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Roll Call time!!

Sorry Giz,beating you to the punch again with it but I'm so proud of what I've been reading I wanted to hear all the success stories,even if it';s 3 days sober!!!It's day 185 for me and I feel good.It can be done and we're all here to support each other.I notice a TON of questions about how long w/d will last--generally 3-5 days depending somtimes longer from what I heard.Another word of advice...HEalTH PAGES!!!! They contain tons of useful things.So sorry guys....rambling..let's hear about clean time and how you're doing!!!~Anne
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I 'm not sure what the deal is but I always seem to show up right on time for the Roll Call
....Last night at a speaker meeting I listened to a woman share who's recovery date was 1974... Wow, Her message was simple and easily understood.
Thats kinda how I roll. I've been around long enough that if it was my passion I could recite the Basic Text of NA.....It's not. Yet I love NA~~
Life on life's terms---- The world didn't stop, for me to get clean. People kept living their lives while I was begining to map out what mine was going to look like.......
....Needless to say, left to my imagination of a good life??? I sold myself short. The life that I claim today is  FAR from the shortcommings of my earlier days of dreaming.
My recovery is more like dis-covery of ones self, full of twist and turns hardships and glory from the mountaintops. I try to keep my recovery fresh~  Thats how I roll.
Congrats to all you guys living clean today~~ Keep it simple!!!!  Keep it real!!!!   Keep it fresh!!!~~~  My clean date is January 21 1985~~ I have a sponsor, I have a home group, I have a support system, and I have you guys~~~Debra W. I am a addict
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I am on day 5. Other than some muscle aches and pains, (feel like I had a good workout), I feel pretty good.
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7 days!! So far so good!!!
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Well I am one day away from my first goal of 14 days! I feel great and the mentals are getting better each day. Thanks to all those wonderful people on this site, I am feeling the best I have in a long time! Remember, Excersize, vitamins, eat healthy & protein shakes can help greatly with the energy/motivation/moods! Also, person to person interaction is what makes me the happiest. If you are like the most of us, the pills made you a recluse and content with everything. Get up, go see someone and do something that releases natural endorphins! Anyways, when I hit 30 days we shall all rejoice because that will be the first time in 6 years of trying to quit!
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77 days and doing well
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I am 90 days clean today, but my tracker says 89 as of now, HURRY UP and change, lol. Congrats to everyone here, I am proud of you all. One day at a time:)
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Gizzy!  You're funny!!
Almost 5 months for me...doing great!!
Congrats to everyone!!
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7 days here!!
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7 days...today is the cussing best so far....
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857 days clean!!  

Congrats to everyone.  Make you the No.1 priority and do whatever it takes to protect your clean time as it is the most sacred thing you have~~~~~~sara
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7 days sober!  I don't know what I'm doing but at least I am sober!  lol
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1 year to the day today!!!!!!!!!
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372 days clean today from alcohol and codeine
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Congrats everyone:o) Happy 3 months Giz. I am just a week away from my 6 months. Feeling good in my skin again. Still seeing my addiction counselor, NA, sponcer and meditation group for my recovery. Soooo many relapses over the past 3 years of my 8 year addiction. Having the support of so many people to hold me accountable to my recovery has made all the difference. Trying to get out of this without lots of support was like running into a brick wall with a bucket on my head....repeatedly. Like Sarah said...get all of the support that is out there. It's a matter of life or death. My spirit is back.....and I'm keeping it:o} Huge hugs, Corey
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455 days and counting!!! Whew Hoo!
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353 days with no opiates.There have been some stressful and tempting times,but I have not used the opiates at all.My sore back has improved greatly and I am almost back to normal.
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Thanks to God and my support in AA and on here I am 487 days clean of all mind altering substances. It works if you work it!
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I better break out in a happy dance for all of you!!!
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WOW Congrats everyone for me its 320 days off the pills and methadone ...5 yrs 5mo
off the weed and alcohol...i agree with Sara guard your clean time and you do that with aftercare....good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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9 days for me cant sleep tonight but I'm clean and happy and tomorow is going to be a wonderful day
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433 days, I was offered weed by family member yesterday,  They just don't get it !!!!!
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712 days

congrats to all no matter how many days, today we are clean  !! :) and good luck to all of us !
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5 days for me. This is an awesome group of people. Thanks for the roll call. Inspiring.
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Its over 2 yrs now, everyone on here is a true inspiration. Stay Strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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