigarette or a beer or a pill in their whole life, I hope I can give them the tools to not feel like they need to escape from life but to learn to savor every moment of it for it is to short to live in blurry!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!!

This is one year I am so ready to be done with and move ahead to 2011
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