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SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) for depression?

I am now almost 4 mos. clean of an oxy addiction where I was using around the clock for close to a year. While I work the program of NA, I am feeling so much better and happy to be sober today. However, I deal with a feeling of the blahs, on an almost daily basis.

Another addict, who is now my sponsor, in recovery, suggested I watch my diet and exercise to battle the blahs. While this always seems to help, it still does not totally cure that down feeling that I experience so much.

I do not feel my depression is major, yet I do experience it to some degree. I am now taking SAM-e, an Amino Acid based "over the counter" supplement. I swear it really is helping me a lot!

My question: What are the good and bad of taking SAM-e, if any bad exists. And, can this really making me feel as good as it seems lately. Any thoughts?
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SAM-e is one supplement that i believe does good. but even if it is a placebo effect just be grateful that you are feeling better!! lol!

if it weren't for the expense i would have tried it a long time ago! but having read your post i may have to go out and buy some and give it a shot!!!


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SAME is a wonderful andidepressant.  In Europe it is only available by Doctor's prescription, but here it is over the counter. It is expensive but worth it, and also helps with chronic pain.

I take 400mgs twice a day, that is the dose that worked for me, and the dose the clinical trials were done on in Europe.  I can attest that it does work. It is light sensitive, so get the kind that comes in blister packs. So does 5 HTP, an amino acid that is a precursor to seratonin.

By the way everyone, I'm day 2 off of my suboxone detox. I took it for 5 days, and pretty much feel fine today.  I did have trouble sleeping but took some trazadone that worked.  The suboxone is a miracle med if you stay on it very short term. Last time I tried it, I stayed on it over a month and the withdrawals from it were so bad I relapsed on hydro.  I"m totally amazed and proud that I"m 2 days clean from opiates. Now comes the hard part, staying clean!  

I do have to get off the valium, but I only took that 'cause the Docs said it would be best for my back spasms, benzos aren't fun for me, but I still want off.  I take 10mgs every night and have been waiting to be opiate free before tapering off the valium. If anyone has valium tapering advice, I'd LOVE to hear it.

It is a miracle that I'm clean from opiates with virtually NO withdrawal symptoms. I was taking 200mgs of oxy a day.  Then when I ran out it was about 200mgs hydro a day, then I went straight to the suboxone, starting with 4 mgs a day for two days then tapering down to one a day.  I felt a little tired, and I don't have all my natural energy back (I barely remember what that even feels like) but it made it doable, as I don't think I could hack cold turkey again. I"m going to NA, have a sponsor, and pray that just for today, I keep making the choice to stay clean.

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I am so envious of anyone who can get a hold of suboxone. It seems to not exist here in Md. In my area anyway I live in Montgomery county supposedly one of the richest counties in the USA but only a handful of Docs are lisenced to RX it and then you get into the whole search for a pharmacy thing. This drug is like the holy grail for me and I will not give up my search but its frustrating for me to hear how its a miracle drug for everyone but me !!!!!!! wahhhhh I will stop my whining now lol Baddgirl
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just wondering....any withdrawal effects if i stop taking  ritalin cold??Taking 100mg a day for 3 months...thanks all
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The other thread was full sorry to break in here. Just commenting on some of the Suboxone comments. Indeed you must taper off of Suboxone when you are done and nobody is even telling me that there will be no type of withdrawal from it but what my Dr did was he got permission in writing from some patients that he was treating and put me in touch with them. Several had already tapered off the Suboxone and in the literature and what I got from these people is that the withdrawal from Suboxone is basically a joke compared to oxycodone etc..If you have never experienced withdrawal from a opiate that was a full agonist(oxycodone etc.) then I suppose you could think suboxone withdrawal was bad. But Suboxone is also an antagonist and blocks certain receptors that I think are responsible for alot of the withdrawal we go through. I think the most important thing to remember here though is that as bad as withdrawal is and as much as we hate it most of us have made it through withdrawal more than once the hard part is later being able to break your habits and stay off. For me Suboxone is giving me the time I need to work on breaking those habits. I am not shoving pills in my mouth several times a day, instead just once in the morning, therefor I am not watching the clock anymore I am not having to rack my brain constantly thinking about what Dr to call to get enough and going to see 10 different Dr' every week. Using pills is very time consuming so I am learning to use that time differently while at the same time the Suboxone has me feeling great and before the craving for the Drug was so awful after withdrawal was all done that I didn't seem able to break all of these habits long enough before the craving had me back on it. I just really think if you look at the big picture in my case at least the Suboxone is doing so much good. Also there will never be a Magic pill and we probably don't deserve a magic pill, that would mke it too easy to quit anytime we wanted and we would probably be more likely to relapse knowing we could easily get off at any time. I am just finding that life is good and most of all I feel good about myself and I hope that because the Suboxone is taking the craving away completely that I will have my head straight and realise that I just don't want to go back to that life. I could never stay off of the pills long enough before to come to these conclusions. My Dr will wean me slowly and from what the other patients have told me is that the way I felt the first three days on Suboxone while the percocet was leaving my system is sort of what the withdrawal from the Suboxone is like and while I didn't feel great and I was tired it was nothing like my skin crawling, no energy, diarrhea, sweats, insomnia etc that I have when I come off of percocet cold turkey or with the help off joke meds like clonidine. They did say the worst withdrawal symptom from Suboxone (buprenorphine) was fatigue for a couple weeks. Also I have used methadone for detox three times and I can say for sure that I feel and felt so so so much better on Suboxone, no comparison for me. Anyway enough abut that, I just wanted to share my excitement and also make sure people know that it isn't just about getting through withdrawal it is about taking your life back and Suboxone giving you the time to do that without those cravings ruining it every damn time!!! The other good thing is that Suboxone blocks certain receptors so if you want to relapse you have to wait at least 48 hours before you drug of choice will even work! That means no quick stupid decisions or instant gratification. You have to plan a relapse and hopefully by the time you have waited 48 hours you have changed your mind!

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Thank you for your post.  I was just trying to put up an experience one person had as we really don't see anyone commenting on it from the withdrawal perspective.  Well, that was number two that I know of.  The butterfly is the other one I know of and she didn't have rave reviews either.  Everyone that I see has either just gotten on it or are still on it.  Well, the few that are on it here.  I think bup in any form is an excellent alternative and I am dying to see some feedback from someone experiencing withdrawal from it.  If you could get those people here and posting, that would be great.  I think you are right about people not experiencing bad withdrawals from an agonist.  If they don't have much to go on, then they will think they are going through hell.  It really could be a big nothing.  This one guy I know at the clinic is contemplating going on it as well.  I am hoping to get some valuable info from him as he is a heroin addict with a good tolerance.  So, that will be the big agonist test for me.  Plus, he has been on mmt for almost six years now.  I will definitely share the info if I ever get it.
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