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Ok all you sub users I have a question about taking the sub. I am taking it 3 times a day. I am taking 4mg each time I take it. I feel a little edgey and kinda cloudy in the head at times. Would I be better taking it twice a day at say 6mgs or maybe 8mg each time. Does it matter how many times a day you take it. Do you figure you dosage by the amount you take at a time or what you take in a day. Hope this makes some kind of sense. I'm taking it in small doses thinking it is better than taking the larger amount less times a day. Help please
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I only took it twice a day. Started with 4mg in morning then 4mg in the afternoon. It takes a few days to get your dose just right so you feel normal. If you start getting really sleepy it usually means your dose is too high.  How much pain pills were you taking per day ?
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Never taken it hops but everyone who posts takes it twice a day at first it seems...hope i helped
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MARY where have you been? Missed ya girl!!
Ok I was taking 10-12 10/650 hydrocodone a day. I am on day 3 of the w/d's from that. I feel pretty darn good considering I should be in hell right now. So do you think it matters if I take a total of 8 mgs a day broken up 3 times a day 4mg in morning,2 mg at lunch and 2 at 6:00 pm. I think I need a little more right now because of the w/d from the hydro. Would that be right and once I am like 5-6 days off the hydro I should be able to start the tapering?
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Yeah that sounds good.  You probably do need it to cover the bad initial withdrawal. I don't think it really matters how many times per day you take it , just the total mgs.  Just remember if you start dozing off to lower it a little.  I was cloudy feeling at first too. I guess you have to adjust to the sub.  
So glad your back !  Hugs,  Mary
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Thank you Mary. That makes me feel better. I don't think you can ask enough questions about this. How are you doing with yours. I havent seen you in awhile but I'm always wondering about ya.
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Hey Hops,
I think you might want to break into only twice a day, because you may find it hard to sleep if you take that 3rd dose so late. 2 times a day should get you thru, even if you do 10 mgs total. You could do 6 in am and 4 mgs in afternoon.
Just a suggestion, whatever makes you more comfortable. I just know their kind of a pain in the a$$ to do.
So your feeling pretty good on the Sub, huh?
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Mary is right as always lol, your dose is to high I think I started taking 10mg for 3 days then went to 8mg for another 4am then 4pm, you just have to see how much you need I was told to take 1 2mg wait 2 hours then take another 2mg and so on until you feel confortable for the first few days.
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I don't have any advice but I just wanted to say thank you Hops for posting on your progress and especially dosage levels because in a couple of weeks I will be doing the same for pretty much the same habit...10mg lortab..anywhere from 6 to 10 a day for quite a while.

It is comforting to see how other's are doing with their detox.  I have been keeping all the members in my prayers and I hate so much that we all have to go through this.

Do you mind me asking if you are taking any vitamins/amino's or anything for sleep?  Also, how is it in general with sleep while you are taking sub?  Lastly, how long have you decided to take the sub. for?

I am hoping to try a 10 to 14 day low dose detox...I think my dr. might not really have a clue but he is cheap so I am basically trying to learn dosage levels and how long from you guys.

Hugs to you and you are doing great!  Lyn
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Hey Guys,
My name is MikeWithFamily. I am going on week#12 right now with my Suboxone Treatment. Prior to taking Sub I was taking 30 to 40 Vics a day. Understand first.The only Docs that can prescribe Sub are those that have been received the special training and awarded a special license to prescribe it. Not all doctors can presribe. Hop, I saw you say something about going to your regular doc...is he licensed? If not, go to this  website and you can find one in your state/city/zip code    http://www.suboxone.com/patients/resources/find_a_doctor.aspx?qs=ga&gclid=CM_Ivcr59JICFQGIPAodv2nM1A

