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Hi everyone one, yeah I have been so engaged with work and reality that I havent been working my recovery as good as I should. Well I have been clean from pills for six months and have been through test after test. It is like I can never get away from these pills. Being I am in florida supposedly the worst state. I have cracked. On the weekend I got a fentanyl patch and then yesterday and today a 8 mg dilaudid. I need to get my head back in the game before it's too late and I am in fool blown relapse. I guess what I am saying is if I keep going it's guna be there. It ***** because my new neighbor is the one who I am getting the stuff from. All I have to do is walk ten steps. It is a hard situation. Thanks for listening.
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Hey hun do you know the LORD just put you on my heart the other day. I have been praying for you again. After months go by and we don't hear from folks we always wonder. I am so glad you are posting and want to catch yourself before you are so far in that pit again.your recovery has to be a priority.  Please you have to tell that neighbor that you are done. Go back to celebrate recovery.get to a counselor.your guard has to be up. Don't let yourself get to comfortable the devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. You are still tender and new to recovery. Dust yourself off . Get back up and continue to run that race the road to recovery isn't a sprint it is a marathon. You are going to win this battle of addiction.pray and ask the LORD to break the chains of bondage and addiction forever
I am sending prayers and big hugs.
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Thank you so much. Yes I believe in god and yeah thats what I need to do tell my neighbor. It is something I need to pray about. Cause it is difficult to find the courage to tell him. Yes the celebrate recovery is a necessity I need to get into. I guess just nervous going by myself. I just need to pick up the pieces and keeping moving. Hope you are well.
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You already know what you need to do - so I won't tell you what you already now.

And you came here to talk about it INSTEAD of going to use again. Think about that.  :)
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I believe in you jrizzy303
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Hey time to bumb up the aftercare and remember we need to change persons places and things this includes neighbors that use......''' I will do nothing to put myself at risk'' remember your fighting for your life here and you had a tact of the old world if you give the high a chance it will always win......no pick your self up dust yourself off and start over use this as a learning lesson remember addiction is cunning baffling and powerful it will take you down the minute you drop you guard....good luck and God bless......Gnarly    
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    I just wanted to say please THINK about what you are doing. I had 41/2 months sober and I relapsed and jrizzy the dissapointment is horrible. You did the right thing in coming here, at least you came here so that says so much about you. Each relapse is so much harder on the body. Please think about it, don't do it, you will have to start all over and it is so hard again.

    Listen to what people are saying to you, I believe in you also, break the chains now, take it from someone who now only has 32 days compared to months of sobriety. You don't want to start over again. I am thinking of you

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don't think that because you are living in Florida or that your neighbour is your dealer, your chances are to fail :: NOT....work on your recovery, make the phrase "USING IS NOT AN OPTION" your mantra. I live in a country where i could buy some kind of opiates, tramadol and stuff OTC...using is not an option for us, you can make it, work on behaviour, your mind, make yourself stronger, please
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I dont care where you live, you take back the control over you.  Surround yourself with clean healthy people, not ones who are trying to kill you.  There is no happy ending to this addiction and you know that.  Get busy living, not dying.  You know what you need to do and you can do it~~~Glad to see you posting again.     sara
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thank you all so much for the encouragement. Very helpful stuff.
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