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My husband quit drinking (except for 5 glasses of wine, over time) Feb,2008.  Since then he has had episodes of lathargy, tiredness, and appearing very much like he did when he was drunk.  He has been drinking for aprox 50 yrs, and is 70 years old.  He will be fine, and then I will see a glaze come over his face and he becomes incoherent.  His doctor has given him an MRI, and he has no sign of stroke or tumor.  Are these typical symptoms or a person that attempts to quit after excessive use for a long period of time?  Also, his tolerance level changed, which made him stop in the first place, along with family intervention.
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Its quite similar to what we narcotic people know as PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and is very real. In fact thats where the term "dry drunk" came from. People would quit drinking and then much later would exhibit the signs of a drunk. But they had been "dry" - not drinking.
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Look up the site healthrecovery ******* There is a ton of info to help alcoholics and recovering ones.
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