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After moving to live with my parents (I was in dire need of help, and was promised, manipulated to live with them) after much persuasion. I was forced my the governing medical body here to see my dad's primary. I couldn't establish care for 6 months. I had to wait 6 months. I digress. She said a few nasty things to me, and after telling me she would not give me a medication to get my period going and stable because I was in peri-menopause at before 40!!  She said I wasn't "mother material" and refused to help me. While I was still processing this I thought I would tell her how I was suffering from night terrors because I had been stalked, and attacked by the maintenance man of the apartment building I was renting from Century 21, he was on parole for multiple rapes. The state dropped the ball too. I thought to tell her so she understands I was a highly goal oriented person, ambitious, and enthusiastic. She called me a liar. It was then I knew a healthy working doc/patient relationship was impossible and I walked out.
I attempted to make a formal complaint because Im fully aware of the damage that can cause a woman who had just been raped. I needed to do the right thing again.
She wrote in my file (I only learned this 2 years later, and even after going back to her out of demoralization) that I walked out because I had asked for permission to use illicit street drugs, and got mad when she said no and walked out. Smiles. I know! Who on earth would ask a doc they've just met for such a thing? And their father doctor to boot!
Gimme a break! I smoked a joint a few times upon returning and visiting friends I had not seen in years. Hardly the hardcore drug user at all. I was rejected by every doc I saw and once told to go to a clinic for pain management. I drove the 13 hours to see the docs I had left.
Still perplexed by this, refused by surgeons to perform surgery I tried to get to the bottom of this. The medical entity here will only release the portion of my records that encompasses the visit I had to establish care with her.
I have not only been flagged but blacklisted as well. I am too ill to fight this now, but I guess I must to amend the records.
How the hell do I get someone to help me?
I have had two episodes of temp paralysis in my arms. There is no disc material between C4-5 and C5-6. The spinal cord is compressed and being flattened. My oxygen intake is only 92% now. I am truly in deep waters, and nobody cares enough to even throw me a life-vest. I have done nothing wrong. I am terrified of the docs here now. I am so scared.
My family thinks there is a lot of money from the rape. My parents want to hurt me, and they have. They told me my life was forfeit when they forced me to live in such a rural place, so far from everything.

I am screwed aren't I?
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I am sorry I missed this thread as it is in the social forum.  No one has responded and I'm guessing it's because they aren't sure what to say.
I'm sorry for what you've been through (which is a lot)
How can we help you?
Are you saying you are being refused medical care or medication?
What is your surgery for?
Please give us more specific info as to what you need so we can support you better.
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