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This is more of a statment than a question.. I have had some pretty evil personal messages sent to me lately, I guess because they see my mood is that I have pills and have relapsed again..  There are a few caring people that are my friends that know my situation and are going to be there for me 100%!!!  They are all people that I met through this site..  I am getting on an insurance plan that started Jan.1 and I am just waiting on the cards to come in the mail..  I have heard from others around my town that this is a great insurance plan..  So, I am going to research and see if the pain management DR's around my area will aceept my insurance for the visits or the meds or even(GOD WILLING BOTH)..

I have heard alot of people say that suboxone has saved their lives, and that it is great for recovery. I haven't heard alot of people saying how they came off of it and everything was great.. I have heard a couple to be fair..  I am personally going to try the suboxone treatment due to my major abuse and long term abuse of oxycodone 300-400mg per day! and anything else pain pill related!  I have went cold turkey so many times I would have to guess a number to count. Im sure it is close to 30-40 times though..  I have had this addiction for many years, and have decided I personally cant fix this overnight, and have came to terms to actually accept long term help..

I do want off pills

I do want a life without narcotics

I do want my life back

I understand that suboxone has strong opiate in it as well, but along with other stuff that helps as well. I have read up ALOT  on this, and I am hoping this will be what takes me through the dark tunnel to find the light at the end!!!

Please people that have nothing but evil things to say, keep them to yourself. It is hard enough dealing with this addiction to have to read hatemail!  And the people that keep sending me the great and insperational emails.. KEEP THEM COMING!  I am going to beat this deamon ******* of pain pills if it is the last thing I do..  Not everyone will agree with me, but I DONT CARE ANYMORE!  I need help, and I haven't tried this. Tried a million other things, but NOT THIS!   I may use and abuse up until the day I get on it, and that is just the honest truth.. But I tell you what, when I get on it I will do everything I am supposed to 100%  I dont care if it takes me 1 week or 1year!!!  Thanks to the people that truly support me and are there for me.. I could name names, but you all know who you are.. Sorry so long, but alot of people have been bashing me, and asking alot of questions that really arent their business. Hope this clears things up!



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YES!!! You can certainly do it. You sound like you have walked a long path to get to this point and the determination I am hearing from you gives me hope that this will be the time you break the cycle.

Come back to this forum and start posting. That has helped keep my mind busy so I don't stare at the clock. There are a LOT of us who care about your success and want to see you come out the other side a clean healthy person. Please post and let us know how you are doing. Best of luck to you with this struggle.
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Thanks alot for the post.. especially for caring about someone you don't know.. I was posting ALOT when I ran out of meds and needed support for the w/d!

After I re-upped and was on the pills, I wa sgetting alot of hate-mail!  So I was doing more reading and watching than posting..  I don't think I will ever leave this site..

by the way I would love to hear your story..  What was your DOC? how many per day? how long have you used?  Are you clean? Are you going to get clean?  Only if you want to share!

Thanks again for the kind words
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I am rooting for you. I have said it before. When it comes to getting off these drugs. The end justifies the means. Do it any way that works for you. Don't give up. Keep on keeping on! There is something about you that tells me you will succeed in this.
Keep the faith.
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I was using 13 vikes a day for the last year and probably 6 a day the year before that so I have had plenty of time to become addicted. I started to taper New Years Day for one small reason... I found this forum on New Years Eve and it gave me so much hope and promise that I just had to take the leap. I may have taken too much of a leap because my first cut was from 13 to 6 a day and damn this SUCKS!!!

I certainly agree with you that I don't think I will ever leave this site.There are too many positive people here and you can always block the jackasses from your inbox.

There are negative people everywhere and I'm sure the negativity has a lot to do with their own failures so they attack you in order to feel better about their own shortcomings. Don't let it get you down.

I am glad you are posting again. Please keep it up when you start detox. You KNOW we will be here for you!!
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Those people are jelous you have pills. lol  You can block those people from sending you personal messages. There should be a little box you click on that says block.
You sound like you have a plan and you are determined .  Don't let some people's negativity get you down. Getting free of these pills can be a long hard road and seems like you have accepted that. Don't give up the fight. Keep posting.  Most of us are supportive.   Mary
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way to go. when i first came here i relapsed within days with 360 percs. boy oh boy i wish i never told anyone, i got a good bashing as well. i was just trying to be honest and thought this was something probably everyone went through. i know i probably deserved it and i definitely learned a lesson. to tell you the truth it made me fight harder. i am glad i relapsed because i still had a love of pills at that time. so i got the 360 percs, took 60 a day for 6 days, never got a buzz, felt physically terrible, vomitted nonstop. so when i when back on the sub 12 hours after my last pill i was finally ready. never ever thought i would say that. some people were a little brutal but twice as many were supportive, some just ignored me. please, please try the suboxone. it has worked for me so far, like a miracle. can't really say how the wd from that will go but i have been enquiring the last day or so and it sounds like if i am not on it too long it will be doable. six weeks now. can't wait to be done with pills all together.
fyi; my sub doc insisted i go to a na meeting. i got bashed there for being on the sub. they said i was still on drugs and the meeting was for people on their way to recovery not people still using. ouch.
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