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Roll Call!!!!

Hey all!!! I'm back!!!!!! Sorry for my absence last month. Lots of personal issues goin on right now. But 2 months have passed and its that time of-the month lol!!! Roll Call time!!!

Time for everyone to post their clean time no matter how long it is. I'm serious even if its only an hour sometimes that's what you need is to actually see it posted. And hey-we ALL start somewhere right??? So...lets break the record for responses, get some positive energy flowing and get some supportive posts out there for those that need them!!! Like I said we all started somewhere. And for some people taking it hour by hour is exactly what they need to be doing right now. Whether you're just starting out on this journey or have been in the road to recovery for awhile lets hear it!!!

"Those who remove mountains begin by carrying away small stones."-Chinese Proverb

Stay strong everyone!!!!
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Good to see you tomskat !!   we were worried  !

381 days  !!!    things are good !
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35...yee haw!
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Great to see you back......I have 1127 days clean and feeling great. Since getting clean my life has taken a great upswing. This should show all of you that are satrting out that IT CAN BE DONE. So to all Keep on Keepin on. God bless you all--Rick
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312 from the drug store or streets

3400 from the liquor store or bar.

0 from the darn cigs...This is next for sure..working on it!!!
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29 days totally clean. A month ago I would not thought it possible
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&...(Bang!) 219 hard-won days. (Thanks to every single inspiring MH'er -- no matter their time in. I learn to love, surrender & adapt better with each & every day that I pay attention here!) All Good Things To Each & Every One Of You!
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102 days!
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Yeah I know those damned smokes I too am battling them. The funny thing is I only statred smoking when I quit oxys go figure.

p.s. I should know better as I am and ex-firefighter how ironic huh
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243 days and counting...... :))
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56 hours :) I am in the stretching pits of wds!!
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Cold and sweating, can't keep my legs and feet still. Don't wanna be to far from the bathroom, every peice of my body hurts. Just keep swimming!! I know I can do it and its gonna be worth it
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Hang in there Cira30! You can do it! We're with you.
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You will make it get yourself some Hylands Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for the jimmy legs it works great. Your doing great and yes it will be worth it
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127 days for me, IM getting there, i m doing all the work, and i sealed all the cracks.
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clean and sober 680 days.
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56 days, best choice I've ever made and so happy I can see that now!
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1921 days clean off drugs

4134 days whiskey free!

Seems these dates are getting closer to the year i was born!!  lol

So nice to see you back Miss Tomskat!!  I have missed you.  Give my best to Hunter too~
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350 :)
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24 hrs ....and dragin =0(
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431 days!!!! That's almost 15 months... Life is truly a blessing and count every one that comes your way. To all of you just starting, I was in the same situation as you. Wondering when it would all be over, feeling sick and tired. Well, it does end, but it takes much much work, time and determination. Keep on going and never look back. Sobriety rocks, you can do what you never thought possible with a clear head :) God Bless and good luck to you all !!!    SUnny
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253 days clean of fioricet!
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406 days....one year, one month and one week~

A year ago today...I had not found you yet, MedHelpers...I was 55 days "in" before that happened.  Fortunately, I kept a notebook by my bed and journaled everyday until I found you to talk to.  I had been bedridden for many months.  

So today, I decided b4 I posted my clean time...to look back and see just exactly what I wrote a year ago on August 2, 2012...to see where I was at.  Here are a few of the things I wrote....

"Back hurts..kidneys hurt..but urinating good.  Some appetite...no tremors anymore (so far today) only a few jerking of joints...ears are better but not "normal". Have had dizzy spells anytime upon arising for over a week now..Finally took b/p VERY LOW..80/60..stays constant just about all day."

There are many more comments I won't bore you with...but as I read back today and realized this was just "last Summer"....I cried....I just cried.

I wasn't even able to drive yet....couldn't even shower very often...SO sick....so atrophied.

Today, I cry with a grateful heart~

For ANYONE out there.....YOU CAN DO this...and you can be FREE~
Love to you all~
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OMG this just made me so excited to be done! Congrats to all of you!!! I'm day 4 of Sub w/d and I'm pretty sucky feeling. It might be my imagination but today seems like 2% better than yesterday! It's very minimal but maybe it's starting to get better slowly. I've been clean of opiates 2,118 days!!! But ur been on Suboxone since then. Except a short time during my pregnancy. Doc wanted me to stay on Subs while I was pregnant! I said Hell No! I declined all pain meds for my delivery. I caved and took some leftover Suboxone 3 days after I gave birth bc the pain was unbearable. I regret that decision to no end. I didn't tell a single soul I went back to taking Subs. I feel like a failure. BUT life will get better. I'm so excited and nervous too to remember the girl I was before I started any of this!! 11 years ago! Sorry to rant so long. Keep up the great work everyone. I'm so happy I found this place since I'm secretly w/d-ing with no support.
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☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ Exactly 3 1/2 Fantastic years ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

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