I have read many posts from people talking about Sub; however I was able to also identify that many of the posts were from people who had never taken it, they were just repeating what they heard or read on another post...grapevine effect. The specific information that I think was most important related to how long to take it and if tapering off of it was difficult or not. The things I read were just crazy because they differed in so many ways. My family doctor just happened to be trained and licensed to prescribe Sub. I was very lucky to have him guide me and he still is guiding me. I see him once a month right now. Anyway, what I was reading told me that taking Sub was a terrible thing because I would get "hooked" on them, that I need to get off them as soon as possible and that coming off the Sub had worse side effects than the original drug I was hooked on....blah, blah blah, (no disrespect meant, but come one) Anyway, Take it from someone who has been on it now for over 11 weeks, Don't do a quick taper plan. As far as coming off Sub, my doctor told me (and like I said, he is my family doctor, I've known him for over 11 years now) that all you have to do is a careful taper plan and you will feel only mild (if any) withdrawal effects.
Let me explain why you need to remain on it for an extended amount of time. In a nutshell, you need time to eliminate the bad habits from your life and build newer (more healthier) ones. A quick taper only puts you back in your environment aftera  few weeks and forces you to face your old habits of time and what to do with that time; which is one of the things that got you to where you are today...think about it. YOu need to remove yourself from that environment for an extended amount of time and doing a long term plan allows you to do that. What I have been doing is finding new ways to spend my time, taking up new hobbies, reinvigorating old hobbies, establishing a different nightly pattern and yes, believe me when I say this; sleep is the most incredible feeling again!!! Believe when I tell you this, the sleep you were gettingwhile being on your DOC was not quality sleep. The sleep you start experiencing while taking Sub is quality and just incredible. Sorry, anyway, because Suboxone removes the withdrawal effects and eliminates the cravings, you need to experience weeks and weeks on end of not experiencing the cravings; and when you do experience a mild craving, you need to learn how to deal with it in a consistently effective manner so it will not catchyou off guard later on. I've taking up fishing again, reading my bible, reconnecting with God, mending the fractured relationships I caused while taking the drugs, spending quality and quantity of time with the kids again, etc...Life is so incredibly awesome now. I feel better than I have in years and although I give all the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ for not only guiding me to a solution, but for carrying me when I could not walk anymore. During the first month, you will experience some days where you will feel down a bit, the second month, you will expereince less days of feeling down and the 3rd month (so far for me) I experience essentially no down days. I went fishing today, friend asked me to put something in his glove box and when I opened it, there was a bottle of Vicodin, and it did not bother me one bit!!! Yeah!! Thats an awesome feeling. I have also not expereinced a craving in weeks so that is getting much better too. Its important to have a good long, healthy time frame where you have no cravings, that confidence is what you wear each and every day and you know, you just know that you do not ever, ever, ever want to go back to doing the drugs again. When you are able to go a long, long time with out cravings, that cause those down days, then you just never want to go back to anything other than what is inf ront of you right now at this moment!!! My wife and I are doing incredible right now; my children look forward to me coming home and a few of my close friends like going out to dinner with us again.
I am not worried about the withdrawal effects when I taper off of it. My doctor said he will be with me every step of the way and make sure that I come off the Sub with out any problems.
I also believe you have to do what works best for you...with that said, all I suggest is that you seriously take time to consider all of this. I mean, if you have no reason to rush through it, then take your time. As far as I am concerned, its been the best 3 week investment I have every made for myself and family.

