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Hey everybody.Just wanted to know what is the best way to help w/anxiety.If u don't know my story I have been off tabs,soma well over6months,xanax for maybe4-5(due to tapering from6mg a day).Here's the thing.As I explained b4I never abused my xanax,soma but wanted to quit those too because I figured taking all those wasnt a good idea since obviously I'm an addict(taking10-15 10's tabs a day).Well my anxiety seemed somewhat manageable for a few weeks but I honestly wasn't going out except when I absolutely had to/but was able2drive,take my son to the park now I can't.Im at the point now where I will wait til after midnight so no1is really at the grocery store to go to walmart.In the past3-4weeks it seems to be getting worse.I had an anxiety attack so bad on thanksgiving and2prior.This is besides the anxiety daily.I searched for the tea Gnarly told me about.I am shaking right now,chain smoking etc cause I started to have an attack this morning,been having a really hard time sleeping for the last4days even w/sleep aids.I'm sry I'm rambling Im freaking out.I refuse to do what my doctor suggested which was a script for benzo(he knows of my abuse of pain meds but knows I didn't abuse the xanax and doesn't understand why I quit the xanax).They helped w/anxiety BUT they would make my pain worse not sure why but I felt I had2quit those to b able ro not relapse on opiates.He suggested valium,ativan etc just this morning when I talked2his nurse.NO WAY(even if I was dumb enough to get them they give me awful headaches).SORRY my question what otc stuff will help besides the tea?I'm not taking vitamins either.Please help.
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Wait I'm so dumb.I can't believe I didn't realize/the doctor or nurse didn't either.I posted 3-4weeks ago about him giving me adipex.DUH!!!I have been taking1every other day(instead of every he said I could do it either way).Ok that's probably what's causing this surge of anxiety right???It lines up w/when it started and when I think about it its the2nd day when the anxiety gets bad.WHAT DO U THINK?Has to be that.(Ive lot18pounds this past3-4weeks though that's nice).
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I've heard good things about valerian root.  I have an unopened bottle, because I never needed them, so I can't speak from experience.  There is another one called calm's forte.  Might be worth a try.  Try them for a few days before giving up. Sometimes it takes a few days of building up to work.  An AD could help too.  Do you feel depressed at all?
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I take cymbalta.I attribute that to feeling better emotionally after less than10days off so much opiates.Im not gonna give up I have worked way too hard.I. am thinking its adipex(diet meds my doctor gave me last month.They don't give me energy but they give me no appetite and speed up my metabolism.I think that's why I'm all the sudden feeling awful,unmanageable anxiety the last3-4weeks.It makes sense.Im gonna call the doctor right now.I do need otc anxiety meds regaurdless though so please all recommendations r very appreciated.Thanx so much
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I think it's the Adipex too!

Try Valerian Root. They must call it "nature's Valium" for a reason. ;)

18 pounds??  Wow!  Are you eating at ALL??  LOL!
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I can't speak from experience with anxiety from pills, but my boyfriend takes the dog on looooooong walks and takes a sleep aid - not sure the name..

Perhaps exercise?  Yoga?  It's not a pill but it will help.  I have anxiety and often find that a mint oil applied to pressure points helps me.  And chocolate :)
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Drugs that depress the nervous system cause the brain to attempt to speed the nervous system back up to where it was previously.     Those anxiety attacks and other symptoms are probably a result of that happening.     The otc's have very little effect on slowing down the anxiety.     If they did,  who would bother to go to the doctor for the stronger Rx's.
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@Vicki yup18pounds.I'm not a overeater to begin with as my MIL said something is going on u don't eat enough2keep a bird alive+keep gaining wieght that's when I talked2him.But no I haven't really been eating at all.I guess some people get energy from them I didn't at  all.But no appetite at all.On thanksgiving I made a tiny plate4my2year old he didn't wanna eat then so I ate on half of the plate LOL after spending hours cooking.
Yup its the adipex talked2the doctor he thought the nurse told me it could cause anxiety/she thought he did.I threw them away.He prescribed them b4making me an appointment to pay over$100for a thyroid check.I need to I'm sure thats the real problem.haven't taken any since Sat. I should b ok n24-48hours.Im gonna call my husband2get valerian root on the way home.
@rich99:I have read+talked to a ton of people whole swear by otc anxiety remidies here.All/most of them were on prescription benzos so I wouldnt disregard that option w/o trying.I believe they may not work for some people but they seem to help for a lot of others.If what i said was accurate them that would mean no otc meds would help for pain thats why they prescribe opiates etc.I know the otc meds dont usually help as much as prescription but they do help.I take doans+other otc meds4pain.Im not pain free but they make my life functionable and Im off opiates,I take excedrin now1st whenever I get a headache b4I would just automatically take fironal.Went from taking60-90firnol a month to taking2-6a month.Thats huge.Try otc  b4u count them out.
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@boyfriendneedshelp:mint oil never heard of it but will Try it.I've had no apetite to eat chocolate LOL!!
@rich99:Most of us don't Try the natural remedies before seeing a doctor.I said I was experiencing anxiety(this was over6years ago n a different state)he said ur stressed,the lortabs will cause anxiety etc.He immediately gave me120-1mg xanax a month+bumped them2 2mg w/n3months.Never suggested any otc meds to try1st I didn't know they exsisted.He wouldn't suggest or prescibe AD meds.The Dr I have now is the only1who has ever cared about me+my well being.
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Adipex must be why you're feeling so anxious. I would cry everytime I took one (I lost 45 pounds in 2 months, 9 years ago) I recommend Valerian Root w/ Melatonin. I'm 25 days clean today and I take one every other day, if I can't sleep.
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I agree - don't dismiss the power of the valerian root and the melatonin (great for sleep) - and yoga, meditation, exercise - all are natural ways to reduce stress/anxiety.  :)
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About Cymbalta...Don't take Melatonin with that until you speak to your doctor. It's not recommended combined with an SSRI.  The Valerian root is okay but you may get pretty sleepy...

Just looking out for you...
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  Thanx everyone.Vicki thank u so much about not taking melatonin w/the cymbalta.I wouldn't have ever thought anything natural could be an issue.
The doctor was trying that before me paying for thyroid test.I am thinking that's actually kind of dumb to give me something2help w/wieght loss w/o checking my thyroid1st but his intentions were good.
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