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Roll Call-lets hear that clean time:)

I am sorry I have not been on lately:( I have had so so so much going on. I am 259 days clean from coke, but unfortunately I have been drinking way to much lately. STUPID ADDICT! Someone very close to me overdosed recently and it's hard to cope with. I just want to hear about your clean time, it's always positive to read:). Hope some of you remember me, lol. Big hugs to everyone and keep fighting the fight.
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keep strong...

90 days :)
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I have 386 days from crack and booze,and 28days from smoking and about since Jan for coffee. Feeling better everyday day. Good job gizzy.
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Hey Gizzy, So good to see roll call again. I'm 290 days clean from a 10-12 hydro a day habit of about 6 years.

So many new members here. I wish all of you congratulations and luck in your recovery. Stay strong, get as much help as is available to you and keep posting.

This is a long ride and far from easy but you can do it if your ready and willing to do what it takes...whatever it takes:o)

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OK 295 days clean lol.
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253 days from methadone, 183 from alcohol...
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Only double digits here!!! 28 days free of oxa.
Hang in there Gizz.........
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32 days and no problems! I guess smoking is next!

Renember a pill, a snort, a drink, may make our problems go away..but they will still be there when we sober up! We will just have another problem..addiction.
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17 days off oxycontin over, 3 months off etoh -  thanks to much of the support and information i've found on in this forum (along w/lots of other hard work too)
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Had a small relapse last week for 2 days but I am back on track!

I was wondering about you gizzy. Havent seen a post from you in a while so I was concerned. Glad to hear you are still clean..stay strong.

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been wondering about you buddy! dont let yourself get tangled up and trip.
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448 days and standing strong.........

Congrats to everyone else on their clean time!!!!!          
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CONGRATS to everyone!  

322 Days here!  WOOHOO!!!!
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Congrats to everyone on this roll call. My goal is to make it on one of these roll calls one day. Way to go everyone, you are all so helpful and caring people. Thank you!!
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I'm so corny, but I'm super excited that I get to participate in role-call FINALLY!

At 12:00pm today, I became 15 days sober.

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Gizzy's back !!!!!!!!!!  Glad you're back,  sorry you have been having issues in your life too.  Sometimes we gotta stop and TCOB  right?!!

Ella is still crazy after all these years. :)

LORTAB FREE SINCE FEBRUARY 16TH,  2009    4 MOS. 5 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 days off Norco's thanks to this page i read it every morning at work and it makes me a little stronger each day..

Thank you.
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wut up G!? betcha suprised to hear my grill on this roll call!! im up over 480 or somethin.
being sober this long is great, but i still know that im only 1 hit away from bein on a roll again.... once an addict!!! but the fight does get easier , and life tends to lean your way when your sober enough to make it wut ya want.
witout this site, and the people on it like you, i neva woulda made it past a month, let alone this long. took a break here for a minute, but came back to see if ne one else needs the help i needed! oh and btw, quit drinkin so hard bro, its crazy bad on ya liver!!
no need to fuzzy up ya brain wit whiskey all the time, ya know thats a road ya dont wanna go down.... ya just have to turn around n *** back when it gets outta control too!! much love bro...
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19 months here :)  Congrats to everyone.
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203 days from oxys,percs...whatever i could get!
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192 days from hydrocodone! LOVE IT!!!!
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383 sweet days.....no opiates...congrats to everyone....maria :)
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600 days from Vics! Much longer from alcohol.

Gizzy, hang in there. I think there is more pull from alcohol than from Vics.
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180 Since Oxy
150 Since Sub
38 Since Smokes

Me too Gizzy,  Whiskey Intake up ALOT.
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WOW! Newmanagement, so good to see you on hear again and congrats on all that clean time bro, so proud of you! GTMI, nice to see you pop in here, your always missed by everyone! Guv, lay off the whiskey, booze just starts to make ya feel tired and sick after awhile, trust me.

Congrats to everyone, it's always great to read the success stories. Keep fighting the fight everyone, ya'll rock!!!
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