I wish you both thebest of luck.
God Bless You and I will be praying for you both.
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Just on here to try to help. I am on 12 mg. 1/2 morn, 1/2 aft. 1/2 eve. I take the  evening dose early as it tends to make me not sleep as well if I take it much after 4:00.  And actually, my "nod off" factor has diminished. Guess my body got used to it.  I was going to an addiction psychologist the would not take my insurance and charged me $100.00 a pop (just to write a script, no counceling). Just found a new guy that just got his Sub license and will take my insurance. So I will now be paying $15.00 instead of $100.00. So happy. Anyway I have found that.....my own personal experience...take the least amount of dose you can to feel ok. Just don't take anymore than you need to. Find that comfortable zone. Best of luck to you Hop and  to me in our crusade to find a new and wonderful drug free life. Stay strong. God bless you.
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I was just wondering....can a short term dosage/taper plan of suboxone help keep you from relapsing later on? Or is it mainly just to avoid withdrawals from your DOC?
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I don't know hon. All I know is that what I have read is that the PAWS people talk about after getting off the Subs are from the doc they were on before...not from the subs. They say so many people think the  PAWS are from the Subs but they are really still from all of the pain killers we took that "f''ed up the receptors. The brain trying to get back on track from all the years of what the vics, etc. did to the recptors. I am no expert on any of this  brain stuff in no way whatsoever.. Just know what I have read from people that have been thru it all. I just hope we can all do well with whatever we decide to do.Different things work for different people. That is all that matters here.  We all have different needs and different ideas as to how we think we will be able to get well. Let's just all do what we feel is best for us as individuals and  yet give all of the support that we possibly can in the meantime to anyone who needs help. What works for one may not work for  the other. Nevertheless, let us keep supporting each other. That is what it is all about. Right guys?
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To worried878, for me personally, the short term plan is mainly to detox off of lortabs since I cannot bear the thought of going CT.  I couldn't go long term even if I wanted to because I don't have the money...in fact I don't have the money for my lortab script anymore either so I have to try really hard.

One of the main things I think will help me in the future is knowing that eventually our brains start healing and my energy will come back with time, exercise & nutrition.  Just knowing these things really mean alot for me personally.  Kinda like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  I try to remember that I went 35 yrs. without needing pills to live so I can surely work towards that again.

I do agree Ilovelukey that everyone is different and I agree, everyone should do what works best for them.  

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You go  girl. Do what you have to do. Go for it. You can do it. keep taking the vitamins and walk, walk, walk.
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Thanks and I am definately gonna try.  You want to hear something funny.  Since I still have to wait for a week or so to get started, I have been really preoccupied with this whole thing, pills, detox, wd's, anxiety.... so, today...trying to get my mind on something different I am switching through the tv channels and The Waltons comes on...lol.  Ok, not my very favorite show but of course it will pass some time.

The name of this particular Walton's episode you ask?  It was called "The Obsession."  Hmmm, what could this be about??  So the show starts and MaryEllen is all grown up and going to nursing school, raising her son and studying for her exams.  She is very tired and the other nurse suggests, "Oh MaryEllen you look so sleepy, you really should take some amphetamines!  They are really great and will keep you awake."  

Then MaryEllen gets strung out on "pep pills" as she calls them and can't sleep so she breaks into the nursing medicine cabinet and steals tranquilizers.  

Long story short, she breaks down and tells mama Walton and she helps her with her recovery which miraculously on tv only lasts until morning....lol.

Anyhow, it was so ironic that the tv show I picked and of all things, The Walton's, turned out to be about addiction and recovery. ~smile~
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Thank you all for the replies. Mike your post was really good. In just the 3 days I have taken the sub. So far I get up early and get my kids ready for school (something my wife has wanted for the last two years lol) I make dinner when I get home from work instead of laying on the couch. I too am taking up old habits allready (oops) hobbies. I find that I'm not reaching into my pocket every 15mins looking for pills. This morning I almost left the house without the sub because It was the furthest thing from my mind and I'm 84 hours into w/d. I have'nt taken anything yet this morning because I feel so good. So I am learing already how to be me again.
  I do agree that twice a day would be better. My sleep is better than when on the the pills but last night I couldn't fall asleep til 12:30. Might of had something to do with the Rockets-Jazz game last night LOL.
  So far this has turned my life around. My wife was still on the fence about leaving and I asked her for one day and it has turned into 3 and looking better all the time. We talk everynight now and discuss my plans for recovery and we talk about our days at work,vacations,weekends and stuff we haven't talked about in years. This has been huge.
  Faith_Hope_Love I would recommend it but keep doing your research. This was my last option. Check out the docs office before hand,make sure your comfortable with him. LIke everyone has said take what makes you feel comfortable. My mindset is only take it when I am really uncomfortable. I will keep posting everyday for you if it helps...John
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i have read from numerous posts elsewhere that there is no PAWS after long term use of sub...and PAWS is evident with short term use only....

