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Roll Call!!!!

Hey all!!! I'm back!!!!!! Sorry for my absence last month. Lots of personal issues goin on right now. But 2 months have passed and its that time of-the month lol!!! Roll Call time!!!

Time for everyone to post their clean time no matter how long it is. I'm serious even if its only an hour sometimes that's what you need is to actually see it posted. And hey-we ALL start somewhere right??? So...lets break the record for responses, get some positive energy flowing and get some supportive posts out there for those that need them!!! Like I said we all started somewhere. And for some people taking it hour by hour is exactly what they need to be doing right now. Whether you're just starting out on this journey or have been in the road to recovery for awhile lets hear it!!!

"Those who remove mountains begin by carrying away small stones."-Chinese Proverb

Stay strong everyone!!!!
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102 days!
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Yeah I know those damned smokes I too am battling them. The funny thing is I only statred smoking when I quit oxys go figure.

p.s. I should know better as I am and ex-firefighter how ironic huh
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243 days and counting...... :))
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56 hours :) I am in the stretching pits of wds!!
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Cold and sweating, can't keep my legs and feet still. Don't wanna be to far from the bathroom, every peice of my body hurts. Just keep swimming!! I know I can do it and its gonna be worth it
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Hang in there Cira30! You can do it! We're with you.
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