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Roxicet??? Question

anybody know about Roxicet? its 5mg, i already posted but It got deleted bc I said something I shouldnt have =(
but I am supposed to get those, well she said they were percocet without any tylenol in it, whatever.

Is the name for Percocet with no tylenol...ROXICET? never taken it just need something to ween off of..and thats my only option i would go cold turkey but my fam things im clean and if they see me all sleeping n sick n moody they will know...

anyone with any answers, and a reply would be nice!! <3 thank you
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if you want to know about it..then google it..
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I read a post earlier about weening or tapering not being beneficial to addicts. I total understand this i mean as addicts we try to get higher and higher and have no self control. So how are we suppose to try to taper ourselves. I mean u start at 14 a day 3 days later go to 10 then to 8 then as soon as it gets to rough were gonna pop more. We dont have the will power to cut our meds down (addicts i mean not ppl in pain mngmt). I would suggest a CT and just come clean with the famliy. We hide stuff when were using lets not hide stuff when were getting clean.
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yes roxicet is percocet. if you have an addiction problem to opiates than you might want to stay AWAY from them. my experience is: ONE IS TOO MANY AND A THOUSAND IS NEVER ENOUGH... but that is just the type of addict i am.... also think about telling someone in your family so you are not going throught it alone. even if you are weening off you are going to have moodyness and such... my best experience has been to tell
the person who is closest to me on a daily basis if the person can be compassionate...and hold your head high for being honest and clean, instead of just clean. im going through it right now and every body knows it is such a reliefe to have the light shining on this dark secret i kept to my self for so long and im finally going to get the help i need.. best of luck to you and god speed........god bless "C"
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