i also take my sub in a split dose and when i drop in dose it is always off my night time dose...been working great so far...my  next drop will be off my morning dose...when i am ready...

great post Ilovelukey!!
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On your question about relapsing. I asked the doctor this very question. I asked him what do I do if I'm 3 months or two months clean from sub and pills and I have these bad cravings to take pills again. He told me to take the sub. It will stop the cravings and keep me from using the pills. So what that tells me is if someone is clean say a few weeks or months and start to have cravings and think they are gonna relapse they could take sub to prevent the relapse.
  I would like some feedback on that. If that is the case,for those who have gotten clean and relpased they could have taken sub for a few days and get over the cravings...no?
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yes...i have heard of a lot of people that do that.
some take 1/2 mg every day or every other day to combat this also
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That could help alot of people battling with PAWS. It is amazing how it takes the cravings and anxiety away. I have'nt looked for any pills, I havent been tempted to take any at all. I have thought about them but no desire at all to take any at all.
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Hops.....I just called Suboxone's line for advise and help and info on the drug.  They have 9! nurses that have oodeles of info.  I suggest you program that number in your phone. Jennifer was a doll.  She said to call with ANY questions ANY time. 1-877-782-6966!!! Hope that helps!  It totally helped me!!!!  I'm posting in a MINUTE!!!!  YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Ohh please do tell. I did put the number in my phone and when I get time I'm gonna call.
So anxious!
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Forget the hassle of calling the doctors.....waiting for call backs nurses yada yada......they know what's up.  We talked for like 25 minutes.  I swear I should pay her for therapy.  You know what she said at the end?  "Please call me back so I can hear your success story hun!"
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That is so AWESOME to hear!!! I am clapping right now for you! Yeah!!!! Iloved reading that post Hop because it so much sounds like how my first couple days were when I started taking the Sub. Isn't it awesome Hop? Glory to God my friend. Be sure to give himthe Glory.
Hey, I wanted to take a minute to suggest something to you. I am not an authority on taking Sub, I can only share what I have experienced and how I believe its usage impacts and effectsyour daily life. I think I read that you only take Sub when you feel uncomfortable. My assumption is the definition of uncomfortable means when you have a craving of some sort..is that what you meant? If so, please let me suggest something.

When taking Sub, you should take the exact amount each day and take the exact dosage at the exact same time each day. The purpose of Suboxone is to eliminate the withdrawal effects and more importantly eliminate the cravings.
My doctor who has been counseling me on Suboxone usage and monitoring my progress (who again is just a fantastic doctor; during my first visit to him, he had me lay in his personal office so I had privacy and then gave me a hug and told me that he will help me get through this, as long as I do my part, all will be ok) He always asks me if I am taking the exact dosage every day at the exact time every day and I always tell him yes. He also has me take my pills into the office each time so he can count them to make sure I am sticking to my plan. Anyway, I asked him why this was so important and he told me, that Suboxones main purpose is to eliminate the cravings; during the first two weeks I was seeing him every other day and then after the first 2 weeks, I went on a monthly schedule. The first two weeks he said our goal is to find the daily dosage that will eliminate the cravings, while not taking more than necessary. He said, eliminating the cravings allows you to feel normal again, it allows your mind and body to experience normal daily living without the mind craving something; whereas that craving usually overwhlems you and all you can think about is the craving. By eliminating the craving, your thoughts of the drugs you used to take come to mind less frequently and that is what its all about...eliminating their presence in your daily life. THe longer you go without cravings, the more success you are having. Sorry if I"m getting to wordy, I just really want you to succeed. Check this out with your doctor or better yet, call that Suboxone Support line that flutterby just posted; I'm sure they will guide you if they believe you should be taking it another way. God Bless you Hop and I will pray for you.
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