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I would like to know once you wein off suboxone and stop taking it how long does it usually take before you start feeling normal again
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IF you have been on it a short time you should feel more "normal" in a few days to a week.. If you have been on it longer than sometimes months..
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What do you consider a short time?
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4-8 weeks ish... is short.
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Thank you very much FLaddict So it's out of your system in about 72 hrs. like most drugs. correct?
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Well.. pretty much.. half lifes are kinda funny.. at 36 hours after your last dose say it was 2mgs.. at 36 hours 1mg would be left. at the 72hour mark .5 would still be left and at the 108 hour mark .25 is left.. that is how it works.. most of it will be gone after 2-3 days.. some will still linger.
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Good morning:

Respectfully, Be Cautious and note that 4 to 8 weeks is far too long to be on Suboxone. You will undoubtedly experience physical withdraws and heightened anxiety and blood pressure.

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Why is that far too long? I thought many take it for years?
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