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I just wanted all my friends on here to know that I am still going strong. It has been 2 weeks since I have been vicodin free and I FEEL GREAT!!! I have not posted on here in a while because I have been so busy with family and work. Summer time is so busy for me since I have 3 little kids that are so energized and always wanting to be on the go. I will try to log on once or twice a week to let everyone know how I am doing.
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you said youre still hanging in there 2 weeks after kicking vicodin.  I'm at thesame timeable as uou.  goinng on 2 weeks, exercising and eating well.  but the huge monkey in the room is can't sleep.  took amien and xyanax and pot first week and now trying to get off that stuff and get some sleep and it's horrible.  was even thinking of trying one or even half vikey a day taken at night.  I don't really miss them so I don't see another problem
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Congrats on your clean time!!  Hold that sacred~~

munster......dont go there with the vikes.  Your brain will play some real head games with you.  Do you have access to them?
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Munster, I have no problem sleeping anymore, I only had problems with that the first week, I am sleeping like a baby now.
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congratulations to you on your clean time.keep on truckin, you are on the road to recovery. thank you for the update, it is great to know all is well. keep up your guard.
have fun with the kids, enjoy your summer.
sending hugs and prayers
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HEY congrats on 2 weeks now take the time you use to spend high and spoil those kids have a great summer this one you will remember you wont be in a fog CUDOS for quitting........Gnarly
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